Common problems with Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee Problems

Jeep Cherokee is one of the most preferred compact SUVs for off-road services. Besides, it is well-built and has an exceptional towing capacity with large cargo space. However, like most Jeeps, the Cherokee also comes with several problems. But what are the common problems of the Jeep Cherokee?

Common problems of the Jeep Cherokee are engine misfiring, engine stalling, transmission problems, suspension problems, engine oil leaks, malfunctioning electric liftgate, and warped front brake rotors. Other problems include delayed gear changes, malfunctioning backup sensor alarms, and problems with folding mirrors.

Despite Jeep Cherokee featuring several issues, most of them are easy and cheap to fix, unlike most of its competitors. What’s more, some model years with certain issues were recalled and fixed by BMW.

What are the common problems with Jeep Cherokee?

Engine stalling

One of the common problems that Jeep Cherokee encounters is engine stalling. This issue is common in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee model year. The main culprit behind this is a defective 9-speed transmission. The user may start experiencing hard shifting, lurching, and wiring harness defects that make the engine stall.

Note that this problem starts to occur on the 2019 Jeep Cherokee with over 7,300 miles on the dashboard. 

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Engine misfiring

Another common problem that Jeep Cherokee users should be worried about is engine misfiring. This normally happens because of bad spark plugs. So, if you detect that the engine is idling poorly with irregular misfiring, then the spark plug may be the problem. Ensure it is replaced to fix the problem.

Engine oil leaks

After some time of using your Jeep Cherokee, the oil filter will wear out and it will cause engine oil to leak. Also, if the oil filter or oil drain plug becomes bad or damaged, the oil will leak. Hence, you should change the oil filter on the Jeep Cherokee every 7,500 miles to avoid oil leaks.

Suspension problems

If you have got a 2004 Jeep Cherokee, there is a chance that your car has or had this issue. If you begin to hear a knocking noise from the suspension as you ride around a corner, there is a high chance that your ball joints have issues. Note that Jeep issued a recall and should fix this problem for free.

Transmission issues

Transmission issues are very common in the Jeep Cherokee’s fifth generation. These problems are more rampant among the Cherokee made between 2014 and 2015. Some of the problems experienced are poor throttle response, stuck gears, and rough idling. Other models experience erratic behavior and downshifting.

Aside from these issues, some users have reported complete transmission failure after covering 70,000 miles.

Malfunctioning electric liftgate

This issue is common in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The electric liftgate malfunctions and causes unusual noise. Besides, the malfunctioned liftgate can also cause the latch to fail. Make sure the liftgate is replaced.

Malfunctioning backup sensor alarm

This problem is common in the 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Several users have complained that the backup senor alarm beeps and doesn’t stop until the car has been turned off for a while. This is a common problem across Jeep models.

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Warped front brake rotors

If you’re buying an old Jeep Cherokee, you should check its front brake rotors. Jeep Cherokees made around 2001 usually have this issue. These models normally suffer from excessive vibration when braking. Change the front brake rotors to alleviate the problem.

Issues with folding mirrors

This is another problem that is common in most Jeep models. So, if you try folding the mirrors on your Jeep Cherokee and discover that they are not folding, the solution is to replace the whole wing mirror unit.


Is Jeep Cherokee a reliable car?

Unfortunately, Jeep Cherokee is among the least reliable compact SUVs. Surprisingly, this car is cheaper to maintain than most of its competitors. According to Consumer Reports, Jeep Cherokee is among the least reliable crossovers on the market. CR rates Jeep Cherokee below average, while J.D. Power rates it slightly above average.

However, if you want a more reliable Jeep Cherokee model, consider getting the 2018 model year. This model reports fewer issues than other model years.

After how many miles does the Jeep Cherokee start having issues?

Even though Jeeps are not considered to be very reliable, the Jeep Cherokee is a very reliable car. This is because a well-maintained Jeep Cherokee may start experiencing issues after covering over 100,000 miles. On top of that, it may start having serious issues after 200,000 miles.

Is Jeep Cherokee expensive to maintain?

No, Jeep Cherokee is cheap to maintain. This is because it costs around $520 to maintain annually, while the average cost of maintaining a crossover SUV is around $521. On the other hand, the average cost of maintaining all cars is about $652. As a result, the Jeep Cherokee is way cheaper to maintain than other off-roaders.

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What year Jeep Cherokee has a lot of issues?

The worst year Jeep Cherokee that everyone should avoid is the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Not only did this car have recalls, but it also had several issues that users still complain about to date. Some of the common problems that the 2014 Jeep Cherokee faces include transmission problems, engine stalling, and unexpected gear changes.

How long does Jeep Cherokee last?

If a Jeep Cherokee is well maintained, it will last over 200,000 miles or more than 15 years. However, if this crossover SUV is not well-maintained, it may not make over 150,000 miles. This is because Jeeps are used mostly off-road, meaning more maintenance is needed than an ordinary sedan that isn’t used off-road.

Final thoughts

Before investing in a new or used Jeep Cherokee, it is vital to know some of the issues you might face along the way so that you can maintain your Jeep properly. Even though the Jeep Cherokee has several issues to deal with, most of these issues can be fixed by a qualified mechanic.

What’s more, fixing a Jeep Cherokee is way cheaper than fixing a Volvo XC60 or a Range Rover Evoque, or even a Volkswagen Tiguan. All in all, the Jeep Cherokee is a nice crossover with excellent off-road capabilities.

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