Common problems with Hyundai Bayon

Hyundai Bayon

The Hyundai Bayon is the smallest SUV/crossover Hyundai makes for the European market that was first introduced for the 2021 model year. This means that this small SUV is fresh off the production line and it slots underneath the almost equally compact Hyundai Kona crossover. In this article, we will go over all the most common problems with Hyundai Bayon.

The Bayon is still a fairly new vehicle which means that it is difficult to say anything about its reliability. However, it is said that the Bayon already suffers from issues that cause slow acceleration and can cause issues while merging on highways or while overtaking other cars in quicker-moving traffic.

Other issues include problems with the battery and its associated systems. Besides these two, a few forum posts also indicated certain potential issues with the clutch which can cause the Bayon to not deliver power to the road when needed.

This is more or less all of it for now as the Bayon seems to be holding up really nicely. It does share quite a bit of its parts with the Hyundai i20 which means that these two could potentially suffer from similar issues eventually.

Slow Acceleration Issues

It was rather difficult to track down people complaining about the Bayon as most owners seem to be fairly satisfied with the Bayon. However, the Hyundai Bayon does suffer from issues associated with poor acceleration which has been talked about across multiple forums online. It seems like this issue might become common if these posts continue when we will hopefully be able to tell you more about it.

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However, some say that these issues are down to a few potential reasons. The first one is a clogged air filter which can start suffocating the engine and thus disable you from pushing the Bayon as far as it can really go. Others are pointing towards problems with the MAF sensor or potentially the O2 sensors as well.

Battery Issues

Issues associated with the battery also seem to be popping up online but are also scarce at the moment. We do need to keep in mind that the Bayon is less than a year old which means that some issues should be familiar by now as that is the case with most cars in existence. Therefore, issues with the battery could very well become common if this is truly a widespread thing.

If you are not able to start up your Bayon and if that is followed by clicking noises and flickering dashboard lights, chances are that your battery is weak. In order to inspect if your battery is faulty or not, you will have to check its voltage which you should do by taking your car in for an inspection. If it is necessary, you can jump-start your Bayon to get there.

Clutch Issues

A few Hyundai Bayon owners have complied about clutch-related issues where the car is unable to transfer engine power to the wheels and thus the car can not move. One person responded by saying that this is due to the clutch not being able to separate and thus ends up like you are just revving your engine in neutral.

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However, some have also said that this issue is due to other culprits such as potential engine issues which is why the car can enter a limp mode in order to save the engine from more serious damage. Either way, you should not drive your Bayon if you notice any similar issues, so be sure to take the car in for an inspection.

Hyundai Bayon – Long-Term Reliability

When a car is as new as the Bayon, we really can’t say anything about long-term reliability as the car hasn’t been out for a while. However, we can look into the parts with which the Bayon is constructed and try to find if these tend to experience issues with other Hyundai models.

The 1.0L engine in the Bayon is also used for the i20 in the exact same setup, but some i20 owners complained about the engine failing, sometimes completely. The transmission on the Bayon is the same as in the i20 and people were criticizing it for not wanting to transfer power (as in the Bayon), but also because it suffers from violent shifts and problems with certain links.

We also need to point out that some people are complaining about poor build quality which is so lightweight that it feels a bit cheap. As the same doors are found on the Bayon, chances are that these are going to be criticized as well.

However, we ought to take all of this info with a grain of salt as the Bayon is not an i20, even though it does share many of its parts with the i20.

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FAQ Section

Should I buy a Hyundai Bayon?

A supermini crossover SUV is not something most people want in the USA, but these are incredibly popular in Europe which is being dominated by crossovers for the past few years. As such, if you don’t mind driving a small SUV and one that does not offer all that much space, the Hyundai Bayon is a really good car.

Many people believe that the Bayon could actually become one of the most popular Hyundai models in Europe. The Hyundai Kona which is the most similar car to the Bayon is selling really well which is an indication that the Bayon shouldn’t be too different.

Is the Hyundai Bayon an EV?

As of right now, all models of the Hyundai Bayon are powered by a small 1.0L engine backed by mild hybrid technologies and no one is saying anything about an electric model anytime soon. It is reasonable to think that Hyundai is going to come out with an electric version of the Bayon, but nothing is out to the public yet.

Is the Hyundai Bayon safe?

The Hyundai Bayon earned a 4-star safety rating which is indeed good, but not as good as most newer cars are. The reason why the Bayon didn’t do so well is that it lacks certain software safety features and the adult occupant protection should be a lot better than it is.

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