Porsche 911 cup holder solution

A Porsche 911 is a through and through sportscar, and older 911 models were usually only used during the weekends or some specials occasions. But the newer ones are so well equipped that many of them are being driven on a daily basis.

This means that the practicality of the newer 911 models is fairly impressive, but the cup holders are usually being placed in weird positions throughout the cabin that are either unreachable or quite frankly ignorant.

The newest 911 992 mostly offers only a single cupholder, and the 991 911 offers two cupholders in a flimsy over-engineered compartment above a bunch of electronics. Placing a cup holder above the electronics is extremely risky, and especially so because the cup holders are way too flimsy to be trusted.

It’s fairly obvious that the cupholder situation in a 911 is far from ideal, and because of this, there are a bunch of aftermarket options that surely do seem adequate. Some companies like Ultimatecupholders, Fischer, or a bunch of different Amazon sellers are competing to offer the best 911 cup holder solution.

Porsche 911 cup holders problem

Before getting into all the different 911 cup holder options, it’s worth mentioning that Porsche truly does not care about cup holders because Porsche is not your average affordable car brand like Toyota or Honda.

Porsches are made to be driven and enjoyed on a winding road or track, and much of everything else inside the 911 is of no great concern. Yes, Porsche does offer a premium build quality, amazing leather and trim options, but that’s because that is what the majority of people want, and the perfect OEM cup holder solution is rather trifling.

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The 991 911 offers the weirdest cup holder solution in the entire car industry. Porsche has ”conveniently” placed the cup holders above the glove box area inside a special compartment. These cup holder holders are way too flimsy and awkwardly placed for everyday usage.

The newest Porsche 992 911 sometimes does offer a single cup holder. But some 992 911 models don’t even get a single cup holder for some reason. This is why there are lots of 992 owners raving online about not being able to place a drink anywhere inside the 992.


After we’ve established a cup holder problem in the newer 911 models, it’s only right to now solve it, and you can solve it with the Ultimatecupholders company cup holders. There are lots of satisfied Porsche 911 owners online recommending a cup holder made by Ultimatecupholders, and justly so.

The site clearly states that all of their cup holder options fit multiple different generations of the 911 perfectly. You may choose between a few different options, but the floor-placed one seems to be the most popular of the bunch.

Cup holders such as these will cost you around $25 for one, or $45 for a pair of two, they are well built using high-quality materials. They can fit multiple different sizes even though they are intended for regular coffee travel mugs. No matter where you’re from, Ultimatecupholders also do international shipping as well.

The great thing about Ultimatecupholders is that this site is run by a fairly well-informed individual that also manages to recommend a few other decent car accessories that are also fairly well priced and of high quality.

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eBay/Amazon Porsche 911 cup holders

Probably the easiest way to acquire a pair of cup holders for your 911 is the good old eBay/Amazon 10 minute search. But you have to keep in mind that most of these cup holder solutions are made solely for profit-earning reasons. This means that these solutions are usually not as high quality, nor generally reliable as Ultimatecupholders or Fischer.

This does not mean that there aren’t any satisfactory cup holder solutions roaming in the depths of Amazon or eBay, it’s more a story about finding the right one. There are lots of $5-$10-$15 cup holder options, but these are not usually the ones you should be considering because a 911 is not worthy of such horrible plastics.

There are a few interesting eBay/Amazon cup holder solutions in the $50-$100 region, but none of these are usually as proven as Ultimatecupholders or Fischer. If you do end up buying a cheap eBay/Amazon cup holder solution, you should probably swing by your dealer and get yourself a brand new set of rubber mats in case of a potential spillage.

FAQ Section

Does the Porsche Boxster/Cayman offer a better OEM cup holder solution?

No, as a matter of fact, some Porsche Boxster/Cayman models offer the most appalling cup holder solutions in the entire Porsche range. The newest 718 models offer a comparable system to the one found in the 991 911, which is rather laughable.

Some older Boxster/Cayman models even offered a pair of cup holders inside the center console storage compartment. This means that you need to completely take the center console lid off to use this cup holder solution, which is not ideal, to say the least.

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Does the Porsche Cayenne/Panamera offer a better OEM cup holder solution?

Yes because these models are made to offer a more practical upscale experience, more akin to an Audi or a Mercedes. These models offer up to 4 different cupholders which are way better designed compared to the ones found in the 911 or Boxster/Cayman models.

The Panamera is built to offer the highest level of luxury in the entire Porsche lineup, and all the storage compartment solutions in the Panamera or the Cayenne are way better compared to the sportier-edged Porsche models like the 911.


Is Porsche ever going to offer a decent 911 OEM cup holder solution?

Well, maybe. For Porsche to remedy this problem most effectively, a large amount of the existing Porsche 911 customer base has to demand such changes. But this is highly unlikely because an average 911 owner does not use a 911 on daily basis, and he probably does not care that much.

The 992, if equipped with a cup holder, seems to offer a superior cup holder solution compared to the 991, but the superiority in this instance is rather minuscule. No matter the case if Porsche eventually does level up the cup holder game or not, a bunch of reliable aftermarket options are always soon to follow.

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