Which income class buys pickup trucks

Pick-up trucks are a synonym with true American culture like no other region in the world likes pickups as much as the US does. That being said, pickup trucks are constantly increasing in both commodity and price which could potentially make them out of reach for most US households in the not too distant future.

In the last decade or so, pickups have embraced a new philosophy because they offer luxury amenities which were unthinkable for working man’s vehicles 15-20 years ago. This tends to push the prices up even further which means that the average pickup owner is not exactly a construction worker anymore.

The median household income in the US is around $60-70k per year while the average household income of an average new Ford F-150 customer is around $80-90k per year. Ford F-150 models tend to increase in price with each newer generation for about $1-4k per average which means that the current 2022 Ford F-150 MSRP is just shy of $40k.

The Chevy Silverado is the second most popular truck sold in the US and the average household that buys the Silverado tends to have an annual income of around $70-80k. The Dodge RAM 1500 is the third most popular truck in the US and the average household that buys RAM 1500s has a similar annual income as with the Silverado.

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Truck buying demographics in the USA

Trucks and SUVs are currently dominating the US market as far as new car sales are concerned because they tend to push almost twice as many cars as all the other car segments do combined. The average F-150 owner is 55 years old and men out purchase women when it comes to new F-150 models by almost 85%.

The vast majority of F-150 trucks are being used in medium to large cities which is not something you’d expect for such a rural vehicle. This only tends to showcase that the average F-150 customer is not exactly a working man anymore, but rather a more general customer that tends to cross paths with average SUV buyers.

An average new Chevy Silverado customer tends to be a year younger while an average Dodge RAM 1500 customer tends to be around 50 years old. Most of these trucks are being bought by white middle-aged males with a mid-to-high household income. Females only make a small portion of all new truck sales in the US.

The GMC Sierra and the Toyota Thundra are also in the top five most popular trucks in the US and the numbers here are fairly similar to the F-150 and the rest. White male customers with an average household income of around $80-90k tend to buy these trucks.

The new era of the pickup truck – Luxury, mass application, and electrification

Many people tend to agree that a pick-up truck is an important part of US culture in a way that it represents the very essence of American society. A multi-purpose vehicle primarily oriented towards country driving and working environments.

That was before the pickup became a more everyday-oriented vehicle. Long gone are the days of barebone pickup trucks which were solely positioned towards ranch driving and hauling.  Modern-day pickups are mostly made for the very same purposes in addition to the inherent capabilities a pickup offers as a platform.

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Nowadays you can get pickup trucks clattered in leather with large panoramic sunroofs, 2nd-row heated seats, and large multimedia screens which are not exactly something fit for a working environment. However, most of these features are part of expensive option packages which can easily double the MSRP price.

Best pick-up trucks to buy in 2022

If you are in a position to buy a new truck in the US be sure to check out the Ford F-150, the Dodge RAM 1500, and the Chevy Silverado as these three are the most popular US trucks for a reason. The F-150 is mostly regarded as the very benchmark of its segment which means that most trucks compete with the F-150.

This comes as no surprise because the F-150 is the most popular vehicle in the US for a long time. However, the new RAM 1500 seems to be the superior choice as far as 2022 trucks are concerned. The engine offered in the new 1500 is both the most potent and most efficient out of all of its competitors.

The new F-150 is also a great truck, but it falls short in comparison to the RAM 1500 because it’s not as refined. The Silverado is more or less the same which means that your badge loyalty is likely going to play a huge role when it comes to buying your next pick-up truck.

FAQ Section

Why do people love pick-up trucks?

People love pick-up trucks because they are superior multi-purpose vehicles. They can be driven on almost every terrain while still offering lots of comfort and utility. They can help you start a business and to relocate your family with quite a bit of stuff packed in the bed.

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Countless small businesses rely on pick-up trucks to satisfy their daily logistical needs which makes them perfect for a variety of different purposes.

Are SUVs better family cars than pick-up trucks?

Even though pick-up trucks do offer quite a bit of stuff they are not the perfect family car. SUVs are rapidly growing in popularity because they are far better when it comes to everyday driving. If you are not relying on your pick-up truck’s bed on a daily basis, an SUV might be a better choice for most people.

SUVs also tend to be a bit better when it comes to sophistication because they are built on more sophisticated underpinnings which are tailored specifically for everyday driving.

Why are diesel trucks so popular in the US?

Americans are not very fond of diesel vehicles in general. However, there are many diesel pick-up trucks around because they offer better qualities as far as the working environment is concerned. They offer more torque which makes them superior as far as towing and hauling is concerned.

Besides, diesel trucks seem to best gas-powered trucks as far as fuel economy is concerned.

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