Chinese electric cars vs Tesla

Chinese electric cars vs Tesla

Going against Tesla in the EV segment is like going against Micheal Jordan in NBA, expensive, stressful, and almost pointless. However, acquiring someone like Micheal Jordan to play on your team is ludicrously expensive, and it’s the same story with buying a Tesla, at least for the average bloke. As such, many Chinese companies are set out to offer cheaper EVs to compete with Tesla’s greatest hits.

The most prominent Chinese EVs to compete with Tesla models are the Nio ES7, the Xpeng G9, the Li L9, and the Nio ET5. Pretty much all of these undercut their Tesla rivals when it comes to price and that is primarily why anyone would ever consider buying these over a Tesla.

Comparing these in the quality, luxury, equipment, and desirability sector is difficult as everyone knows what a Tesla is while names like Xpeng or Li are still a mystery to most people. Tesla cars also benefit from the Tesla proprietary Supercharger network which is one of the best aspects of owning a Tesla.

Either way, we are going to list all of the cars listed above and compare them with current Tesla models to decide which ones are the ones to go for, and why. In China, Tesla is no longer the most popular EV brand which means that the Chinese strategy is working, at least in the domestic market.

Nio ES7

One of the most interesting Chinese EVs to be released this year is the Nio ES7. This Tesla competitor is likely to feature three battery sizes, an entry-level 75kWh battery, a mid-range 100kWh battery, and a top-of-the-line 150kWh battery which means that the battery size top trumps contest goes to the ES7.

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Nio also does something no other EV brand does, and that is designing cars with replaceable batteries which means that you will not have to recharge the battery, rather only replace it in a matter of seconds. The NIO may not be as desirable from the outside, but the interior of the ES7 looks better than anything Tesla has even offered.

Xpeng G9

Going straight against the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E is the Xpeng G9, a Chinese startup EV that should come with a 100kWh battery with a range upwards of 300 miles. The top-end G9 should offer around 320hp which should make it rather brisk on its feet. The G9 looks really cool both inside and out while the overall quality of materials does seem a tad bit more interesting than the Model Y.

The price of the G9 is not yet available as the car is not yet officially been released. Many sources state that the G9 should be available for purchase later this year and that it should undercut the Model Y. Either way, the G9 is a cool car, but most people with enough purchasing power are likely going to buy a Tesla.

Li L9

One of the most impressive EVs to come out this year in China is also the really good-looking LI L9. This $70,000+ EV is not your typical affordable EV, but rather a full-fledged luxury yacht that hopes to steal customers from the Tesla Model X. The LI L9 is a hybrid which means that it comes with a 50kWh battery with up to 130 miles of range.

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However, the battery is backed by a range extender 1.5L gasoline engine for a combined output of 450hp and a combined range of more than 800 miles. The LI L9 is likely going to be a heavy hitter as it combines electricity and gasoline in the best way possible.

Nio ET5

If you prefer a sedan over an SUV, the Nio ET5 might as well be the greatest Chinese competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The ET5 also takes a slightly different approach as it is a more expensive car than the Model 3, to begin with. The ET5 comes with three battery sizes as in the ES7 SUV which means that the ET5 offers a lot more range than the Model 3.

The ET5 looks better both inside and out and is packed with higher-quality materials. When you put the ET5 against the Model 3 in a head-to-head matchup, the Model 3 is in great danger of losing. However, the Tesla brand carries a huge premium in all markets, so we will have to wait and see how this one plays out in the real world.

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FAQ Section

Why is Tesla so popular?

Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world and no one really thought that Tesla is ever going to achieve that. The reason why Tesla is as successful as it is, is because it changed the entire car market with competitive vehicles, the Supercharger network, customer experiences, and incredible technology and safety features.

Tesla is likely going to continue making impressive cars for time to come, but other brands are starting to catch up, especially Chinese EV brands and existing German luxury car manufacturers. Either way, we are the ones that are likely going to profit from the stark competition as we are going to get better cars overall.

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Should I buy a Tesla or a Chinese EV?

Buying a Chinese EV still is a riskier investment than buying a Tesla. There are some aspects in which these brands do beat Tesla, but overall, buying a Tesla is the easier and more logical choice. Selling a Tesla is easy while selling relatively unknown Chinese EV brands with unproven reliability is a difficult task.

Given the fact that all of these cost a lot of money, you should focus your attention on Tesla, at least for the foreseeable future until these Chinese EV brands prove themselves as worthy competitors in the real world.

Are Chinese EVs going to become the most popular EVs on the planet?

Even though Tesla is the most valuable car company on the planet, Chinese EV companies are already leading the global market when it comes to EV production and outright sales. China sells more EVs yearly than the four next countries combined.

As such, it is more than likely that Chinese EVs are eventually going to become the most popular EV brands on the market.

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