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Ford Edge

Ford Edge has been in the market from 2006 to date. The Ford Edge is an exceptional midsize crossover SUV with high-end features and a spacious cabin. It is also practical, making it a great choice among families. However, not all Ford Edge model years are good as some are reliable, while others are not. So, what Ford Edge years should you avoid?

As you plan to invest in Ford Edge, you should know that some model years are worth investing in, while others are not. The best Ford Edge years to invest in are 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022 model years. On the contrary, you should stay away from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016 Ford Edge model years.

The best Ford Edge model years


The 2014 Ford Edge model year is part of the second-generation Ford Edge. This car is more refined than the first-generation Ford Edge models. It is redesigned with an explorer-like grille, LED combination headlights, and new headlights.

Like most of the cars on this list, the 2014 Ford Edge reports a few issues, making it one of the most reliable Ford Edge models on the market. Some of the common problems that the 2014 Ford Edge comes with are transmission problems, licking noise from the wheel area while the car is moving, and poor fitment of the headliner.

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The Ford Edge is another exceptional and well-built Ford Edge model. It comes with superior handling and expansive cargo space. Despite being reliable, this model year also experiences problems, such as dangerous electrical systems, dim exterior lighting, and a defective transmission.


The 2019 Ford Edge is known for its versatile design and excellent infotainment system. It also comes with an economical base engine and it’s comfortable. Despite being a reliable car, this model year had a recall because the driver seat belt pre-tensioner anchor was improperly installed.


If you want a smooth, performance-oriented, and comfortable ride for your family, the 2021 Ford Edge is the perfect car. However, it also had some recalls because an inadequate amount of lubricant in the rear-drive unit may bring about the seizure of the rear-drive axle.


The 2022 Ford Edge is not only advanced but also a fun ride to drive. It boasts features such as automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist, and much more. Unlike most cars on this list, the 2022 Ford Edge users have only reported a handful of issues connected to the engine.

The worst Ford Edge model years


The 2011 Ford Edge is part of the first-generation Ford Edge. Most of the Ford Edge models with problems are from the first generation. Besides, the 2011 model year is one of the worst as it registered more than 400 complaints. The main problem with this model year is the door-ajar light staying on.


Just like its predecessor, the 2012 Ford Edge also comes with several problems as it recorded over 200 problems. Nonetheless, the most common ones are power booster issues, clicking noise from the wheel while the vehicle is moving. Also, it has transmission problems.


This is the most problematic Ford Edge model on the market. Users have registered more than 500 problems, making it the worst Ford Edge model year. Some of the common problems with the 2013 Ford Edge include clicking noise, transmission issues, door lock problems, transmission issues, and power booster problems.

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2015 & 2016

The 2015 and 2016 Ford Edge models are also unreliable as they come with lots of problems. However, they are not as bad as the 2011 and 2013 model years. But still, they are quite costly to have as you will have to deal with more problems than the average Ford Edge issues.


Does Ford Edge have a lot of problems?

Unlike many Ford models, Ford Edge does not register a lot of problems. It is more reliable than Ford Kuga and other Ford SUVs. One of the common problems that Ford Edge registers are connected to is electrical issues. It also has transmission problems, engine problems, and much more.

What is considered high mileage for Ford Edge?

When a Ford Edge hits over 100,000 miles, it is considered to have high mileage. This is because most Ford Edge models start having serious problems after 100k miles. But if the car is well maintained, serious problems may start showing up after 150k miles.

What year did Ford Edge have transmission issues?

Ford Edge models made between 2011 and 2013 had lots of transmission problems. The manufacturer had to recall several cars and fix the problem. Nonetheless, the 2018 Ford Edge model year also reported several transmission problems, such as grinding during acceleration, shifting delays, and car shaking on the road.

Is Ford Edge worth buying?

The Ford Edge is worth buying if you want a spacious, reliable, comfortable, and practical midsize crossover SUV. But if you desire a luxurious, stylish, and high-performance car, this is not the car for you. This is because it comes with a subpar interior quality and it does not perform as well as most of its competitors.

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Does Ford Edge hold its value over the years?

Most Ford models do not hold their value as they are not very reliable or practical. However, that’s not the case with the Ford Edge as it holds its value well. It is one of the Ford models with the best resale values. For instance, this car will be sold for 79% of the price of a new Ford Edge.

In five years, the Ford Edge would have depreciated by about 51%, which is not so great but okay. So, the resale value of the Ford Edge should be around $18,000. But if the car is well maintained and in good condition, it can be even more.


Before investing in a Ford Edge SUV, it is important to know some of the most and least reliable model years. This will help you to pick a car with fewer issues and less expenditure in the long run. While some model years like 2013, 2011, and 2012 have many complaints, model years like 2009, 2017, and 2021 report fewer issues.

Despite some Ford Edge model years having fewer issues than others, the overall durability of this SUV depends on how well you maintain it and your driving habits. If you maintain your car regularly and exercise good driving habits, it should last for a very long while.

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