Ford won’t start – causes and how to fix it

Ford won’t start - how to fix it

Ford is one of the most successful and longest-running automakers in the US which sells up to 6-7 million cars each year. Such amazing numbers are made possible by Ford always pushing the envelope further and offering dozens upon dozens of interesting models from all possible categories including trucks, SUVs, electric cars, hatchbacks, and recently sedans.

However, in this article, we are going to focus on why a Ford won’t start – causes and how to fix it. We will first start off with the battery which is usually the main reason why a car won’t start. The two most common issues are either corroded battery terminals or a dead/weak battery that isn’t able to provide enough power to start the car up.

The second issue is a weak key fob battery which can’t be recognized by the car and thus does not enable you to start the car up. The third point of interest is associated with your alternator and your starter motor which work in tandem with the battery which means that they need to function properly in order for a car to start.

The next group of issues is your fuel delivery system and your spark plugs/fuse box. These aren’t as common as the previous three reasons, but they can also sometimes cause your car not to want to start. So, if you want to know more about why a Ford won’t start, be sure to read this article!

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Battery Issues

As mentioned in the intro, the battery is usually the most common reason why a car won’t start as it does not have enough power to power up the car’s starter motor which cranks up the engine. As such, be sure to find a multimeter to test out the battery’s output. If the battery reads between 12-13 volts, all is fine with the battery. If it reads less, your battery is either weak or completely depleted.

You also need to focus your attention on the battery terminals which are known to corrode in some cars. If that indeed happens, you will not be able to start the car up as the connection between the battery and the car is non-existent. If so, be sure to invest in a high-quality battery cleaner and clean the battery while it is disconnected.

Alternator and Start Motor Issues

The battery, the alternator, and the starter motor are the three main components tasked with starting up the car. This means that if any of these three fails, you will not be able to start the car up. The alternator is intended to charge up the battery while the car is running, this means that even if you jump start the car, the car should not provide any juice as the battery will not be charging.

The starter motor is situated between the engine and the alternator and is designed to crank up the engine. As such, if you have enough power, but the engine does not crank, chances are that your starter motor is to blame. Both of these can be repaired, but it would be a good idea to replace them with new OEM Ford parts.

 Weak Key Fob Battery

All new Ford models are equipped with key fobs instead of regular blade keys which means that the key fob is now tasked with both starting the car up and gaining access. If the key fob battery is dead, the car will not be able to recognize the key and thus will not let you start the car up.

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To remedy this, you will have to replace the key fob battery. If your Ford did come with a blade key as well, you can test to see if it truly is down to your key fob battery because you should be able to start the car up with your blade key. If that is the case, your key fob battery is 100% the reason why.

Spark Plugs and Fuse Box

The spark plugs are tasked with igniting the fuel and air mixture within the combustion chamber which means that a burnt or dislodged spark plug will not be able to combust. If that happens, your engine either stall, misfire, or refuse to start up completely if more than one spark plug is to blame.

The fuse box is there to keep your car safe from electrical overloads which means that a fuse box can get burned in order to save your car which can sometimes not let you start the car up before you replace the damaged fuse. If that is indeed the case, be sure to replace the fuse with a proper amperage equal.

Fuel Delivery System Issues

As far as your fuel delivery system is concerned, the fuel pump and the fuel filters can cause your car to refuse to start. In order to remedy this, listen to the fuel pump kicking in whenever you turn the ignition key. If you can’t hear the fuel pump even with your hood up, it is likely broken. If your fuel filters are clogged, they will block fuel passage and thus will not let you start the car up.

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FAQ Section

How Much Does A Ford Battery Cost?

A new Ford battery is going to run you between $100 and $250 in most cases without any labor costs. However, these vary greatly as not all Ford models are the same, and not all batteries and battery sizes are the same. Always be sure to use the proper battery for your Ford and it would be a good idea to look for special deals and coupons to lower that price as much as possible.

How Long Can A Ford Battery Last?

A Ford battery should be able to last at least 5 years which is usually the lifespan of a normal battery. If the battery dies out sooner, something is wrong with your car or with how you treat it. If you push your battery beyond five years, chances are that it is going to die without notice.

 Does Ford Make Reliable Cars?

Ford models usually come with an average rating when it comes to reliability which is okay. Various brands can go either way which means that some Ford models are really dependable while others are questionable, to say the least. All in all, if you take proper care of them, Fords are built to last.

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