Common problems with Ford Kuga 

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga is a beautiful and practical car. It is also efficient and cheap to maintain. Nonetheless, it also comes with several problems that users need to know about. So, what are the common problems with Ford Kuga? 

Common problems with the Ford Kuga include engine issues, door seal fault, drained battery, burning clutch, door seal fault, and greasy windscreen. Furthermore, some owners have also reported having exhaust issues, accelerator, and transmission faults, & reverse stops working, and knocking noise from the rear. 

What are the common problems with Ford Kuga 

Engine issues 

Engine problems are common in the Ford Kuga. One of the main engine issues is the engine overheating. Note that this issue is common in the 2.0-liter models. In most cases, the engine will overheat to the point where the sump will crack. As a result, it will cause oil loss. 

Another engine issue with the Ford Kuga is failing fuel injectors. One of the signs of failing fuel injectors is the engine running on idle and a rattling sound. To fix engine issues, it is crucial to perform a diagnostic test so that you can fix all the underlying issues for a smooth performance. 

Transmission fault 

Even though not very common, several transmission faults have also been reported by Ford Kuga owners. Several 2014 Ford Kuga owners have noted problems with the system that controls the automatic transmission preventing it from shifting gear. 

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To fix this issue, you may have to turn the engine off and on to reboot the control unit. But if it doesn’t work, you will have to get a professional mechanic to fix it.  

Burning clutch 

If you discover a strong smell of burning coming from your clutch, usually followed by loud bangs or thuds, then you’ve got a burning clutch. This issue is common in Ford Kuga 1.6 and 1.5-liter Ecoboost engines that were made between 2013 and 2018. 

To fix this issue, the mechanic will have to check and replace the clutch pressure plate as it usually cracks. 

Door seal fault 

Another common problem with the Ford Kuga is failing door seals. If you’re driving the Kuga and you hear the doors making a creaking sound, this is a sign that you’ve got issues with your door seals. You will have to replace the faulty door seals to fix the problem. 

Exhaust issues 

The exhaust gas re-circulation valves also wear out after some time of use. So, if you notice blue smoke coming from the exhaust when starting up and that the car is very sluggish, then you may have an issue with the EGR. Ensure it is replaced to fix the issue. 

Knocking noise from the rear

Ford Kuga users have also complained about knocking noise from the rear. This problem is normally caused by the rear door striking rubber. To fix this problem, you will have to apply some grease to the door striker, which will solve the issue and the noise won’t be heard. 

Drained battery 

Many Ford Kuga owners have also complained that the battery drains fast. Some stated that despite charging the battery to full, the battery was flat the following day and needed a jumpstart. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the bad battery with a new one.  

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Greasy windscreen 

Several Ford Kuga owners have complained about the windscreen becoming greasy. This issue is normally caused by faulty wiper blades. While cleaning the windscreen and wiper blade can relieve the issue, it does not fix it. You can resolve the problem by replacing the wiper blades. 

Door seal fault 

This is another problem that many Ford Kuga owners overlook. However, if you notice that the door seals are making a creaking sound as you drive, this is a sign you’ve bad door seals. To fix this problem, have the faulty door seals replaced. 

The accelerator and reverse stop working 

Unlike other problems on this list, this issue is common in the 2014 Ford Kuga model years. Users have complained about starting the car and neither the accelerator nor reverse functions. Nonetheless, it can be quickly fixed by turning the engine on and off again to reboot the dual-clutch electronic control. But if the problem is not fixed, you may have to visit a professional mechanic.    


Is the Ford Kuga a reliable car?

Yes, the Ford Kuga is a reliable car. It received a full five-star safety rating from Carbuyer. Furthermore, finding its spare parts is much easier than most of its rivals. However, the customer satisfaction rating is slightly lower, compared to its main rivals. 

How long does the Ford Kuga last?

With good care and maintenance, the Ford Kuga can last for more than 200,000 miles. In some cases, some owners have recorded more than 200,000 miles. However, the owner also needs to practice good driving habits so that the car can last even longer. 

Is the Ford Kuga expensive to maintain?

While the Ford Kuga comes with multiple issues, it is still reasonable to maintain. Besides, you can keep the costs down even further by opting for an Essential’s service for $204.32 once the car is outside of its manufacturer’s warranty period. On average, the Ford Kuga is cheaper to maintain than most of its rivals. 

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How long does the Ford Kuga automatic gearbox last? 

Unfortunately, the automatic gearbox in the Ford Kuga does not last long. This is because it comes with a fragile powershift transmission. The transmission’s first defects occur at around 62.127 miles. So, to get more out of the car, a preventive transmission flush should be conducted after 37.282 miles at the latest. 

Is Ford Kuga fuel efficient? 

The latest Ford Kuga models are very fuel efficient. Ford claims fuel economy figures of between 48.7 mpg and 51.4 mpg. Thanks to the electrical assistance, CO2 emissions also fall between 125 and 133 g/km depending on the Ford Kuga trim. On top of that, the normal petrol version returns up to 42.8 mpg on the WLTP combined cycle.  


Ford Kuga may be a nice and efficient compact SUV, but it comes with multiple problems. Common problems with the Ford Kuga include engine problems, burning clutch, exhaust issues, door seal fault, drained battery, transmission, and knocking noise from the rear. 

Despite having several problems, the Ford Kuga is a reliable and practical car. With good care and maintenance, this car can last for a long while.

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