Do Volvos have a remote start?

All Volvo cars come with a remote start feature that works with the Volvo Cars app. The remote start feature can be easily used by just touching the button in the app on the phone.

This remote start is only for climate control and not for driving, which means you need to have your key inside the vehicle in order to drive the car.

What is remote start?

The remote start function enables car owners to start their car without even being inside the car. This is a relatively new technology, and it is used to allow the car to start cooling down or heating up before driving it. There are some cars that can also be driven by just starting the car with the remote start.

Initially, the technology was found in the car keys or key fob, where the owners had to press a remote start button. However, now many car manufacturers have introduced their own apps where users can just touch a button on the phone to start the car.

Volvo’s remote start

Volvo offers its customers an app to start the car remotely. Volvo’s app used to be called Volvo On Call, but it now called “Volvo Cars.” Volvo’s remote start function is only for climate control, and you cannot drive the car with remote start. There are also certain conditions for starting the car with the app, including that the car can only be started 2 times in a row with the app.

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Using your remote start

First, you must have the Volvo Cars app installed on your phone and connected with your car. You’ll need to have a security password on your phone to use the function. You have to enter your password into your car as well before starting, or use your biometric or facial recognition.

To start the car, the vehicle must be in park and all the doors locked. To use the function, start by opening the app. Select the Home tab and touch Remote Start. You can change the duration of how long you want to the engine to run.

After that, you would have to verify your identity with the security method on your phone (password, finger print, or facial recognition). Your Volvo will flash the lights before a long flash. After this, the engine will start itself, and it will cool down or heat up the engine. However, you cannot drive the car until you get inside and push start or insert the key.

You can also use the Volvo Remote Start feature with your Apple Watch with the app installed. You would not have to verify yourself with the Apple Watch.

Things to remember

To use this function, there are some important conditions that should be met. First, the car must be in a park position and the doors locked. Some other things to remember are:

  • The key must not be inside the vehicle.
  • You must not be far away from the car.
  • The car hood must be locked.
  • The car should be parked outside and not in a closed garage or room.
  • The car must have more than 8 liters of fuel in the tank.
  • To start with your app, there can’t be anyone inside the car.
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The main benefit of the remote start function is that you can get your engine running before you enter the car, saving you time heating or cool down the car, and making it much more comfortable when you do get in.


There are some disadvantages of using the remote start like excessive wear on the engine. With remote start, fuel is also wasted. The remote start also causes more carbon emissions because the fuel is still burnt in the car. The remote start can also cause adverse effects on your electric car.

Volvo certainly gives you the option of remote start, but it lacks the remote start option from the key. Not everyone is comfortable using their phones to start their car. However, it is still a very useful feature that can help heat up the engine on freezing cold days or cool it down on hot ones.


What is a remote start?

Remote start is used to start the engine without getting inside the car. It can preheat or cool the car before you enter the vehicle. The function is connected with the car, and it is controlled via a key fob or a specific app. Car companies have launched their apps just for this purpose.

Remote start saves time on freezing cold days. The engine will preheat itself and save time and energy. The engine runs for a definite time and then shuts off again on its own if you haven’t gotten in the car yet.

Why is remote start used?

On freezing cold days or on hot days, the engine takes some time to get started. Especially, in winters when there is snow on the car, it is really hard to heat up the car, and it takes time. With the remote start, the engine can easily be preheated, and then you can get in a car that is warmed up and ready to drive. It is really a convenient feature.

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What are the pros and cons of remote start?


  • The convenience of remote start is very helpful in winter.
  • You can save your time and energy heating up the engine and wiping the snow off the windshield.
  • You get the perfect temperature before even reaching your car.
  • This can provide security as when the engine is started by the remote start, the doors are automatically locked.
  • You can show off this feature as it’s pretty cool.


  • Remote start uses more fuel, resulting in fuel wastage.
  • It can affect the engine adversely because the fuel is not burnt completely.
  • The batteries can also be affected by this function.
  • It results in more carbon emissions because it consumes more fuel than normal by starting the engine before actually driving.

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