Common problems with Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 problems

The Hyundai i20 is a small city hatchback and one of the most affordable Hyundai hatchbacks on the market. The i20 was first introduced back in 2008 and has been in continuous production since. Through this time, Hyundai has managed to sell a ton of these because they are efficient, affordable to buy, affordable to run, and also get all you need from this type of car.

When it comes to reliability, the i20 also seems to be fairly good, but it certainly isn’t near the top. Many other Hyundai models are considerably better, including the i10. Either way, no Hyundai is without its fair share of faults and even the i20 is no exception. In this article, we are going to list common problems with Hyundai i20 and tell you what you need to focus on.

As such, the most common issues with the Hyundai i20 are related to various electrical systems, the steering system, water ingress, the trim and equipment, and the engine. It is worth mentioning that some of these are really common while others aren’t, but are extremely dangerous or expensive to repair.

Either way, if you are interested in buying the Hyundai i20, be sure to do a pre-purchase inspection. Without it, you are risking a ton of issues that can ruin your overall ownership experience.

Hyundai i20 – Electrical issues

It seems like many Hyundai models are prone to various electrical issues and that the Hyundai i20 is no different. One of the most talked about and also frustrating issues is one associated with a broken folding key. It seems like Hyundai didn’t really put too much effort into designing a sturdy folding key mechanism as the one with the i20 is notoriously flimsy and prone to falling off completely.

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To make matters worse, the fob itself can fail as well. The electric windows are prone to failing on virtually all i20 models. The exterior lighting is a pain on older i20 models while newer i20 models sometimes suffer from infotainment system-related issues.

Hyundai i20 – Steering system issues

Many owners complain that the i20 suffers from a noisy steering column, especially if you often drive on rougher roads. However, this issue is mostly down to a lack of lubrication within the inner gears which will require some tender love if you want them to quiet down. All you have to do is keep your steering column lubricated and you should be good to go.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most serious issue with the i20 steering as the power steering system is also known to fail. The motor itself can overheat and it, therefore, stops functioning in order not to burn out. If that does indeed happen, you ought to take your car to the dealership as they are the only ones experienced enough to deal with this issue.

 Hyundai i20 – Water ingress

One of the most frustrating issues you can experience with a Hyundai i10 is associated with water getting into the car’s interior. It seems like the windshield and door deals deteriorate way too fast and thus let water in. Sometimes the windscreen will just condensate a bit too much which means that water isn’t going through yet, but it will at some point.

Another water-related issue is where the drinks cooler inside the glove box starts leaking water underneath the front passenger compartment. The easiest way to fix this is to simply turn off the glovebox cooler.

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Hyundai i20 – Trim and equipment issues

Older Hyundai i20 models tend to suffer from a wide variety of trim and equipment-related issues such as those with cracking dashboards and worn-out seats. These are especially noticeable on cars with a lighter-colored interior.

Other equipment issues include certain worn-out interior switches or faulty trunk lid latches. Pretty much all of these are mostly associated with older Hyundai models, except maybe for worn-out switches which are apparent even on newer models.

Hyundai i20 – Engine issues

The engine on the i20 seems to be fairly reliable, but there are some issues worth getting into in greater detail. For starters, many owners have complained about catalytic converter issues that cost a lot of money to fix. Some have complained about oil leaking from the gasket and potentially even damaging the alternator.

The injectors can sometimes be an issue, and so can the ignition coils. All in all, a well-maintained engine should be free of all these issues.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Hyundai i20?

The Hyundai i20 is an affordable hatchback that can satisfy most of your needs when it comes to buying a smaller family car. Moreover, it is also a reliable car, one that is cheap to run, and one that is very efficient. As such, you are not really sacrificing anything if you go for a Hyundai i20.

However, if you are used to luxury cars or larger cars in general, you are going to appreciate the lower costs, but the i20 is not really the industry standard when it comes to comfort, luxury, technology, and space.

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Which cars rival the Hyundai i20?

The Hyundai i20 resides in a fairly competitive segment dominated by pretty much every mainstream economy automaker. This means that the i20 rivals the likes of the Toyota Yaris, the Ford Fiesta, the Honda Civic, the Kia Rio, the Mazda 2, the Mini Cooper, the Peugeot 208, the Renault Clio, and the Citroen C3.

All of these cars are designed with a similar goal of offering you a lot of value for your money. They might not be the be-all-end-all luxury cars, or cars that stir pleasant emotion, but some people just want A-to-B transportation devices, and these are perfect for such people.

Is the Hyundai i20 available in N trim?

It sure is. In the previous question, we said that the i20 is a boring car, but if you want to spruce things up big time, you should consider buying the i20 N. Even though the i20 N costs a lot more money, it is well worth it as it retains all the good sides you usually get with the i20 and combines that with a 200hp+ engine that actually does stir pleasant emotions.

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