Best twin-turbo BMW models

Best twin turbo bmw models

BMW has made a large series of twin-turbo models. The first mass-produced BMW gasoline turbocharged engine was the N54 in 2006. Ever since, twin-turbo engines have gathered a fanbase and are most commonly used in sporty BMWs. One of the most fun models to drive with a twin-turbo is the excellent BMW M2.

The BMW M2 Competition

The reasons why the BMW M2 is our choice for the best twin-turbo BMW model are numerous. First of all, it is one of the most fun-to-drive BMWs that bring driving pleasure like no other car. And that’s what BMW is all about. The M2 is a small rear-drive car that brings in the power of a bigger vehicle.

The M2 offers amazing driving dynamics, is more affordable than heavier coupes, and drives with great precision and feel on the road. The BMW M2 Competition, for example, comes with a turbocharged S55, inline-six. This twin-turbo engine makes the small chassis run wild, agile and insanely fast.

BMW M2 Competition S55 Engine

The M2 is the cheapest priced and most basic M vehicle in the BMW series, but that does not make it any less special. The BMW M2 Competition features an S55 3.0 L special-tuned twin-turbocharged and extremely responsive engine.

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Standard six-speed manual transmission and seven-speed automatic dual-clutch gearboxes are both available for this phenomenal car.

The engine has a rev range of 7,500 rpm and uses a TwinPower Turbo technology that maximizes the torque over the entire rev range. With an approximation of 430 horsepower, this engine is quite efficient for the much smaller body of the M2. The engine still uses the very familiar VANOS used in many other BMWs.

BMW M2: Interior and infotainment

Perforated high-quality leather makes the spacy front look luxurious and comfortable. Pitch black interior is the most common one amongst M2s. The M2 interior is based on the high-end 2-Series and 1-Series models of BMW. There is plenty of space in the cabin, but passengers in the backseat would most likely feel like second class citizens, especially if they are taller than 6 feet.

Compared to 5-Series and 7-Series BMWs, the interior feels cheap and unfinished. However, the driver sitting position is well optimized, as you would expect from a BMW. It is a good-suited car for 2 people, not more.

An 8.8-inch infotainment system is a standard that Bimmer’s installed. The touchscreen is quick to respond and intuitive to the touch. Android Auto is still unavailable as BMW fans would expect, so Apple CarPlay is the used software here. Bluetooth, voice recognition and a premium Kardon/Harman stereo system are all installed. Two USB ports and three outlets are also available to help your connectivity.

BMW M2: Safety and features

The BMW M2 has not yet been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) or by the Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, for reference, the BMW 2 Series scored “good,” which is the highest mark on all crashworthiness tests from driver-side small overlap front tests, to roof strength and side collision.

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On the other hand, the headlights scored marginally and poor. The BMW 2 Series is also equipped with an optional advanced front crash prevention for a vehicle-to-vehicle collision. The BMW 2 Series is an overall safe vehicle, as safe as you can get.

Driver-assistance technologies such as automated emergency braking and forward-collision warning systems are included. Lane-departure warning is also present, as well as automatic high-beams.

A notable subcompact twin-turbo BMW SUV

The BMW X1 F48

The new 4-cylinder gasoline twin-turbo engine replaced the older straight-six 3.0-liter naturally aspirated engine. The average fuel consumption of the used engine dropped by 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers or 62 miles, which is quite a lot.

The subcompact luxury SUV has a 2.0L B47 l4 twin-turbo engine option that is the highest-end of the spectrum for gasoline engines of the model. With 221 horsepower, the small SUV is not the most powerful, but still reaches 62 miles per hour in around 5 seconds.

Combined fuel consumption of 36 miles per gallon was claimed by BMW for the model. On the other hand, many reviewers state that it is closer to 20 mpg in city traffic and can easily reach 40 mpg on the highway. A more accurate combined average mpg would be 29.

With 4-wheel drive (xDrive), the F48 is quite maneuverable, even in harsh climates. With 19-inch flat tires, the BMW F48 can ride off-road. Just remember that the sensation would be thrilling. It rides rough, especially on more imperfect surfaces. Few owners have complained regarding the driving experience.

The interior is ample and spacey and has the option for a panoramic roof. It is a smaller version of the X3, rather than a standalone subcompact SUV. It is as large as older generations of X3 models.

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Which is the fastest BMW car with a twin-turbo?

The BMW M8 Competition only takes 2.6 seconds to reach from 0 to 62 miles per hour. The M8 is equipped with a twin-turbo V8 and generates 617 horsepower and a 553 lb-ft torque. It is the fastest BMW currently being produced for the road and widely available to the public.

Is a twin-turbo better than a single turbo for a BMW?

Twin-turbo engines achieve a higher overall level of gas-flow efficiency for the engine and reduce lag. They generate slightly more power than turbocharged engines. Twin turbos use 4 cylinders instead of all 8, to reach an optimal boost and it produces power faster that way. Most engines function more smoothly in that manner.

At what rev range do turbos kick in and boost the power of your vehicle?

Most engines equipped with a turbocharger need to reach around 2,000 rpm, in order for the turbo’s turbine to reach the needed rotational speed in order to be efficient. Most turbos spin very quickly between 80,000 and 200,000 RPM.

Best twin turbo bmw models
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