Ford Ranger years to avoid – The best and worst years

Ford Ranger years to avoid

Ford Motor Company is among the leading car brands in the world. Since its inception in 1903, Ford has been creating some of the most reliable and durable cars on the market. It also offers a variety of car makes and models that allow buyers to select a car of their choice.

One of the most notable Ford models in the market is the Ford Ranger. The Ford Ranger has been in production since 1982 to date. Some Ford Ranger models have received awards, while others have been a disappointment. But what are the best and worst Ford Ranger model years?

The best Ford Ranger model years are the 1986, 2010, 2011, and 2020 model years. On the other hand, the worst Ford Ranger model years are the 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2019 model years. Therefore, if you’re in the market for an old or used Ford Ranger, it is important to pick the right car to avoid spending more time in the garage than on the road. 

The best Ford Ranger model years


The 1986 Ford Ranger is one of the most reliable Ford Ranger models of all time. It is difficult to find complaints about this car as it featured a reliable engine and it was well-built. Furthermore, this car is very reliable and it is fitted with a powerful engine.

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Another reliable and durable Ford Ranger model year is the 2010 Ford Ranger. Like the 1986 model year, this car doesn’t have any complaints and it has become a classic. What’s more, it comes with lots of modern technology that puts it above most of its rivals.


Car reliability sites like J.D. Power and Consumer Reports provided the 2011 Ford Ranger with an above-average reliability score. This car recorded almost zero complaints and it is very cheap to maintain. So, if you’re looking for a quality used Ford Ranger, this is a great option.


Even though the 2020 Ford Ranger has a few complaints, it is still one of the most reliable and dependable midsize trucks on the market. On top of that, it comes with lots of advanced features and it is very efficient. Besides, it is a safe car, making it a perfect car for a family.

The worst Ford Ranger model years


The 1999 Ford Ranger is one of the worst midsize trucks in the US. This car has over 1,000 complaints, which is a lot. Some of the common problems that interested buyers should be ready to deal with are an erratic engine gauge, issues with shifting gears, faulty windshield wipers, and faulty door lock.


The 2002 Ford Ranger makes the 1999 Ford Ranger looks better. This is because it is more problematic and dangerous. From the tires to the engine, seatbelt, transmission, and even airbags, this car is very problematic. Other common issues are electrical problems, engine stalling, faulty cooling systems, and much more. Avoid this car as much as possible.


The 2004 Ford Ranger may not be as bad as the 2002 Ford Ranger, but it also comes with a ton of issues. Some of the most common ones are connected to the seatbelt, brakes, recliner, and tires. Also, the engine misfires and you may also notice excessive frame rust.

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Last but not least, the 2019 Ford Ranger also comes with several problems. These include blown speakers on doors, faulty rear door, powertrain malfunction, problems with the brake, loud wind noise, and much more.


Are old Ford Ranger models reliable?

Yes, most old Ford Ranger models are reliable. However, this can vary from one owner to another as the level of maintenance and driving habits also differ. But with proper care and maintenance, Ford Rangers can last over 250,000 miles.

Aside from acquiring a used or old Ford Ranger that has been well-maintained, it is also vital to select an old model year that doesn’t have a lot of problems, such as the 2004 or 2019 model years.

Is Ford Ranger expensive to maintain?

With all factors considered, the Ford Ranger is cheap to maintain. This is because its parts are cheaper and so is the cost of service. On average, it will cost you about $615 annually to maintain the Ford Ranger. This may be slightly more than the average ($548) cost of maintaining a midsize truck, but it is cheaper than most cars and their rivals.

What is the difference between the 2.2 and 3.2 Ford Ranger engines?

The main difference between the 2.2-liter engine and the 3.2-liter engine is that the former is more fuel-efficient than the latter. On the contrary, the latter is better for drivers looking for a powerful car with better towing capability. However, the 2.2-liter engine also makes handling easy and it’s more responsive.

What is the high mileage for Ford Ranger?

Most trucks start having problems as early as 80,000 miles. Nonetheless, if you maintain your Ford Ranger properly, you may start dealing with issues after the car hits over 100,000 miles. But it’s also crucial to know that serious problems start showing up when you hit over 200k miles. So, 200k miles is high mileage on a Ford Ranger.

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If you intend to purchase a used Ford Ranger, stay away from a poorly maintained car or one with over 200,000 miles. This may turn out to be costly to maintain.

Why are Ford Rangers popular in the US?

Ford Ranger is one of the most versatile, powerful, reliable, and high-performance pickup trucks in America. This midsize truck is popular because of its advanced safety features, affordable pricing, reliability, and low fuel consumption. Despite being a midsize truck, the Ranger is large enough to function as a full-size truck.

Bottom line

Buying a used or old Ford Ranger is cheaper than buying the latest model, but it also comes with several risks. And one of the best ways to avoid being a victim and end up with a bad or troublesome Ford Ranger is knowing which model years are good and which ones are not.

The 2011 and 2020 Ford Ranger model years are the best model years, while the 2002 and 2019 Ford Ranger model years are some of the worst. So, it is vital to choose wisely to avoid future expenses and drive your car peacefully.

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