All about 2023 Ford F-350

2023 Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 Super Duty is one of the most capable and toughest Ford models to ever come out which is why it perfectly portrays Ford’s production philosophy and is a really popular model for Ford’s brand image. The F-350 is used both for personal and commercial use all around the continent and most people who own the F-350 are not really keen on changing models.

As such, the 2023 Ford F-350 is more a refresh than it is a complete overhaul, but it does get quite a few changes that will elevate the F-350 to new heights. In this article, we will tell you all about 2023 Ford F-350, what to look out for, and what to expect. Ford will revamp the powertrain lineup by making the 6.8L a new standard while also offering a new diesel engine.

Design-wise, the F-350 features a new decluttered grille with cleaner design lines, new LED headlights, new LED taillights, and a whole host of changes to the interior. New technologies will also now be a part of the entire Super Duty range and make these trucks much easier to live with.

The is going to go up while practicality is staying more or less the same. All in all, the 2023 F-350 is going to be a well-deserved upgrade over the previous model with slight and major updates here and there which all tie up really nicely.

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2023 Ford F-350 – The Powertrain

The new F-350 is now going to start with the 6.8L engine with more torque and power than ever before which is mostly because some F-350 owners complained about lackluster acceleration that affected how easily you can merge on a highway. The 7.3L engine is also getting a power bump and Ford says that this engine is now offering the best power out of all engines in this class.

The 6.7L diesel Power Stroke engine can now go for longer without needing oil changes and Ford says that this engine is also getting a power bump. However, a new version of the V8 diesel engine is also going to make its debut with special turbos, upgraded exhaust manifolds, and new tuning which aims to offer class-leading performance.

All engines are mated to the familiar 10-speed automatic transmission which shifts gears without any issues. MPG numbers are not released, nor they are going to be as these trucks are so heavy and thirsty that the government does not even want to know.

2023 Ford F-350 – Design and Driving

Design is where many upgrades live with the 2023 F-350 which now features a new front grille with cleaner lines, slimmer and better-looking C-shaped LED lights, new taillights, and small design upgrades all over the place. The interior is now featuring a new infotainment screen, and a better-looking gauge cluster setup, both of which make the interior look a lot cooler and more modern.

The driving experience isn’t too different from the previous models as the F-350 remains as heavy as it ever was. However, people who own these trucks know exactly how they tend to drive, and they don’t mind that one bit.

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2023 Ford F-350 – Technology

Ford has decided to make the new 2023 F-350 a literal tech house with countless upgrades across the board. First of all, the F-350 is getting new assistance features such as trailer assist, 360-degree cameras, head-up displays, an onboard scale with smart hitch functionality, blind spot assist features for trailers, and a new tailgate camera that makes reversing a lot easier.

Other issues include front and rear collision avoidance systems, trailer navigation that suggests routes that are best for trailer hitching, intelligent adaptive cruise control, and a brand-new 5G internet hotspot that can connect up to 10 devices at the same time.

2023 Ford F-350 – Pricing

The 2023 Ford F-350 is going to cost from around $37,500 for lower-end trims and with next to nothing when it comes to additional equipped while top-end Power Stroke models in Platinum, King Ranch, and other high-end trim levels will cost closer to $100,000.

The good thing is that the F-350 isn’t jumping in price as much as some other Ford new models are. Sure, the F-350 might not be as new as some would hope for, but it does get a whole host of upgrades, most of which are really good.

FAQ Section

Is the 2023 Ford F-350 better than the 2022 F-350?

The 2023 Ford F-350 is a significant upgrade over the 2022 model which does make it a lot better. The 2023 model is easier to live with as it now gets many assistance features that make a night and day difference in some areas such as trailer hitching. If that is something that interests you, the 2023 is a must!

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However, if you just want a modern truck with all the functionality, but aren’t too fussed about the highest power outputs and modern technology, the 2022 model is still more than capable of pretty much everything.

When can I buy the 2023 Ford F-350?

Ford is starting to take orders for the upcoming 2023 F-350 by the end of October 2022 which means that we aren’t likely going to see many of these on the roads before 2023. Given the current state 1of the global economy caused by chip shortages, the 2023 F-350 is not going to be produced as fast as it once was.

Either way, it makes sense to wait for the new F-350 as it now is a really good car for both work and pleasure.

Is the Ford F-350 better than the Ford F-250?

The main difference between the Ford F-250 and the Ford F-350 is the maximum payload. The F-250 is able to carry 4,270 pounds which is no small feat, but the F-350 is able to carry 7,850 pounds which is close to twice what the F-250 can. The F-350 also offers more grunt than the F-250 with higher power and torque outputs throughout the range.

The F-350 towing capacity is rated at 32,000 pounds while the F-250 towing capacity is “just” 18,500 in comparison.

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