All about 2023 Volvo V90

2023 Volvo V90

When it comes to cool, yet understated wagons, Volvo comes right out on top with Audi as the two brands that make wagons cool and under the radar. This is a really small niche of the market, but people who love these types of cars wouldn’t trade them for anything else. As such, the Volvo V90 is the top-level Volvo wagon based on the equally impressive S90 sedan.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about 2023 Volvo V90, what makes it special, and if you should buy one. For starters, the 2023 model year presents a few changes here and there, but nothing major. We now get two new trim levels to choose from, the V90 Plus, or the V90 Ultimate. We also get a new infotainment system backed by Google.

All engines now feature mild-hybrid technology and we also get a few new exterior colors and wheel options to choose from. The engine is a 2.0L unit but is more than plenty powerful for the car’s size and use. The design is cool with a minimalist approach inside and out. I reckon that the V90 is one of the very few wagons that look better than the sedans on which they are based.

Reliability is probably going to stay the same as in the sedan which is to be expected as these aren’t too different from each other. Practicality is excellent as the V90 offers loads of space in its trunk and more than enough space for everyone inside the car as it is based on a fairly long mid-size luxury sedan.

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2023 Volvo V90 – The Powertrain

As mentioned in the intro, the V90 features a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, but the engine is backed with a small 48-volt mild hybrid assistance that pushes out 295hp, 310lb-ft of torque, and can do 0-60mph in just 6.4 seconds which is more than enough for what this car tends to be used for.

Currently, this is the only engine for the 2023 V90, but Volvo is likely to offer PHEV and potentially even fully electric models down the line. This engine is mated to a familiar 8-speed automatic transmission that shifts gears seamlessly and always knows in which gear it needs to be. It is a really good transmission which got a slight update of the 2023 model year to be a bit more economical.

MPG ratings are 22MPG in the city and 29MPG on the highway which is also a really good number for the car’s size. We would love to see a 6-cylinder performance wagon that could rival the Audi S6/RS6 or even a PHEV, but a PHEV V90 is likely to come out at some point in the near future.

 2023 Volvo V90 – Design and Driving

As far as the exterior design is concerned, the V90 looks refreshingly minimalist and understated, yet attractive. You can also get it in its Cross Country form which comes with a slightly higher ride height for better ground clearance across bad terrain. The interior is more or less the same as in the previous model, except for new upholstery options and a new Google-backed infotainment system with voice control.

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The driving experience is the same, chilled down and perfect for cruising, The V90 is not designed to be agile, quick, or resposnsive which means that it can’t rival the Germans in that regard. It is a comfortable family wagon before anything else.

2023 Volvo V90 – Reliability and Common Issues

The Volvo V90 is better than its German rivals in the relaiblity segment, but that does not make it trouble-free. Even though the 2023 model is still too fresh to tell, it is likely going to suffer from similar issues as the 2022 model.

These include problems with the ECM, the hydraulic brakes, the fuel system, various vibrations while driving, various electrical issues, and potential suspension issues. Some of these are rather expensive and stressful while most are caused by a lack of proper maintenance.

2023 Volvo V90 – Value and Practicality

Value-wise, the V90 starts at $59,545 for the entry-level Plus trim model while the top-end Ultimate model costs $65,145. The Cross Country model starts at around $60,000 for the entry-level Plus, yet the Ultimate model costs a bit less than the V90 Ultimate.

Practicality with the V90 is second to none as it offers lots of storage space, lots of seating space, and more than enough visibility all around the car. It is a great family car with easy-to-reach IsoFix mounting points and many safety features throughout.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the 2023 Volvo V90?

If you are a family man and you want a car that is going to be able to transport up to five people, a dog, and a bunch of luggage in the most comfortable, safest, and easiest ways, the V90 is a really good option. Sure, if you are not a fan of wagons, you can also go for an SUV, an XC90 would be my pick of the range, but only after the V90.

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When it comes to highway driving, running costs, and overall comfort, the V90 is much better than the XC90. However, if you like the raised driving position that comes with SUVs, the XC90 is the better choice for you.

Which cars rival the Volvo V90?

The biggest competitor to the Volvo V90 is the Audi A6 Avant, but the V90 also competes with the BMW 5-Series Touring and the Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate. These four wagons are the best when it comes to mid-size luxury wagons and all are amazing in everything they do.

Is the Volvo V90 a good family car?

With an impressive “Top Safety Pick+” grade, the V90 is one of the safest wagons on the market which makes it perfect for family use. Besides safety, it is also reasonably economical and really quiet and well isolated which helps your children fall asleep so you can relax.

Cargo space is plenty, there are USB charging ports for everyone and many storage spaces throughout the car’s interior.

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