Best engine flush for Audi a4

best engine flush for audi a4

Every so often you are going to need an engine flush for your Audi. This will clean out all of that sludge and keep it in perfect working condition. So, what is the best engine flush for Audi A4? Let’s run you through them.

Top 3 best engine flush

Our choiceLiqui Moly Pro-Line Motor Oil Engine Flush 500ml LM2037 Liqui Moly Pro-Line Motor Oil Engine Flush 500ml LM2037Opens in a new tab.
  • Works well with Audi A4
  • Very fast-acting engine flush
Rislone 100QR Engine Treatment Rislone 100QR Engine Treatment 
  • More than your typical engine flush
Lubegard 95030 Engine Flush Lubegard 95030 Engine FlushOpens in a new tab.
  • It will leave your engine completely free of any deposits

Liqui Moly Engine Flush

For many, the Liqui Moly Engine Flush is the best that you can buy. It works well with Audi A4 vehicles.

While the formulation isn’t that sophisticated, it works. It is gentle on your engine. This means that you will not have to worry about engine wear. Rest assured, your engine components are going to be well-protected.

If you have sludge in your engine, then the Liqui Moly is going to do its best to clear it away. Anything that has accumulated in that engine will be flushed out with your oil change.

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This is a very fast-acting engine flush. Probably one of the fastest out there for the Audi A4. However, the speed boost isn’t going to be that much higher than any of the other engine flushes that we talk about on this page.

As a German engine flush, designed specifically to work with German engines, you know that this is going to be fantastic for your Audi. 

Golden Touch 1698 Engine Flush

This Golden Touch engine flush has been built for professionals, although we see no reason why your average Audi A4 driver wouldn’t be able to keep a bottle around their home. Just bear in mind that it is a larger quantity than most other engine flushes. 

It is a basic engine flush. However, most Audi A4 owners prefer this. When engine flushes are loaded up with chemicals, there is an increased chance of wear on the engine’s components. This will drastically shorten their lifespan.

Since this is a petroleum-based engine flush, it gets to work fast. That built-up sludge and varnish will be guided out with ease. So, if you want something that is cheap, but is still effective, then this is perfect for you.

Rislone 100QR Engine Treatment 

The Risolone 100QR is not like your typical engine flush. We like to see it more of an engine cleaner. It will stay inside of your engine until you change your oil.

The way it works isn’t that much different from a proper engine flush, though. It will help to stop deposits and sludge from accumulating. This means that when you change your oil next, everything will flow out with ease. 

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This should be added to your vehicle after a standard engine flush. Add it just before you change your oil.

Lubegard 95030 Engine Flush

The Lubegard 95030 engine flush has some brilliant detergents inside of it. In fact, this is a well-formulated engine flush all around. It will leave your engine completely free of any deposits that could interfere with its functionality.

Once again, this engine flush is mild enough to not cause any damage to the more sensitive components in your vehicle.

Auto RX All.Natural Flush

If you want an all-natural cleaner, then this is just the ticket. It is fantastic for your engine and the environment. It means that you will not be dousing your vehicle with awful, abrasive chemicals.

Don’t worry, just because it is all-natural doesn’t mean that it is bad. In fact, many people claim that this is the best flush that they have ever used. It isn’t just for engines either. It can be used anywhere you need a flush including transmission and power steering.

Two bottles of this will be needed when you clean your engine out. Many people claim that this can clear out sludge that no other products can. So, if another flush doesn’t seem to work, try out this option from Auto RX.

FAQs about Engine Flush

Do engine flushes really work?

If you choose a trustworthy engine flush it will work great in the sense that it loosens deposits and dissolve sludge. That way it will return your engine to a condition closer to new. We do not recommend that you use it on old cars with a very high mileage though.

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How often should you flush your engine?

How often you need to flush your engine depends on how often you change your oil. If you change your oil regularly it might even not be needed to flush your engine at all. If you haven’t changed oil for a while your engine will love a flush to get rid of gunk.

Does synthetic oil clean sludge?

Synthetic oil does clean sludge, and it will also help prevent new sludge from building up in your car. It is important that you remember to get your oil filter changed when you add new synthetic oil, since it else will pollute your new lubricant.


Remember; make sure that you do not cut corners when it comes to picking up an engine flush. You don’t want to choose something that will wear down the engine components. You want something that will get the job done and will get the job done well.

best engine flush for audi a4

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