Common problems with Mercedes C350e

The Mercedes C350e was in production between 2015 and 2018, and at that time, this Mercedes compact luxury plug-in hybrid sedan was the most popular Mercedes plug-in sedan. Mercedes listed the 350e with a fuel consumption rating of 112MPG combined which is indeed a really impressive number.

However, everyone knows that a hybrid offers a really complex platform and that cars such as these sometimes tend to experience issues a lot more frequently when compared to regular gas-powered cars. The C350e utilizes a 4-cylinder engine that is both turbocharged and aided by an electric motor, but most of the issues associated with the C350e are not due to the engine.

The most common issues that plague the C350e are associated with the gearbox, the electricals, the MAF sensor, excessive vibrations while driving and the camshaft adjuster solenoid. Most of these can be solved without too many issues, but they are still serious enough to ruin your overall experience.

All in all, the C350e is a decently reliable car that needs constant and proper maintenance, as is the case with all Mercedes models. If you do maintain it as intended, the C350e should last you a long time.

 Mercedes C350e gearbox issues

The Mercedes C350e is powered by a Mercedes proprietary 7-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. The 7G-Tronic is a decent automatic gearbox, but it does sometimes experience rough shifting, unwillingness to change gears, especially when shifting from neutral to first, or from first to second gear.

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Issues such as these can often be resolved simply by performing a transmission reset. However, in order to avoid any of these, be sure to change the transmission oil every 4-5 years. Even though the 7G-Tronic is a decently reliable gearbox, it does sometimes cause issues that are not all that difficult to fix.

Mercedes C350e electrical issues

The Mercedes C350e is not an old car per-se, but it does sometimes experience issues with many of the car’s electricals such as exterior lighting, interior lighting, infotainment screen freezing, GPS issues, phone connectivity issues. Most of these can easily be solved, but they tend to re-appear in many cases.

Mercedes makes complex cars that are equipped with all sorts of technologies and solutions to make your life a lot better and easier. However, sometimes the very opposite happens when these start causing issues. Thankfully, these tend to only appear on a small number of units.

Mercedes C350e MAF sensor issues

The MAF (Mass airflow) sensor is designed to always keep track of how much air passes through the engine while also keeping track of the air temperature. These are known to sometimes misinterpret the amount of air needed which tends to cause lackluster accelerations which can ruin your driving experience.

Many Mercedes specialists say that these should be replaced every 50k miles or so, so you are likely going to run into this issue if you want to buy a W205 C-Class. The MAF sensor is a crucial part when it comes to the ignition process, so if you sense your C350e lacks power, be sure to check the MAF sensor.

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Mercedes C350e excessive vibrations while driving

The Mercedes C350e is equipped with a thing called an active driving sensor that is tasked with constantly monitoring the quality of the drive. However, many owners reported that their C-Class models tend to experience excessive amounts of vibrations while driving and that the active driving sensor is the most common cause.

These need to be replaced when this happens which should in theory fix the problem indefinitely. These issues are relatively common, but they are troubling for any of the vital car components.

Mercedes C350e camshaft adjuster solenoid issue

The camshaft adjuster solenoid is tasked with allowing oil to properly flow through the variable valve timing system whenever it is engaged. If the camshaft adjuster solenoid fails, it is likely going to affect the engine timing, and thus is necessary to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Issues such as these can potentially cause more serious issues down the line which means that engine timing always needs to be on point. If you fail to properly address this issue in due time, you are likely going to cause lots of strain on your belts and your engine.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes C350e a good car?

The Mercedes C350e is indeed a good car because it combines AWD, a fairly potent and responsive engine with segment-leading efficiency. This means that this package is made for those who want to enjoy a Mercedes without paying huge amounts of money for fuel.

As such, the C350e is indeed a good car because all of that added complexity is not really detrimental to the car’s overall reliability. All you need to do is maintain it properly and your C350e should indeed last you a long time.

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Are Mercedes hybrids worth it?

With the ever-increasing popularity of decarbonized transport, hybrids are leading the automotive industry shoulder to shoulder with EVs. Mercedes is one of those brands that decided to join the hybrid range relatively early which means that Mercedes hybrids are nowadays some of the most advanced ones on the market.

The brand new C-Class incorporates an electric engine in every model they offer which means that most modern-day Mercedes cars are either available as mild hybrids, conventional hybrids, or as full-on plug-in hybrids. Besides these, Mercedes also makes some of the most luxurious and well-built EVs.

Is the W205 C-Class a reliable car?

The W205 generation of the C-Class is indeed a reliable car as it offers a quality-made platform with efficient and well-built engines. The 7G-Tronic transmission on offer is both smooth and reliable for the most part. However, the W205 just like any other Mercedes needs proper maintenance, otherwise, it is not as reliable as it can be.

European luxury cars are known to be troublesome if they are not maintained correctly as all the issues that arise from lack of maintenance tend to add up until the car starts causing increasingly more serious issues which can potentially even cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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