Which is better hatchback or SUV or sedan?

Hatchbacks, SUVs, and sedans are the three most popular car segments out there right now, so it’s natural to be unsure about which one of these suits you better. In order to find out, be sure to read this article because we are going to compare the benefits and drawbacks of all three of these to make your next car purchase as easy as possible.

Hatchbacks are usually the smallest types of cars and they also carry the lower price tag. They are cheaper to run and easier to live with because they offer smaller engines and most components on hatchbacks tend to last longer.

SUVs are the most hyped type of car out there right now and there are loads of amazing SUVs to choose from. They offer the widest breadth of ability because they can equally tackle on-road and off-road duties while being more imposing and with greater all-around visibility.

Sedans are in the middle because they are not as expensive as SUVs are, nor as cheap as hatchbacks are. They don’t offer a raised-up driving position as SUVs do, but they do offer more space than hatchbacks do. Sedans excel in the comfort department as they are still the most comfortable car segment out there.

Hatchbacks – Small, cheap but not nearly as sophisticated

If you are not interested in spending loads of money on your next car, you should primarily focus on finding the right hatchback for you. Hatchbacks are cheaper to buy, maintain, insure, register, and repair because they offer smaller engines with lower levels of complexity.

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They are more agile than most sedans and SUVs are because they are lighter and they offer a shorter wheelbase which makes them nippier through tight city streets. They are also the easiest of the lot to park and squeeze through narrow openings.

However, they lack space when compared to both sedans and SUVs. They are not as sophisticated nor desirable as sedans and SUVs are. If you are someone who loves spending a lot of time on the road, you are better of with a sedan or even with an SUV.

SUVs – Large, expensive, and desirable

SUVs are the most popular of the lot so it comes as no surprise if SUVs interest you the most. However, they also come with lots of compromises which usually include the highest price tag out of all three of these. Furthermore, they are also more expensive to run, fuel up, and register due to increased size and a higher risk factor.

If space is what you value the most, you should consider an SUV because you can get up to seven seats with an SUV which is not something you can get from a sedan or a hatchback. SUVs also offer the most cargo space, especially if you lower down the 3rd row of seats. A raised-up driving position is only reserved for SUVs.

SUVs can tackle all sorts of roads and they often come with AWD. This means that they are perfect for colder climates which often get snow and ice. However, SUVs are the heaviest which makes them a bit sluggish and not all that agile.

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Sedans – Well proportioned, most comfortable, and best performing

Sedans sit somewhere in the middle between SUVs and hatchbacks because they cost less than comparable SUVs but more than a comparable hatchback. They are also spacious, but not as much as SUVs are. This means that sedans are a perfect middle ground between the two from most angles.

However, if you are someone who enjoys a spirited drive, a high-performance sedan will outperform a hot hatchback and a performance SUV easily. Sedans are also in the middle when it comes to trunk space and engine potency.

Where sedans excel is comfort which means that you should buy a sedan if you spend lots of time driving on the highway. However, it seems like sedans depreciate the fastest which is a rather important consideration because most sedans are considerably more expensive than hatchbacks.

FAQ Section

Are SUVs safer than sedans and hatchbacks?

SUVs are indeed safer when it comes to safety ratings because they offer a raised-up driving position. In an event of a crash between an SUV, a sedan, and a hatchback, the hatchback is the most likely to fare the worse while an SUV is probably the one to be in.

On the other hand, SUVs are known to flip more often than sedans and hatchbacks are combined. SUVs and sedans are larger so they usually carry more airbags which is also important during a crash. Finally, sedans are usually the fastest of the lot which is also something to consider from a safety standpoint.

Are there any other car segments out there those rival SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans?

These three are the most popular cars on the market, but they are not the best when it comes to practicality. That honor goes to the minivan which is also the best family car in the lot. A station wagon comes second because it sits somewhere between an SUV and a sedan. A truck is the working man’s choice and is the most similar to an SUV.

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Coupes are only useful if you usually travel by yourself or you only take passengers occasionally. They are the most agile of the lot which means that they usually offer the best handling characteristics. Finally, convertibles are made for enjoyment purposes, but they are not nearly as practical nor useful for families and long-distance journeys as these three are.

Are SUVs going to continue being the most popular cars?

It seems like the SUV craze is not slowing down anytime soon as most automakers are spending wast amounts of money on improving their existing SUVs and crossovers and even more money on developing newer ones. Many brands out there are even thinking about completely abandoning all segments besides SUVs and crossovers because these two sell the most.

Either way, it seems like SUVs are likely going keep getting more popular as time goes on. Trucks are also incredibly popular in the US which also favors SUVs because they are fairly similar from many angles.

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