Which Volvo has massage seats?

Every new Volvo car model has a massage seat option, except the Volvo XC40. Volvo is a luxury car brand that offers the massage seat option to its customers.

Volvo massage seats have 5 modes. These modes can be changed from the settings on the front screen. Volvo offers these massage seats with other exceptionally good seat adjustment controls like ventilated seats, heated seats, and power seat adjustments.

Volvo massage seats

Volvo is considered a luxury car manufacturer. As all luxury cars offer maximum driver comfort, Volvo also ensures that they are not behind others. Volvo offers great seats in all of their cars. Although they are not as important for city drives, they are exceptionally useful in long and stiff journeys on freeways.

The Volvo massage seats consist of five inflatable pockets that are built into the front seats. The massage seats work as they pump up and drained back-to-back to create a wave like motion to give the maximum comfort level. This massages the lower back and shoulders, easing the tiredness of the driver.

Volvo, as we all know, gives the number one priority to its customers in terms of safety and comfort. That’s why they consulted with orthopedic surgeons to design their seats. They have worked with the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, which enabled them to make one of the best seats in the cars industry.

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Also considering a Mercedes-Benz? Mercedes-Benz SUV with massage seats.

Five types of massage options

Volvo gives a multi-functional control on the side of the front seats. This control button is used to choose which massage mode you want on the touch display. The modes can also be changed in the front display. The touch display first of all offers an ON/OFF function. After that, it offers 5 programs:

1. Swell

2. Tread

3. Advanced

4. Lumbar

5. Shoulder.

Intensity can also be changed through the display, selecting between three options: Low, Normal, and High.

There are three options for speed as well: Slow, Normal, and Fast.

The massage runs for 20 minutes and is then turned off automatically. To restart the massage, tap on the restart option on the screen.

Other features

Volvo seats have NAPPA leather which offers ventilated front seats. The ventilated seats keep the driver’s clothes fresh. The seats offer other functions too, like power-adjustment through buttons. There are three buttons in the car to adjust lumbar support and front edge, to move the seat forward and backward, and also to adjust backrest tilt. The seats also come with a heated seat option.

Almost all Volvos have massage seats

Every modern Volvo car comes with massage seats, except the Volvo XC40. Volvo added massage seats for the first time in 2008. They added these options in S80 (now discontinued) and XC90 models. The massage options were added to increase the overall comfort for the driver. This certainly increased the overall comfort and luxury of the car manufacturer.

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Today, the cars offer even better massage seats in the XC90, XC60, S90, S60, V90, and V60. The functions are all the same in every car, with three multi-functional buttons. Some of the variants and trims lack the option of massage seats, so check everything before buying the car.


Does Volvo have heated seats?

Volvos have a heated seat function in their cars to maximize comfort in chilly weather. The cars also have a heated steering wheel option. The heated features can be controlled from the front display. To activate or deactivate the feature, you have to press the button repeatedly.

There are three heat levels present in the car that are illuminated with orange fields. The higher the field level, the higher is the temperature.

Volvo cars also have a feature to automatically start the heated seats. This feature turns on automatically when the temperature of the car is cold and the inside temperature is lower than 10 °C. This feature can be turned off in the MY CAR menu in the display.

Heated seats should be used with care, as some people can suffer burn injuries.

How do massage seats work?

Massage seats have a collection of pockets behind the seat’s cover. These pockets are pumped up and drained sequentially. This back-to-back motion of the seats gives the comfort and impression of the driver’s back being kneaded. Most of the massage systems are fitted in seatbacks, but some are in the seat base too.

Are car massage seats necessary?

Massage seats certainly increase the comfort and the luxury of a car, but of course they aren’t necessary. They are pretty useful in long rides on the highway though and they can help ease the tiredness of the driver, which could, in turn, prevent accidents.

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Massaging car seats are certainly considered a luxury and are nice, but these massaging seats cannot help you if you’ve got really bad back pain. They are just there to assist in driving. Car massage seats are not as strong or affective as massaging seats at airports or malls. However, they can certainly ease some pain.

Do cars offer cooling seats?

Since air conditioning in cars can affect the fuel economy, cooling seats are a better alternative. The seats offer a cooling effect instead of cooling the whole cabin, which is much more fuel efficient. There are many cars which offer this feature, including:

  • Audi A4
  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
  • Lincoln Continental
  • Cadillac CT6
  • Ford Mustang

The cooling seats work with fans on the back of the seat covers. These fans may or may not blow refrigerated air. Passengers can adjust the cooling levels to their own comfort. Overall, they are good to have on a hot day.

What do luxury car seats normally offer?

As the car industry grew towards luxury, they started producing great luxury seats to stand out. Luxury cars nowadays give pretty much everything anyone could ask from a seat. Features include:

  • Massaging seats
  • Heated seats
  • Cooling seats
  • Ventilated leather
  • Better head tilt

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