Can Mercedes go through the car wash?

Washing your Benz is vital as it prevents dirt, grime, and air pollutants from tarnishing your car’s paint and finish. But can Mercedes go through the car wash?

Yes, Mercedes can go through the car wash. However, not all Mercedes models can go through a car wash. On top of that, some customized Mercedes models with extra parts should not be washed through the drive-in car wash. This is because the extra parts may cause havoc if they don’t fall within the required measurements of the car wash. 

One of the Mercedes models that shouldn’t be driven in a car wash is the 2020 Mercedes GLS or earlier models. Aside from that, you can drive any Mercedes to a car wash. However, you will have to select the type of car wash for your car. The two popular car washes are soft-touch or touch-free car wash.

What car wash is best for my Mercedes-Benz?

Both of these car washes are excellent and have their own benefits. One car wash is good for keeping your car in tip-top condition and the other is ideal for people who want to keep their car clean. So, before you choose either a soft-touch or touch-free car wash, find out their pros and cons.

Soft-touch car wash

As you drive your car daily, it will collect dirt and grime, which may make it look ugly. Therefore, you may want to scrub away all this dirt and prevent salts from accumulating and wearing off your paint. If that’s the case, then a soft-touch car wash is the best choice.

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A soft-touch car wash features felt-cloth rollers and detergent that creates foam and cleans all the stubborn dirt off the side of your vehicle. On top of that, high-pressure water is utilized to get rid of the loosened dirt and grime.

However, even though a soft-touch car wash gets rid of dirt and grime more effectively than a touch-free car wash, it can be harsh on your Mercedes clear coat. Besides, it uses harsh chemicals that may shorten the lifespan of your car’s wax and paint sealants.

Touch-free car wash

If you’re worried about rollers damaging your paint or scratching your windows, then a touch-free car wash is an ideal option. Unlike a soft-touch car wash, this car wash doesn’t touch your car at all. It utilizes a high pH alkaline soap and low pH acid to clean the car, as well as high-pressure water.

Like a soft-touch car wash, this car wash also uses harsh chemicals which shorten the durability of your wax and paint sealant. Additionally, it will not clean effectively like a traditional car wash. What’s more, it can be clean on your clear coat if used often.

How can I prevent damage from happening in an automatic car wash?

  • If you want to prevent your Mercedes from being damaged in a car wash, here are some of the things that you should do:
  • If you have retracting antennas, lower them down before entering the car wash. This is because they can be ripped while going through the antenna.
  • Inspect your car and ensure that you did not leave any items on the roof racks. Such items are easily pulled off or knocked from the car as they are usually taller than the car wash.
  • Make sure the side mirrors are in good condition and tight. If they are loose, they may be knocked off as the car goes through the car wash.
  • Make sure your windows and seals are tight to avoid water seeping through your car. Besides, soap can also leak into your car if the windows are not closed.
  • Always visit a properly maintained car wash to avoid regretting later. The brushes in use may be old with the wire sticking out, which may end up damaging your car’s paint.
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Which Mercedes models should not go through a car wash and why?

Not all Mercedes-Benz models should be washed in an automatic car wash. For instance, Mercedes-Benz GLS models made before 2020 should be not washed in an automatic car wash. This is because of the Smartkey function.

Since this model comes with a Smartkey function, you need to leave the car running when going through an automatic car wash. So, if you want to turn your car off in the car wash, you cannot do so because of the Smartkey. The good news is that the Mercedes GLS models made after 2020 don’t have this issue. 

How do I properly clean my Mercedes?

If you want to maintain the shine and finish of your Mercedes, make sure to clean it when it’s cool outside and in a shaded place. On top of that, you should use a vehicle shampoo on the exterior of the Benz. Before you polish the car, utilize a Mercedes-Benz paint cleaner to remove any stains remaining on the car.

How can I activate the Mercedes car wash mode?

Car wash mode prepares your car to go through a car wash by ensuring that programmed items have been finished before the carwash commences. Engaging in car wash mode is straightforward. Here’s how to activate it:

  • Click on the car wash mode icon on the touchscreen.
  • A checklist of features will show up on your screen. Besides, the checklist will tell you which features are engaged and which ones are disengaged.
  • Next, the carwash mode will lift your car, fold in the mirrors, switch off the parking sensors, turn off the rear and front wipers, and warn you to ensure that you have closed the sunroof and windows.
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If you’re wondering whether Mercedes can go through a car wash, yes it can. The only Mercedes-Benz models that cannot go through a car wash are Mercedes GLS models manufactured from 2020 going backward. Since these Mercedes have a Smartkey function, they are not effective in an automatic car wash.

Aside from Mercedes GLS models made prior to 2020, all the other Mercedes models can go through a car wash without any problem. Nonetheless, you should ensure to pick the right type of automatic car wash for your Mercedes.

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