Best Fiat 500 Accessories

Is Fiat 500 a good car?

The Fiat 500 is one of the finest small-city cars on the market. Additionally, it is fuel-efficient, reliable, and affordable. However, if you want to make your ride even more interesting, getting some of the best Fiat 500 accessories will help to uplift the value of the car. So, what are the best Fiat 500 accessories?

The best Fiat 500 accessories include CarsCover custom fit, Motor Trend 923-BK Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats, Fix&Go Fiat Tire Repair Kit, Fiat Heritage car cleaning kit, HONGOUBAIHUO Car Radio GPS Navigation, WolkomHome jumper cable booster, Streetwize Fiat 500 12V Digital air compressor, and Intro-Tech windshield sun shade.

All of the above accessories are very vital as most of them are essential. You can add more accessories depending on your needs and budget. 

Which are the best Fiat 500 accessories?

CarsCover Custom Fit

This is one of the best accessories that every car owner should have. While there are many Fiat covers on the market, this one stands out because of its unique design and durability. This cover is waterproof, and weatherproof, and protects your car from UV light. Besides, it comes in a pouch for ease of storage.

Motor Trend 923-BK Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Mats

Apart from having a cover to protect your car, you also need floor mats to keep your car clean. The Motor Trend 923-BK rubber floor mats are well-made to last. They guard against spills and debris. They also feature a no-slip grip, which offers users comfort.

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FIX&GO Fiat Tire Repair Kit

Tires are a very crucial part of the car. This is because they help to deliver the speed that you desire and also play a huge part in how the car performs on the road. However, tires are also one of the major parts that will require regular repair and maintenance. Tire punctures are normal and having a reliable and easy-to-use repair kit is vital. The FIX&GO repair kit can help you fix your tire quickly.

Fiat Heritage Car Cleaning Kit

If you love traveling a lot with your Fiat 500, you know why it is vital to have a reliable cleaning kit. Furthermore, this accessory is essential for people who love traveling in remote areas or just want to save some bucks and clean the car. The Fiat Heritage Car Cleaning Kit comes with a cleaning cloth, shampoo, pair of work gloves, tire revitalizer, cleaning detergent, windscreen cleaner, leather care cream, and tire brush. 

HONGOUBAIHUO Car Radio GPS Navigation

Sometimes, it is good to be prepared than to be sorry. If you get lost, this GPS Navigation can help you get back on the right road. The HOGOUBAIHUO Car Radio GPS Navigation comes with built-in Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth. What’s more, this product is faster and offers wide coverage.

WolkomHome Jumper Cable Booster

Most cars die during winter. Some cars die because of extreme cold. Regardless, having a reliable jump starter for your car is very crucial. The WolkomHome Jumper Cable Booster is built to handle the biggest cranking applications. It is rated at 500 to 700 AMPS. Besides, it is also fitted with surge protection to accommodate modern cars with engine computers. 

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Streetwize Fiat 500 12V Digital Air Compressor

Tire punctures are very common. However, if you already have a tire repair kit, you may also need a tire inflator. The Streetwize Fiat 500 12V digital air compressor will help you to inflate your tires. This digital inflator is easy and fun to use. It will automatically cut off when the pre-selected pressure is reached. It is also very portable.

Into-Tech Windshield SunShade

This sun shade protects your car from extreme heat and sun damage, thanks to its multilayer core. It is perfectly made to fit on your Fiat 500’s windshield. Besides, it will help to keep the interior of your car below 40 degrees F. Apart from protecting the windshield, it will also prevent your dashboard from cracking and fading. 


What are the benefits of car accessories?

Car accessories are very important as they make your ride to be cooler and more fun to have. If your car doesn’t have accessories, some people may find it uninteresting. Some of the benefits of having car accessories include great looks, saving from emergencies, protecting the car from wear and tear, improving performance, and giving a personalized appearance.

Which are the three things that you should always have in your Fiat 500?

Even if you don’t like having many accessories in your car, there are certain things that you should always have in the car. We’re not talking piles of items to have in the trunk but very vital things. These include car repair information, owner’s manual, license, insurance, and registration. These can save you at all times. 

Which are the best car accessories?

The best car accessories happen to also be the most essential car accessories. Some of them include windshield treatment, dash cameras, jumper cables, tire inflators, parking camera sensors, glass breakers, and GPS navigators. These car accessories are not only essential but can also save you in many scenarios.

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Are tires part of the accessories? How long do Fiat 500 tires last?

No, car tires are not part of car accessories. On the contrary, they are part of the car’s parts. Car accessories are things that improve the car’s performance and make it look better, safe, or even more practical. Other accessories allow car owners to carry their pets and help make the car organized.

So, since tires are not part of the accessories, you should take good care of them as they are a must-have part of the car. Note that Fiat 500 stock tires can last between 20,000 and 40,000 miles. Nonetheless, they can wear out faster if they are used poorly or if the car is driven more often than usual.

Besides, other factors such as climate and road conditions can also determine how fast your car tires wear out. To prolong the lifespan of your Fit 500 tires, ensure to rotate them every 5,000 miles, take the car to the mechanic to perform wheel alignment, and always check the tire pressure weekly. 

Bottom line

Now that you know some of the best Fiat 500 accessories, it is crucial to have most of them so that you can have help ready in an emergency. While car owners are free to have accessories of their choice depending on their needs, it is vital to have the essential accessories, more so if you love traveling to remote areas.

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