Best luxury car seat covers

Luxury is so desirable because it is almost always reserved for the most fortunate. This means that in order to enjoy luxury, you need to be ready to spend vast amounts of money. However, that’s not always the case because you can often upgrade your existing item to feel a lot more luxurious.

Luxury cars don’t even come with high-end seats from the factory which means that if you buy a luxury car, you are not necessarily getting the most luxurious seats as standard. You need to pay a lot of money to get plush leather seats even with brands such as Audi or BMW.

If you want comfortable leather seats, but you don’t want to spend high-end luxury car money, you can equip your existing seats with luxurious seat covers. You can either order a completely custom set of seat covers or you can buy them from a few credible manufacturers.

If you go through the custom route, you will completely redesign your seats even though this option costs a lot of money. On the other hand, be sure to check out JOJOHON, Seemhappy, Car Pass Universal, ZQDL, and West Leathers if you want the best aftermarket leather seat covers.

High-end luxury seats from the factory

As previously stated, the easiest and probably the best way how one can enjoy high-end luxury seats is to opt for them while buying the car. However, this comes with lots of caveats because some cars aren’t even available with the type of seats you want or you have to pay a lot of money to get them.

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This is not only the case for relatively affordable economy cars, but many executive/luxury car brands also don’t offer luxurious seats from the factory. In order to get them, you often need to upgrade to higher trim levels which also often includes buying various seat accessories such as heating, massaging, or power adjusting.

This ends up costing way too much money so people often tend to avoid high-end seat options. Furthermore, the vast majority of brands out there don’t offer animal leather alternative seats which means you will have to opt for leather/Alcantara if you want high-end seats.

A set of custom seat covers specifically tailored to your likings

There are a few companies out there such as Katzkin or Covercraft which specialize in designing and producing high-end luxury car seats specifically designed to your likings. This means that you are often able to pick the fabric, the color, and the stitching.

These types of seat covers can easily fool someone into thinking that they are factory-made which is definitely something you want. Not because you like pretending you opted for high-end seats but because these are so high-quality that it makes them worthwhile, even when compared to high-end factory seats.

However, seat covers such as these often cost more than $500 depending on what type of material you opt for and how detailed you want them to be. Either way, this is the best option to go for if you want to retain your factory seats while also making them look and feel nicer. Furthermore, these will offer an additional layer of protection as well.

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Aftermarket luxury seat covers

Sometimes it makes no sense to spend huge amounts of money on custom tailor-made seat covers if you are not planning to keep the car for a long time or you simply want the best option for your money. If so, be sure to check out luxury car seat covers by the following brands.

JOJOHON Luxury PU Covers cost around $150 and this price includes covers for all five seats. They look clean, classy, and luxurious while also being durable and easy to keep clean. However, they are not available for some sorts of cars such as pickup trucks.

Seemhappy Charming PU Leather luxury seat covers are also fairly popular on Amazon because they cost around $200, are waterproof and are made of high-quality leather. They offer lots of protection and they offer lots of adjustments which makes them perfect for many cars.

ZQDL is a company that tries to offer as much customizability on a budget which makes them perfect if you want the closest thing to a tailor-made set, but you are not willing to spend the money. They also come with central armrest covers, they are durable and easy to clean, and they cost around $200.

FAQ Section

Is it worth getting car seat covers?

It depends on the car you own and what you prefer. If you already own a high-end car with high-end seats, car seat covers can sometimes make such seats less comfortable. However, they are beneficial for those who want an added layer of personalization and protection.

Taxi drivers around the world use these types of covers day in and day out because they are easy to clean while also protecting the original seats. As such, it is worth investing in high-end seat covers if you want to give your car a new look and keep it clean and tidy for the long run.

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Are car seat covers bad for your car?

It depends on the type of covers you go for because some higher-end, waterproof seat covers are beneficial while cheaper, not waterproof covers can even stain your original seats and make them dirty without you even noticing them.

This can be an issue because such stains are harder to clean after they stay on your original seats for a long time. Be sure to read all the reviews online for any type of seat cover you want to go for and always avoid those that didn’t get a perfect customer reception.

What’s the most important factor to consider when buying car seat covers?

Whichever car seat covers you go for, you need to make sure that those covers are compatible with all your seat airbags. There are some, usually cheaper types of car seat covers out there which are not designed for newer cars that come with all sorts of seat-mounted airbags.

Safety is not something you ever want to skimp out on, so be sure to only consider seat covers that do retain all your original seat safety features.

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