Common problems with Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick problems

The Ford Maverick is a newcomer to the Ford truck lineup and it seems like the Maverick is shaping up to be a really popular truck. The reason why so many people are interested in the Maverick is that it is a compact, yet decently equipped and capable truck. Light trucks have grown extensively over the years and the market was in need of a compact truck.

Sadly, the Maverick has been experiencing quite a few issues ever since it was released, but that is actually common for a completely brand-new model. The good news is that most of these issues aren’t dreadful and should not impact the overall usability of the Maverick. We can say that the Maverick is not the most reliable compact truck out there, but it is not as bad as some think.

The most common Ford Maverick issues are related to the engine, the electronics, the fuel system, issues with certain safety features, and problems with the transmission. Ford issued a few recalls to combat these issues and as time goes on, the Maverick is slowly but certainly becoming more and more reliable.

Recalls and initial trouble are usually just a setback for a brand-new model. This is common practice in the entire automotive industry, even including high-end cars, sports cars, and luxury cars.

Ford Maverick – Engine issues

We are going to start off with the big one, the engine. The engine is the essential component of every car and if the engine is not doing its job without faults, the usability of the entire car suffers. Owners have reported issues with the catalytic converter, especially if the car was started remotely.

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The reason why this happens is likely because a high-voltage line is running directly to the catalytic converter which can be dangerous. Some owners have expressed concerns about potential fire hazards but it seems like these haven’t happened, at least not yet.

Ford Maverick – Electrical issues

Electrical issues seem to be the ones causing headaches the most when it comes to the Maverick. Owners have reported various issues with the car’s infotainment screen and especially phone connectivity. Being unable to charge the radio station or being unable to connect your phone via Bluetooth is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some owners have reported that various advanced driver assistance systems are also either being too intrusive or not working at all. A few owners have complained about the lane keep assist feature being totally defective. Apps don’t work consistently and there are quite a lot of issues with voice control commands.

Ford Maverick – Fuel system issues

The Ford Maverick seems to be suffering from a manufacturing issue in which the supplier managed to damage fuel tanks before they even got into the Maverick. For reasons unbeknownst to anyone, the supplier managed to drill holes into the fuel tank. The good news is that there aren’t any accidents reported that tie directly with this issue.

The bad news is that Ford simply can’t take that risk and that is why they issued a recall for more than 5,000 Maverick models. It is rather easy to tell if your Maverick is part of this recall because if it is, you will be able to smell fuel from a mile away.

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Ford Maverick – Safety systems issues

Probably the most notable issue with the Ford Maverick’s safety palette is the one associated with improperly fastened rear seat buckles which can break loose in an event of an accident and cause injuries. Ford also issued a recall because of this issue as seatbelt problems are some of the worst problems you can experience.

We have already mentioned that various advanced driver assistance systems don’t function as well as most of us had hoped, but Ford is likely going to iron out most of these issues with enough time.

Ford Maverick – Transmission issues

The transmission found in the Ford Maverick is not necessarily a bad unit because it does not tend to fail on a wider scale. However, some owners have reported issues with transmission fluid leaks, strange smells, delayed shifts, grinding noises while shifting, and the good old transmission warning light.

Fluid leaks are the most common of these and can affect the transmission quite a bit. As such, it’s always a good idea to inspect your transmission housing to see if there are any leaks. Also, be sure to change your transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

FAQ Section

How much does the Ford Maverick cost?

The 2022 Ford Maverick starts at just under $20,000 which is an insanely good price for a Ford pickup truck that actually is large enough for most people. The Maverick Lariat is the top-of-line model that costs around $27,000 which is still a really tempting price considering what you get for your money.

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It is understandable that many people are interested in buying the Maverick because it is actually more usable than most Ford F-Series trucks are. The Maverick looks as big as an F150 from a decade or two ago which further reiterates the fact that trucks have grown extensively over the years.

Can the Ford Maverick tow?

Most people assume that a sub-200hp Maverick is not going to be able to tow anything, but they are wrong. Even though the Maverick gets a tiny engine, it can still tow around 4,000 pounds which is enough for most people. The Maverick also has a maximum payload capacity of 1,500 pounds which is a few hundred pounds shy of light trucks.

If you need a heavy-duty truck with serious towing capacity, you are not going to go for a Maverick. However, if you are a casual working man and you sometimes tend to tow, the Maverick is a great choice.

Should I buy the Ford Maverick?

The new Ford Maverick is an affordable, economical, cozy, and usable truck that does not excel in anything besides maybe fuel economy. This means that the Maverick might not be the enthusiast’s choice, but is a perfect choice for those who want a truck that isn’t too big and can do 80% of what a larger truck can do.

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