Common problems with Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems

Before Jeep introduced the fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee on the market, which runs from 2011 to 2020, Jeep Grand Cherokee was one of the most reliable Jeep models. Today, it is one of the least dependable Jeep models as the 4th generation model has lots of issues. Nonetheless, what are some of the common problems with the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with multiple problems, including TIPM failure, electrical problems, ignition switch malfunction, valve stem corrosion, erratic electronic shifting, leather dashboard wrinkles up, and window regulator failure. Note that these issues occur on different model years and at different miles. 

To avoid most of these challenges, proper care and maintenance are much needed. Furthermore, users should adhere to Jeep’s scheduled maintenance service.

What are the common problems with the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Electrical issues

Most of the problems that the Jeep Grand Cherokee faces are connected to electrical problems. Electrical parts such as the TIPM, ignition switch, and the security system can fail, making the car have issues. For instance, if there is no power, it can be due to an issue with the ignition or security system.

Besides, the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee usually comes with faulty voltage regulators. This problem forced Jeep to issue a recall of more than 12,000 units. The good news is that most of the electrical problems on the Jeep Grand Cherokee can be tackled.

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TIPM failure

This is the most common problem of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is rampant in the 2011 model year. If your car’s engine does not start or has difficulty starting, the main culprit here is a bad TIPM. What’s more, this issue usually appears when you hit over 51,000 miles.

Leather dashboard wrinkles up or bubbles

Another common problem of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a worn-out leather dashboard with wrinkles up or bubbles. Even though this is not a serious issue that impacts how the car performs, it made the car look ugly. This issue is also common on the 2011 Grand Cherokee and shows up when the car hits over 60,000 miles.

Erratic electronic shifting

Jeep was forced to recall more than 32,000 cars because of this problem. This issue is caused by a faulty brake transmission shift interlock solenoid that made the car to be stuck in ‘park’ or ‘neutral’ despite shifting gears. Nonetheless, Jeep detected the root cause, and the problem was fixed.

The root cause was a flawed design in the gear shifter design that made it hard for drivers to confirm that the car had been put in ‘park.’

Ignition switch malfunction

A bad ignition switch can make the airbags, power braking, and power steering not work as intended. Most Jeep Grand Cherokee models made between 2005 and 2007 had this issue. As a result, they were recalled and the problem was fixed.

Jeep detected that the ignition key switched to the off or accessory position at the slightest contact with the driver’s knee while the car was running.

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Window regulator failure

If the window regulator fails, power windows become useless. Many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have complained about this problem in the past. If you have a faulty window regulator, you will have to replace it so that power windows can function properly.

Faulty alternator 

This problem is common in the 2012 to 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee models. It was detected that some cars came with a faulty alternator that could catch on fire while the car is running. Some of the signs that users noted were whining noises, burnt odors, and smoke. Simply replace the faulty alternator.


Does Jeep Grand Cherokee have a lot of problems?

Before the introduction of the fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, this car had a few problems. But after its introduction, this car reported several issues, such as frequent engine starting problems, wrinkles developing in the dashboard upholstery, and much more.

So, if you want a reliable Jeep Grand Cherokee model, consider picking from any other generation aside from the fourth generation. The most reliable Jeep Grand Cherokee generation is the third generation. It has very reliable cars with fewer problems.

Which year Jeep Grand Cherokee has a lot of problems?

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the model year with a lot of problems. Users have reported over 740 complaints, which is the most among the Jeep Grand Cherokee model years. Some of the common problems that this car comes with are TIPM failure, ignition switch malfunction, and leather dashboard wrinkles.

When does the Jeep Grand Cherokee start having problems?

It depends on how well you maintain your car. If you maintain your car regularly, you shouldn’t have serious issues until you hit over 150,000 miles. But if you don’t properly maintain Jeep Grand Cherokee, you may start having problems when the car hits over 80,000 miles.

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How long does the Jeep Grand Cherokee last?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most durable SUVs on the market. If this car is properly maintained, it can last for more than 200,000 miles or 20 years. On average, a Jeep Grand Cherokee can last between 150,000 and 250,000 miles.

Is it expensive to maintain the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Even though most Jeep models are cheap o maintain, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is slightly costly to maintain. This is because it has an average maintenance cost of about $660, while the average cost of maintaining an SUV is around $575.

However, when you compare the cost of maintaining a Jeep Grand Cherokee to other midsize luxury SUVs in its class, you will find that it is quite cheap to maintain.

Final thoughts

Now that you know some of the problems that you will face during the ownership of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is important to take care of your car to avoid most of them. If you’re considering getting a used car, stay away from the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. On the other hand, the most reliable used model year is the 2010 Grand Cherokee.

Generally, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a powerful, efficient, luxurious, comfortable, and sleek midsize SUV. But if you want it to last long, proper care and maintenance are needed. Also, exercising good driving habits is key.

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