Common problems with Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport Problems

Ford EcoSport is the smallest Ford SUV, making it ideal for city maneuvering and parking. It is also very efficient and practical. However, this car also comes with several issues that owners need to know about. But what are the common problems with the Ford EcoSport?

The common problems with the Ford EcoSport are doors won’t lock, a jerky transmission, poorly installed lower control arm, grinding brake noise, defective seatbelt reel system, broken engine oil pump belt tensioner, and random electrical short circuits.

It may seem as if the Ford EcoSport has many issues, but it does not. When you compare these problems with other Ford SUVs, you will find that the Ford EcoSport is way more reliable.

What are the common problems with the Ford EcoSport?

Jerky transmission

A common problem that Ford EcoSport owners experience is a jerky transmission and rough gear shifting. This happens when the driver is coming to a stop. As a result, it leads to problems with acceleration and gear changes. Some of the main causes are a bad sensor, low transmission fluid, worn-out transmission buds, and a bad solenoid.

To fix this issue, replace the bad parts. Note that you may have to replace the entire transmission, which can turn out to be cumbersome and costly.

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Grinding brake noise

Despite this problem being common in the 2018 Ford EcoSport, it can also be found on other Ford EcoSport models. A grinding noise usually emerges from the brakes. Surprisingly, this issue can also be found in the most recent EcoSport model years.

If you hear such a noise, you should inspect brake pads and see if they are damaged, dirty, or of low quality. Clean or replace them if need be. 

Doors won’t lock

Several Ford EcoSport owners have also complained about doors not locking when it rains or in wet conditions. Some drivers were even forced to lock the doors manually from inside the car or use the key fob. Some of the suspected causes are a bad relay lock switch, a faulty lock actuator, and a blown fuse.

Random electrical short circuits

Another common problem that Ford EcoSport owners experience is the electrical system being prone to short short-circuit issues. A short circuit takes place because of a fault in the vehicle’s wiring, which normally shuts electricity between different circuits.

Some of the signs of electrical short circuits include erratic headlights, blown fuse, and inactive headlights.

The defective seatbelt reel mechanism

This issue is common in the 2021 Ford EcoSport model made between 5th February and 9th March of the same year. Since the seatbelt reel system is defective, it may fail to hold the passenger in position if sudden braking is applied. As a result, this increases the danger of injury.

To fix this issue, replace the defective seatbelt reel mechanism. Besides, this was a manufacturer defect and the affected cars were recalled.

Poorly installed lower control arm

2017 Ford EcoSport model year comes with this issue. Nonetheless, the manufacturer recalled the affected cars, and the problem was resolved. It was detected that the lower control arm weld may not be properly welded. Hence, the front wheel assembly hits the wheel arch, which will cause the front wheel to lock up, leading to a loss of steering control and motive power. 

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Broken engine oil pump belt tensioner

This is a common problem in the 2018 Ford EcoSport. When there is a broken engine oil pump belt tensioner, there will be a loss of oil pressure. This will affect how the car performs. Besides, repairing this issue demands getting a new engine, which is very costly.


Is Ford Ecosport a reliable car?

Yes, the Ford EcoSport is a reliable car that also boasts an efficient performance and reliable safety features. It is also one of the most reliable Ford SUVs as it comes with above-average reliability. What’s more, the cost of repairing and maintaining the Ford EcoSport is quite low, making it a good car for daily use.

Is it expensive to maintain a Ford Ecosport?

No, maintaining the Ford EcoSport subcompact SUV is very cheap. This is because the car registers fewer issues and most of its problems start after hitting more than 100,000 miles. Besides, the cost of spare parts and services is quite affordable, compared to most of its competitors.

After how long does the Ford Ecosport start having problems?

It depends on many things, such as model year, version, and how well it is maintained. Even though most Ford EcoSport models start having problems after clocking over 100,000 miles, the 2018 model year started having issues as early as 10,000 miles. Thus, you should avoid this model as much as possible.

What is high mileage for Ford Ecosport?

Most Ford EcoSport models lock over 100,000 miles before starting to have major issues. But if you maintain your EcoSport SUV as recommended by the manufacturer, you should easily clock over 150,000 miles without having major issues.

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Therefore, if you desire to purchase a used Ford EcoSport car, ensure that the car has less than 150,000 miles on its dashboard. Anything above that may prove problematic and costly to repair and maintain.

What is the least reliable Ford Ecosport?

The title for the least reliable Ford EcoSport model year is the 2014 model year. It is followed closely by the 2018 model year. The 2014 Ford EcoSport registers the most problems. Some of the main issues include car shuddering when you stop and an unreliable audio system.

Despite having the most problems, the 2014 model year doesn’t come with serious problems like the 2018 Ford EcoSport. The 2018 EcoSport model experiences problems as early as 10,000 miles. One of the common problems of this model year is brakes lock up or screeching, making the door not lock.

Final thoughts

Generally, if you’re planning to buy a Ford EcoSport, you should find out some of the problems that you will face during ownership. This will allow you to take good care of the car and prolong its lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, the Ford EcoSport can last for a very long while.

It is also vital to note that even though Ford EcoSport comes with multiple issues, it is a very reliable subcompact SUV. It is also practical, efficient, and easy to maintain.

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