Fiat 500x Transmission Problems

Fiat 500X problems

Fiat 500x may be a spacious, sleek, and practical subcompact SUV with a large cargo area, but it also faces several problems. Some of the common problems are engine issues, electrical problems, braking issues, and transmission problems. So, what are the Fiat 500x transmission problems? 

Some of the major Fiat 500x transmission problems are low transmission fluid, shifting delays, burning smell, clutch issues, and torque converter problems. Furthermore, some users have reported having solenoid issues, the car not engaging when in gear, and the transmission making noise. 

What are the Fiat 500x transmission problems? 

Low transmission fluid

Low transmission fluid is very dangerous for your gearbox. Besides, this issue usually comes about because of a leakage. So, if you notice that you have low transmission, you should look for the damaged parts and have them fixed. Failure to do so may lead to great friction and breakdown of several parts, which may end up being costly. 

Solenoid issues 

The solenoid controls the flow of fluid throughout the transmission. However, it can also become damaged or worn out and lead to several transmission problems. Besides, most solenoid problems are caused by low transmission fluid. So, before you conclude that you have low transmission fluid, you should have your solenoid checked.

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Most solenoid issues are fixed by replacing it or refilling the transmission fluid. 

Torque converter problems

The torque converter and transmission normally lead to various transmission issues. Nonetheless, one of the most common transmission issues linked to torque converters is worn-out or damaged needle bearings. Note that if the needle bearing becomes damaged, you will hear strange noises coming from the transmission while driving.

This issue can be fixed by having your car diagnosed and the faulty parts replaced. 

Shifting delays 

Bad solenoids not only show signs of low transmission oil, but they can also lead to delayed shifting. The solenoid is made up of shift solenoids that help to control fluid flow through the transmission. However, after some time of use, the small plungers or the electromagnetic coils on the solenoid fail from constant vibrations and exposure to heat, leading to shift delays. 

To correct this problem, you will have to replace the worn-out or damaged shift solenoids. 

Clutch issues 

Many Fiat 500x users usually confuse clutch problems with low transmission fluid levels. Nevertheless, it is crucial to find out the real culprit and fix the issue for good. The clutch, which is located within the torque converter becomes jammed after some time. As a result, the solenoid may become locked and the amount of transmission fluid in the torque converter may not be well calculated. 

This may lead to vibrations and high heat levels in the transmission. Ensure your mechanic repairs the jammed clutch to resolve this problem. 

Transmission making noise

Some Fiat 500x users have reported hearing strange noises like humming, whining, and clunking noises from their transmission. This is normally a sign that your car is low on transmission oil and several parts are not being lubricated properly. 

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Hire a professional mechanic to inspect and repair any damaged parts. But if it’s due to low transmission fluid, you should refill it or replace the old fluid. 

The car won’t respond or engage when in gear 

Another common problem with Fiat 500x transmission is delayed engagement when you put your car drive or try to reverse it. This issue usually manifests when the oil is old or low. If your fluid is old or dirty, you will have to replace it to avoid this issue. 

Burning smell 

When you notice a burning smell from your car’s transmission, you should be worried. A burning smell is a sign of overheated transmission fluid, which is not so good for your transmission. It is an indication that the fluid is not working optimally and must be refilled or replaced. So, have your car checked and the problem fixed. 


How do I check if my transmission is good?

The best way to check if the transmission is good is by checking it with a professional mechanic. Have it diagnosed and see if it has any underlying issues. Nonetheless, you can also check if the transmission is good by paying attention to the transmission as you drive, checking the transmission fluid, and paying attention to the warning lights. 

How often should transmission fluid be changed on the Fiat 500x?

It depends on whether you’re driving a manual or automatic gearbox model. Owners with manual gearboxes should change their transmission fluids every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. On the other hand, owners of Fiat 500x with automatic gearboxes should replace the fluid every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. 

With that said, there is not any danger of changing the transmission fluid regularly. 

How do I know if I need new transmission fluid?

To avoid damaging your car’s transmission, it is crucial to know when to change the transmission fluid. Some of the common signs that your car needs new transmission fluid include slipping gears, transmission leaks, the vehicle accelerating poorly, burning smell, slow gear engagement, and check engine light coming on. 

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What happens if you drive on low transmission fluid?

If your transmission has low transmission fluid, you should not drive it. This is because it will not only affect how the car performs but will as well as lead to permanent and costly car damage and expensive repairs. On top of that, the car won’t have a maximum speed, which will affect the quality of the drive. 

How do I know if my transmission fluid is dirty? 

The easiest way to know if your transmission fluid is dirty is by looking at it. Good transmission fluid is normally clear or pink-tinted. So, if it’s a deep red or brown color, then you must change the transmission fluid as it is old or dirty. 

Other signs of dirty transmission fluid are gears slipping, grinding noise, transmission whining noise, and engine running hot. 

Final thoughts 

If you intend to acquire a Fiat 500x, it is crucial to know some of the transmission problems that you will experience along the way. Common transmission issues with the Fiat 500x are low transmission fluid, clutch problems, shifting delays, solenoid problems, and transmission making noise. The good news is that most of these problems can be avoided with good care and maintenance. 

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