Common problems with Mercedes GT 53

The Mercedes AMG GT 53 4-door 4MATIC is one of the most impressive Mercedes models on the current market. The range-topping GT 63 indeed is the one everyone is talking about, but the 53 is able to offer you 90% of the experience for a much more approachable price tag.

Of course, the GT 53 starts at $100,000 which is not really an “approachable” price tag for most people, but given the fact that the 63 S costs $60,000 more, it is not $60,000 more of a car. Either way, it’s safe to say that all Mercedes AMG GT versions are impressive, and you not going to be disappointed with either of them.

The AMG GT lineup offers reliable, purpose-built cars, but they are not completely fault-free. The most common issues that tend to plague the AMG GT 53 are associated with the electronics, the steering system, faulty seals, and potential creaks and rattles that come from the interior.

Maybe the greatest issue of them all is that there aren’t too many of these on the market which means that it is difficult to source out all the information necessary to round up a list of the most common problems. With such a small number of cars out there, Mercedes is also not as willing to fix them in due time.

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Mercedes AMG GT 53 electronics issues

The Mercedes AMG GT 53 is designed to be an all-purpose car that can do almost everything in a really satisfactory manner. This means that the 53 is a performance car, a luxury car, a car for transporting people, and a car filled with technology, practicality, and safety features.

As such, the 53 AMG is a complex car which means that it is likely going to experience issues given the fact that it offers a lot of tech. Many owners reported issues with the connectivity systems, the screen going blank, GPS issues, and a laggy and unresponsive screen.

Mercedes AMG GT 53 steering system issues

The Mercedes AMG GT 53 seems to experience issues with the steering system as many owners have reported loud clicking sounds while turning, especially while the steering wheel is fully locked. Because there are not all that many of these around, Mercedes was not able to solve this issue until many owners reported the same issue.

It seems like Mercedes finally got around to fixing this and they are saying that the issue is down to micro stressing of the rim due to a lack of steering system lubricant. However, this issue can be resolved in a few hours and most owners did not have to pay for this to be fixed.

Mercedes AMG GT 53 seal issues

The Mercedes GT 53 is designed as both a sports car and a luxury car which means that the exterior form needs to serve both form and function. This is why the GT 53 looks both dynamic and stately because it has to offer decent aerodynamic capabilities while also looking the part.

However, this in part is why some owners have reported issues with wind noise, tire noise, and even water ingress. One owner stated that these are down to faulty seals which are known to leak sound and potentially even water even on low-mileage examples. This should also be an easy fix and one that should also be free of charge.

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Mercedes AMG GT 53 interior cracks and rattles

The AMG GT 53 is a well-made car with lots of high-quality materials throughout the cabin. The AMG GT 53 also offers an interior specifically designed for the GT which means that no other Mercedes car shares the same interior as the AMG GT. However, this does not mean that the AMG GT interior is free of cracks and rattles because it is not.

Even though Mercedes makes impressive-looking interiors, they are not on par with the price tag necessary to buy the AMG GT. This means that these do tend to develop all sorts of cracks and rattles over time, especially while driving over road undulations.

Mercedes AMG GT 53 lack of information

This is not necessarily an issue with the GT 53 per se, but rather with how AMG GT owners tend to wait a long time before Mercedes officially recognizes an issue. This is because there aren’t too many of these on the road and the data on specific problems are not as widely spread as is the case with more mainstream Mercedes models.

This also means that many AMG GT 53 owners tend to fix the issue by themselves because they are not willing to wait for ages before Mercedes does everything necessary in order to fix the problem.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes GT 53 reliable?

The Mercedes GT 53 seems to be a relatively reliable car for the most part as most owners are thrilled to own and drive such an impressive piece of machinery. Almost everyone is aware of the fact that all AMG products cost a lot of money to maintain as such maintenance is crucial.

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There are some problems here and there with the GT 53, but most of those are rare and easy to fix. However, you need to keep in mind that this is still a relatively new car, so who knows what might happen in the future.

How much does it cost to maintain the Mercedes GT 53?

The average annual maintenance costs of the 53 GT are near the $900 mark, at least for now. Indeed, the 53 does not use a range-topping AMG V8 and that is why maintenance costs are far from the aforementioned 63 S model.

Even so, you can’t class the 53 as cheap, but considering what you are getting, the maintenance costs are not all that bad.

How fast is the Mercedes GT 53?

The Mercedes AMG GT 53 comes with a 3.0L turbo/supercharged V6 with 429hp in total. The 53 also offers 384lb-ft of torque which enables the 53 to reach 0-60mph in around 4.4 seconds. The top speed is rated at 174mph which is an impressive feat for a car that weighs as much as the 53 does.

Granted, the AMG GT 63 can do 0-60mph in around 3 seconds and is also able to reach speed near the 200mph mark.

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