Best Phone Holder For Audi

best phone holder for audi

Many countries are starting to enforce strict penalties for using a mobile phone while being behind the wheel of a vehicle. While many modern cars offer built-in infotainment systems and Bluetooth audio, those that don’t have that facility have no choice but to rely on their smartphone for connectivity.

That’s where car mounts come in and allow you to effectively use your phone while keeping your eyes on the road as well. Anyone that doesn’t have a modern infotainment system can effectively use a phone mount and have their smartphone perform that specific purpose. Here are the best phone mounts for your Audi!

Exshow Car Mount

The Exshow Car Mount is a 30cm flexible device that mounts to the windscreen with a suction cup, and a sticker attaches it to the dash. Thanks to the dual grips, there’s no bouncing around as you drive. The all-black aesthetic will also blend well with the Audi interior.

It also features a phone holder that supports all phones on the market. Users can adjust the side arms to ensure that it holds their phones as sung as possible. The mount also allows users to swivel the phone and put it in landscape orientation for navigation.

iOttie iTap Magnetic 2

While some people might think it damages their phone, there’s very little actual proof of that fact. Magnetic mounts are easy to use, and that’s what makes the iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 such a brilliant car mount.

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It’s available in dash/windshield, vent, or CD-slot mount variants, and you can easily set it up in your Audi. The magnets in all three variants are strong and can easily support even the heftiest of modern phones.

It might have a bit more trouble with the heavier phone when they’re mounted vertically, and the car is on rough terrain. For everyday city driving, the iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 is ideal. It provides the perfect balance between ease of use, performance, and accessibility.

Mpow CD Slot Mount

If you’re using an Audi that features a CD slot, the Mpow mount is a great way to integrate your smartphone into the dash. This mount is more suited towards older model Audi’s and fits in with the interior’s aesthetic beautifully.

It features slip-resistant foam on the sides designed to ensure that your mobile doesn’t suffer from any scratches. The holder is connected to the arm via a ball joint, which enables flexible positioning options.

Mpow also features a quick-release button on the mount that allows you to get your phone out of the device quickly when leaving the car. Handsets that are compatible with this mount are between four and nine centimeters wide

Arteck Car Mount

Arteck offers a very stylish phone mount option, and its bright red color goes wonderfully with the interior of modern Audi vehicles. It attaches to any surface with a sticker. Users have the opportunity to either mount it on the dashboard or the windshield.

The dashboard seems to be the best location, as mounting on the windshield makes it harder to make adjustments while driving. Users will easily fit any phone they desire into the holder, thanks to the padded jaws. It connects to the arm with a ball joint that allows for flexible positioning options!

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Yosh Car Phone Holder

Last but not least is the Yosh Car Phone Holder, which is a seriously impressive piece of equipment. It’s a straightforward and affordable magnetic vent-mounted model. What makes it so remarkable is that the mount uses incredibly powerful Neodymium that offers a very stable connection.

The magnet is powerful enough to easily hold a tablet. For Audi’s that support vent mounting, it’s a great option. While the magnet connects to the phone in a stable position, it’s easy to snap your phone off without any hassle. It’s perfect for those that want to recreate the Tesla screen in their Audi.


All of these phone mount options will do well in an Audi. However, the one that stands out the most is the iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 mount. It’s available in several different mounting variants and is incredibly easy to use. Get the mount holder today, and avoid being a distracted driver on the road.

best phone holder for audi

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