Best year for Audi SQ5

Is Audi SQ5 a good car?

The Audi SQ5 is a mid-size luxury family SUV made for those who deem the regular Q5 to be a bit too regular. The SQ5 is the very top-end of the Q5 range as it offers a more performance-oriented luxury experience coupled with better equipment and a better-looking interior/exterior combination.

However, not all SQ5 models are made equal as some models do seem to be a lot more dependable than others. If you pair that with overall customer satisfaction results, you get many differences between certain model years. You also can’t ignore the price point as there are deals to be made with some model years, while others should be avoided at this time.

As such, the 2017 Audi SQ5 might as well be the best one out of them all because it balances value, performance, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction results really well. If you want the post-facelift 2nd generation of the SQ5, you should direct your attention to the 2021 model year as the 2021 seems to be the one to get.

Finally, if you are someone like me who believes that the 1st-gen post-facelift Q5 is the best-looking Q5 model to date, you should definitely consider buying the 2016 SQ5 as it is not only the best-looking but is a lot cheaper than the 2017 and the 2021. So much so that it is somewhat of a bargain these days.

2017 Audi SQ5

The Audi Q5 model range was upgraded for the 2017 model year when Audi completely redesigned the Q5. The 2017 model year of the SQ5 is the cheapest way of getting into the 2nd generation of the SQ5. However, this does not come with its set of sacrifices because the 2017 SQ5 also seems to be a really reliable car.

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Sure, there are some issues to speak of, but that is the case with virtually all cars in existence, especially those as well-appointed as the SQ5. These cars get a huge lot of features straight from the factory and all of these can break over time. It’s just something that comes with the territory, especially if you don’t maintain the car all that well.

Value is where it is at with the 2017 SQ5 as it undercuts its newer siblings by quite a bit of money. You are still getting Audi’s modern experience with new MMI functionalities such as the lovely Audi Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster system.

2021 Audi SQ5

If you want the latest and the greatest from Audi’s Q5 lineup, the 2021 SQ5 is the way to go because it gets you the most for your money out of all 2nd generation post-facelift Audi Q5 models. In my opinion, the pre-facelift 2nd generation of the Q5 never really looked all that good, but Audi has managed to solve that with the current model.

For me, the 2021 SQ5 is the perfect culmination of what makes the SQ5 so special. It looks amazing inside and out, it drives like crazy, and it undercuts the 2022 model by at least 10-15%. Reliability is strong with all post-facelift 2nd generation SQ5 models which means that you should not worry about that.

Most of these are still relatively low-mileage cars still under warranty which means that buying one used shouldn’t be a huge issue. Most customers are more than happy with their 2021 SQ5 models because they truly are amazing.

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2016 Audi SQ5

If you are one of those people who believe that the 1st generation post-facelift SQ5 is the best-looking SQ5 model to date, you’d be pleased to know that the 2016 Audi SQ5 is now a luxury performance compact SUV bargain of the decade. The 2016 SQ5 has lost most of its value over time, but it retained everything that made it special in the first place.

For starters, the 2016 SQ5 is decently reliable because it is the very last model year of the 1st generation of the Q5. Secondly, most customer satisfaction surveys rate the 2016 SQ5 really high which means that most people who own/owned the SQ5 are/were more than satisfied with it.

Finally, the reason why 2016 SQ5 is such a good deal right now is the price. You can get a 2016 SQ5 for a really attainable price point which does not really differ all that much from the regular Q5. This means that you can get a range-topping Audi mid-size luxury performance SUV for way less money than a regular diesel-powered 2017 Audi Q5.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Audi SQ5?

The Audi SQ5 is one of those cars that is incredibly easy to recommend because it is such a well-rounded car. The SQ5 is a spacious car that offers all the modern technology and safety features without suffering when it comes to desirability or performance. The SQ5 is a great city car, a great highway cruiser, and even a great performance SUV.

There truly is nothing the SQ5 can’t do that makes it a perfect everything-in-one type of car. If you don’t like SUVs and you don’t care about performance, then you might not be as interested in the SQ5 as most people would.

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 Which Audi SQ5 model is the best?

The Audi SQ5 actually comes in two different variants. You can get either a diesel-powered SQ5 or a gasoline-powered SQ5 depending on where you live as some markets get both while others get one. If you have the ability to choose between these two, go for the diesel if you are mostly doing highway miles as that is going to save you a lot of money in fuel consumption.

On the other hand, if you want a more thrilling performance experience, a gasoline engine simply can’t be rivaled by a diesel.

Is the Audi SQ5 better than the Audi Q5?

The Audi SQ5 is basically a regular Audi Q5 with lots of features added on top of it. The engine is the main party trick the SQ5 has over the Q5 which means that if you love powerful engines, the SQ5 is the obvious choice. It is safe to say that the SQ5 is objectively the better car than the Q5, but some might prefer the Q5 over the SQ5 because they don’t care about performance, looks, or desirability.

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