Which Volvo has a sunroof?

All Volvo models offer sunroofs or panoramic sunroofs. These sunroofs are of the highest quality and Volvo ensures that safety is their number one priority. The glass is a very hard material and Volvo works hard on structural integrity so that the big panoramic sunroof doesn’t aid in rollovers.

Volvo provides the option of adding a sunroof to all their car models, and even offers a panoramic sunroof option in many cars like the XC40 or XC90. The premium-quality sunroofs and panoramic sunroofs enhance the driving experience and allow more light into the car.

Volvo sunroofs

Volvo offers true luxury sunroofs and there are also panoramic sunroofs present in many cars. The sunroof can warm up the car on a cool day and allow more sunlight in whenever the sun is shining. The view from the sunroof is also breathtaking.

Sunroofs are present in almost all Volvo models except the V60, but the V60 cross-country offers a big panoramic sunroof instead. The functionality of Volvo sunroofs is also very simple, and they can be opened by just pushing one button. There is also a wind deflector. The panoramic sunroof is divided into two glasses.

Volvo models with sunroofs

Almost all Volvo cars come with a sunroof as an optional add-on. Some cars only have the sunroof option, while most Volvo models have a panoramic sunroof, which is way better than small sunroof. This is the list of Volvos coming with their type of sunroof:

  • 2021 Volvo S60 – panoramic sunroof
  • 2021 Volvo S90 – sunroof
  • 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country – panoramic sunroof
  • 2020 Volvo V90 – panoramic sunroof
  • 2021 Volvo XC40 – panoramic sunroof
  • 2021 Volvo XC60 – panoramic sunroof
  • 2021 Volvo XC90 – panoramic sunroof
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How to open your Volvo sunroof

The panoramic Volvo sunroof consists of two pieces of glass: one can be opened vertically, and the other is a fixed piece of glass. The front section can be opened by a control located on the inside of the roof. The car should be turned on in order to get the front glass open.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if the roof is frozen, then you should not operate the sunroof.

Sunroof Advantages

There are many advantages to Volvo’s panoramic sunroof like:

  • Better airflow – The sunroof gives a better temperature due to airflow. If the car is warm, then the air from outside can cool down the car naturally.
  • Not noisy – if you open the regular windows while driving, it can be way too noisy, but with the panoramic sunroof, there is no noise.
  • Emergency escape – in case of an accident, the roof can serve as an emergency escape route.
  • Sunshine – you can feel warm sunshine on a cold winter day to enhance your driving experience.
  • Better network – sometimes you get a bad cell connection inside the car, so opening the roof can give a better connection without being noisy like opening the windows.

Sunroof Disadvantages

Sunroofs come with some disadvantages as well, including:

  • Making the car too hot – it is not beneficial for those who live in hot weather conditions, because it can really heat up the car.
  • More weight – the panoramic sunroof’s glass is really heavy, which can add more weight to the car.
  • Less insulation – it can become an issue when you’re driving in rain.
  • Condensation – the glass can collect some water droplets through condensation on cold days.
  • Breaking issue – the glass can break if something falls onto it.
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Sunroofs 101

Sunroofs are a big open space or window on the roof of the car. The open space is covered by glass and then by a moveable panel. The sunroofs offer sunlight and fresh air while driving the car. They give a better alternative to convertible cars, which are open all the time and are dangerous due to their structural rigidity.

Sometimes sunroofs are also known as “moonroofs”. Moonroofs, however, can’t be removed from the car. They can be tilted or slid open to allow the driver to be more in touch with the environment around them.

Sunroofs and moonroofs let the fresh air come in, which can be helpful in many conditions. However, there are some disadvantages as well, like malfunctions or less structural integrity.

Types of sunroofs

There are many types of sunroofs that have been used in the history of cars. Sunroofs also come in different styles and shapes like:

  • Pop-up sunroof – the rear glass simply pops up in this type
  • Panoramic sunroof – large glasses on the roof which can be opened by controls
  • Inbuilt sunroof – the panel moves and the glass or metal can slide back into the inner space inside the roof of the car to open the entire space.
  • Top-mount sunroof – in this type, the outer glass just moves backward but stays on top of the vehicle.


Why are sunroofs popular?

Sunroofs allow sunlight and fresh air to come inside the car. The look of the car from outside the car is also enhanced very much by the sunroof. People like to experience warm sunlight on cold winters days. The sunroofs also give a brilliant view of the sky, and even better in the panoramic sunroof.

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The sunroof also allows the natural light in the car, which is especially nice on long trips. Sunroofs can also assist in the case of a car accident, by acting as an emergency exit.

Are sunroofs dangerous?

The biggest danger of a sunroof is it breaking. A sunroof can be broken by many things like a heavy thing fallen on it, and it can result in some serious injury. Some sunroofs can also cause poor structural integrity. There have been cases in which drivers and passengers have been ejected from the sunroof in an accident.

The cases of ejection from a sunroof have caused the death of 230 people. Many companies have started their review of sunroofs, like General Motors. Sunroofs can also cause sunburns, more weight, and heating up the car.

How long do sunroofs last?

Most of the sunroofs made nowadays last long due to their good engineering and materials. There used to be leakage issues in old sunroof cars, but nowadays, cars manufacturers use better rubber seal, which lasts long. Therefore, sunroofs can last around 20 years easily without any major issues.

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