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Is Hyundai i20 a good car?

The Hyundai i20 was first revealed back in 2008 and has been in continuous production ever since. The latest generation of the i20 was revealed back in 2020 which also made it more competitive than ever. The i20 resides in the compact hatchback segment which is really popular in some global markets but is completely absent in others.

As such, we are going to mention cars similar to the Hyundai i20 in regard to those specific markets. The i20 is one of the most popular cars Hyundai makes, but it does come with stiff competition. These include the Kia Rio which is the most similar car to the i20 as these two share many parts with each other. Other rivals include the Toyota Yaris which is also one of the most popular cars in this segment.

We are also going to mention the Ford Fiesta as the most popular US-made compact hatchback and the VW Polo which is the most popular European compact hatchback with the most premium badge here. All in all, these small hatchbacks are really closely matched which means that picking a winner is not going to be easy.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying a small hatchback that can do everything you ask from it, these five cars are right up your alley.

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Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 costs between £19,035 and £23,880 depending on the trim level, the engine, and its optional equipment. You can choose between two engines, a 1.0L gasoline engine or a slightly larger 1.2L gasoline engine with 83-120hp which is more than enough for such a small car. There is also a choice between a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic.

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Design-wise, the latest i20 also adopted Hyundai’s more daring design language which wasn’t the case a few years ago when Hyundai mostly made boring-looking cars. The i20 now looks really attractive and is also reliable and well-equipped. As such, it is really difficult to rival a car that offers as much as the i20 does.

Kia Rio

The most similar car to the Hyundai i20 is the Kia Rio which costs from £16,150 to £21,800 depending on the engine, the trim level, and the equipment. They are built on the same platform which means that they use the same general architecture which includes engines, the transmission, and various bits of the drivetrain.

The Kia Rio is a bit heavier and offers better safety credentials while the i20 is more fun to drive and offers better MPG results. All in all, these two are really similar, and the biggest differences between them are due to the Rio being a bit heavier and that the i20 is slightly better equipped. The i20 also offers a slightly larger trunk than the Rio.

Ford Fiesta

You can expect to pay from £20,080 to £22,530 for the new Ford Fiesta which puts it directly against the Kia Rio and the Hyundai i20. These three cars are likely the most popular compact hatchbacks in the UK and are representing a huge chunk of the entire market. The Fiesta offers similar engines, similar equipment, and similar safety credentials.

Where these two differ is practicality as the i20 is more practical, the i20 is also more reliable, and a bit more dynamic. At the very top end, the i20 N and the Ford Fiesta ST are both amazing small hot hatchbacks, but I’d give my money to the Hyundai as it feels just a little bit more special.

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Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris starts at £21,460 which is more than most cars here, but its top-spec variants total £26,625 which is also more than its competitors. The Yaris is the most economical car here with the best fuel economy and a hybrid powertrain that is going to offset those initial costs through lower running costs.

It only comes with a CVT automatic gearbox which is also a benefit for most people as it is incredibly easy to live with. It is not as practical as the i20 which offers more space in every category, but the top-end Toyota GR Yaris is a better performance car than the i20 N, the Fiesta ST, or the Polo GTI.

VW Polo

For those wanting a more premium badge without huge price hikes, the £19,030 to £24,675 VW Polo is the one to get. The Polo gets a smaller and weaker engine with the entry-level model while also being less economical. On the other hand, the new Polo feels like a higher quality product with better technology, better materials, and more space overall.

The i20 N is on par with the Polo GTI, and these two are really closely matched when it comes to fun. I’d say that the Polo is a higher quality product while the i20 does beat it when it comes to efficiency, power, and price.

FAQ Section

Is the Hyundai i20 the best car in its segment?

The Hyundai i20 really has lots of things going for it. It looks cool inside and out and it gets really good equipment across the board. You can buy an i20 for just regular commuting and you can buy an “N” performance model which feels really good to drive.

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I’d say that the i20 really is one of the best cars in its segment, but the GR Yaris is the better performance car while the new VW Polo feels a bit higher-end.

Is the Hyundai i20 a spacious car?

The Hyundai i20 is a compact hatchback which means that it is primarily designed for one or two people at a time. You can fit four people inside the i20, but that is not exactly what it was made to do. As such, the i20 is adamantly spacious for its segment, but in general, it really is a tight squeeze.

When is the new Hyundai i20 coming out?

Hyundai said that the refreshed model of the current generation of the Hyundai i20 is going to arrive sometime in 2023. It is said that the next i20 is going to get ventilated seats which is a first in this segment. Either way, you can expect to see the facelifted i20 in 2023 while sales are to kick off sometime in 2023/24.

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