Does Polestar use special tires?

Most people believe that all you need to do when it comes time to change the tires is to just match all of the tire and wheel dimensions and move on with your life. However, that is not always the case because many automakers use tires that have been specifically designed with a single car model in mind.

Polestar is no different because Polestar sells its cars with Polestar branded tires which have been specifically commissioned by Polestar. They do this to cater the tires towards a specific driving experience in order to make the car more efficient, quieter and to maximize the lifespan of the tires.

You can opt for non-Polestar branded tires with the same dimensions, but this is likely not going to be as sophisticated. If you do this you will not be able to reach the maximum range estimates nor will your driving experience be as quiet as it can be.

Polestar recommends that you only use Polestar-specific tires. If you go for the Performance Pack you will have to opt for specific 20” tires and wheels because of the brakes. Either way, be sure to contact your Polestar dealer for any info may need regarding the wheels and tires.

Benefits of using branded tires

Automakers spend a great deal of time and money testing cars in order to reach a satisfactory level of comfort, quietness, and overall on-road sophistication. This also consists out of trying different wheel and tire combinations depending on how performance or comfort-oriented the car is.

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This is a more common occurrence with higher-end performance cars such as supercars where almost every model sports a set of specific branded tires. These tires are developed with a specific car in mind which means that you should enjoy the car as envisioned by the automaker.

These tires also tend to emit less road and tire noise while also being specifically designed to last as long as possible. All of this means that a specific Polestar branded tire set should maximize your car’s range and make it as refined as possible.

Polestar is also keen to address that these wheels and tires need to be installed properly if you want to maintain your warranty.

Drawbacks of using branded tires

Even though many manufacturers market their cars with specific tires in mind, lots of customers tend to ignore that and opt for a more accessible tire model with the same dimensions. This should not cause any grave issues if the dimensions match and if the tires are not damaged or of really bad quality.

Chances are that you won’t even be able to tell the difference between a set of branded tires and a more regular set. Opting for standard run-of-the-mill tires also means that you will be paying a lot less money and that they are always going to be easier to get.

Sometimes you need to order your set of branded tires directly from the dealer which can cost way more money and it can sometimes take months. These tires are usually marketed as “all-season” tires which means that they are not going to be as capable in icy and snowy conditions as a dedicated winter set of tires.

Finally, sometimes these specific branded tires are not even the best type of tire to get for a certain occasion. There are many instances where performance cars fare a lot better with a different, more focused set of performance tires.

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Polestar tire dimensions

The Polestar 2 is currently the only true serial production Polestar model which means that finding the right dimensions for your Polestar 2 is rather easy. Polestar advertises a 245/45 R19 dimension for the front tires while the rear tires also measure 245/45 R19.

If you opt for the performance package your wheels and tires need to be bigger in order to house the larger brakes. As such, be sure to look for 245/40 R20 tires for both the rear and the front axle. Don’t attempt to mount the wheels and tires from the non-performance pack model to the one with the performance pack.

As previously mentioned, Polestar recommends that you use a set of Polestar branded tires and you should definitely do that if you want to maintain the correct driving characteristics. However, if you are willing to switch it up, be sure to contact your dealer for further info.

FAQ Section

How often do I need to replace the tires?

You need to replace a set of tires whenever the tires are unable to provide sufficient grip in adverse weather conditions. Even if the tires perform well, you should replace them every 4-7 years just to be safe because older tires are more prone to damage or even exploding while on the road.

It all depends on where you drive, how often you drive, and how you tend to drive the car. The weight of the car also plays a massive role when it comes to tire longevity. Finally, a performance set of tires usually lasts a lot less, so be sure to inspect the tread often.

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Are all-season tires worth it?

If you are living in moderate climate regions you may be able to benefit from all-season tires the most because you will not come across lots of snow and ice. As such, all-season tires offer a specific blend of characteristics which means that these tires don’t excel at anything, but they do everything okay.

That being said, if you own a performance car that you like to take on the track or you own an off-roader you tend to take off-roading, these tires are not for you. Finally, all-season tires are not nearly as capable as a set of dedicated winter tires in snow and ice.

Are good tires more important than AWD in winter?

A decent set of winter tires is essential for winter driving no matter if your car comes with AWD or not. All of the benefits AWD usually offers can only be experienced if your car sports a decent set of winter tires. As such, it’s always better to opt for winter tires than it is to opt for AWD and a set of summer or even all-season tires in the snow.

If your AWD car sports winter tires, you should be well suited for all sorts of weather conditions, especially snow and ice.

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