Audi won’t start – causes and how to fix it

Audi won’t start - how to fix it

Audi is an executive premium German car brand in the business of making cars for more than a century. Audi is part of the VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) which also owns Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Cupra, and Ducati. This means that many of these brands share parts with each other which and thus are similar in various segments.

However, in this article, we are going to focus on why an Audi won’t start – causes and how to fix it. To kick off the list we are going to first mention battery-related problems such as a weak/depleted battery, or one with corroded terminal connections. We also need to mention key fob problems which are mostly associated with either a weak or a fully depleted battery.

Next, we need to talk about the starter motor and the alternator as these two with the battery make the electric triangle of a car, and thus all three need to be up and running in order to both start the car up and keep it running. The spark plugs and the fuse box can sometimes be an issue, but they aren’t nearly as common as the previous reasons.

Finally, we also need to talk about your fuel delivery system which consists of the fuel pump and the fuel filters which can sometimes fail to deliver fuel into your engine and thus not let you start the car up.

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Battery Issues

The first problem we need to talk about is associated with the battery. For starters, if you aren’t getting any power whatsoever from your car, your battery is likely the reason why. To test this, be sure to find a multimeter and connect it to the battery to check its output. If the multimeter reads 12-13 volts, all is fine with the battery. If it reads less, something is indeed wrong with it.

Furthermore, if your battery terminals are corroded your battery will not be able to make a connection with the car which is why these will need to be cleaned with a proper cleaner while the battery is disconnected. Also, if you jump start the car, but the car stalls or still has electrical issues, chances are that your alternator is the reason why.

Alternator and Starter Motor Issues

The alternator is tasked with charging up the battery while the car is running which means that if your battery dies after jump-starting it or it seems to be losing power continuously, a broken alternator is likely the reason why. Be sure to go under the hood and inspect the alternator visually to see if it indeed is running or not. If not, it will have to be replaced.

The starter motor sits between the alternator and the engine and is intended to crank the car up. If you can’t hear any cranking while turning the key and all of your electrical power is there, your starter motor is likely the culprit. As such, be sure to repair it if you can, but it’s always a better idea to just replace it with a new one.

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Weak Key Fob Battery

The next reason why an Audi won’t start is due to a weak key fob battery. Audi does not offer its cars with old-school blade keys anymore which means that you need a key fob to get in and start the car up. If the battery is dead, the car will not be able to recognize the key and thus will not let you start the car up.

The only way to fix this is to replace the battery completely which shouldn’t be overly expensive or difficult. Some Audi models have an integrated blade key within the key fob which can be used to start the car up manually in a pinch.

Spark Plug and Fuse Box Issues

The spark plugs are vital components within the car’s combustion chamber which means that they ignite the fuel and air mixtures that create power and run the engine. If you hear misfires, your car stalls, and isn’t starting up again, there could be something wrong with your spark plugs. They can sometimes become dislodged or can become burned which means that you will need to replace them.

The fuse box contains all the fuses which keep your car’s electrical systems shielded in an event of a power stroke or a short circuit. This means that if one fuse burns, you will not be able to start the car up before replacing it with a new fuse.

Fuel Delivery System Issues

The fuel delivery system consists of fuel filters, rails, hoses, and the fuel pump. The fuel pump can fail, if so, you will not be able to hear it during startup. If your fuel filters are clogged, they will block the fuel from entering the engine and thus will not let the engine start.

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FAQ Section

Does Audi make reliable cars?

Audi makes decently reliable cars as is the case with most of its rivals, but these aren’t nearly the most reliable luxury cars out there. The reality is that Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are more interested in the luxury side of things which means that they prioritize luxury, innovation, comfort, technology, and safety over reliability.

How Much Does An Audi Battery Cost?

A new battery for an Audi is likely going to cost you between $100 and $450 which does not include any installation costs. A cost of a battery for a luxury vehicle can vary greatly depending on the type of car and all the various factors associated with the brand itself. All in all, if you find any deals and discounts, you will not be paying a few hundred dollars for a new Audi battery.

How Long Can Audi Batteries Last?

You should be able to squeeze around 5 years from a single battery if everything is as it should be with both your car and your battery. If something is broken or isn’t functioning as it should, your battery is going to last much less than that. If your battery is in deep trouble, you can expect it to die in just a matter of days.

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