Best BMW family car with 7 seats

Best BMW family car with 7 seats

BMW offers several outstanding cars with 7 seats, which include the BMW X5 and BMW X7. But what is the best BMW family car with 7 seats?

The best BMW family car with 7 seats is the BMW X7. Even though the BMW X5 comes with 7 seats, the BMW X7 is way more spacious, more advanced, and better suited for a family than the X5. Besides, third-row seating comes standard in the X7, while it is an option in the X5.

What makes the BMW X7 a perfect family car?

It has high safety ratings

Safety should always come first when looking for a family car. You want a car that will keep your kids and other family members safe. The BMW X7 is a very safe car. It comes with several top safety features as standard. Some of them include active blind-spot detection, city collision mitigation, frontal collision warning, and lane departure warning.

It has a lot of storage

If you’re a family man, having a car with lots of storage space is vital. That’s what the BMW X7 offers. It comes with 12.8 cubic feet of space behind the third-row, but has a total of 90.4 cubic feet of space with both third-row and second-row folded. This is enough space to keep your things and that of your family as you go for a picnic or hike. 

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Provides comfort

The BMW X7 comes with one of the best interiors in its class. Not only is the interior upscale, but it is also spacious with lots of advanced features. On top of that, it has third-row seating, which is vital for kids or friends of your kids.

Additionally, the BMW X7 has top-notch materials that are made with attention to detail. Besides, different color themes allow the buyer to pick a theme of their liking. Furthermore, it has a standard panoramic moonroof that brings in a lot of natural light and allows the occupants of the car to enjoy the scenery.

Exceptional performance

Whether you’re driving the car for fun, for adventure, or for carrying your family, having a well-performing car is crucial. Despite having many luxurious and advanced features, the BMW X7 performs exceptionally well.

The best performing BMW trim is the BMW M50i. It is fitted with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 gas engine with 8-speed automatic transmission and an AWD system. The engine also produces a maximum of 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. On top of that, it has a top speed of 130 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

With such outstanding performance, the BMW X7 will ensure that your family not only travels comfortably but as well as smoothly and fast.

Elegant design

When looking for a family car, looks are not very important. Regardless, it is better to have a good-looking car that appeals to your kids and family, than have an ugly one. The BMW X7 is one of the most elegant 7-seater SUVs on the market. It is well-designed with top-notch features.

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Digital key

Since parents are busy people, opening doors for their kids can be quite challenging at times. But since the BMW X7 comes with a digital key, parents can lock and unlock doors with a touch of a button or using a smartphone. So, parents can hold other things like groceries, or luggage as they open the car’s door without touching it.

Note that people with NFC-capable Samsung Galaxy are the only ones that can connect the app to the car and use their phones as a key.

Rear entertainment

Another unique feature that makes the BMW X7 ideal for families is the rear entertainment screens. These entertainment screens keep the people and kids at the back entertained. Aside from that, the navigation map can be seen, which allows passengers in the back of the car to know where they are or heading.

Multiple rear seat controls

The BMW X7 is a large car with third-row seating. So, if you want to make your kids in the third-row or second-row comfortable without adjusting the seats manually, you can adjust the seats from the rear door to make your kids comfortable.

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Is BMW X3 a 7-seater?

No, the BMW X3 is not a 7-seater. BMW only offers two 7-seat SUVs; BMW X7 and X5. On the contrary, not all BMW X5 are 7-seaters. Only the BMW xDrive40i can be upgraded to a 7-seater. This means that the BMW xDrive45e and X5 M50i are all standard with 5 seats and cannot be upgraded to a 7-seater.

Is the BMW X7 reliable?

Even though the BMW X7 has been on the market for less than 5 years, it has shown to be a very reliable SUV, compared to the BMW X5 and other competitors. J.D. Power gave it a reliability rating of 83 out of 100, which is great or above average.

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However, even though this car is reliable, it is quite expensive to fix. So, keep this in mind while planning to acquire it.

How fast is the BMW X7?

The BMW X7 is a high-performing car with several engine options. It has a top speed of 155 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds. The BMW M50i is the best-performing trim, but it is also costlier. 

What are some of the common problems of the BMW X7?

Like many BMW models, the X7 also has its common problems that interested buyers should know about. Some of them include suspension issues, electrical system problems, and powertrains issues. Not that these problems can vary from one model year to another. Take good care of your car to minimize most of these problems.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for the best BMW family car with 7 seats, the BMW X7 is the best choice. This car is spacious, technologically advanced, safe, performs outstandingly, comfortable, and elegantly constructed. However, it is also expensive and consumes a lot of fuel. Also, the third row is not great for adults that are traveling far away.

Overall, it is a nice SUV for those who want class, spaciousness, performance, safety, and luxury. 

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