Can you jumpstart a Tesla?

Tesla is an advanced electric car brand with some of the best car technologies on the market. But like normal cars, Tesla also can run out of juice unexpectedly. So, is it possible to jumpstart a Tesla if the battery dies? 

Yes, you can jumpstart a Tesla using a combustion engine but not another electric vehicle. Just ensure to connect the Tesla as recommended by the manufacturer and have enough power to take you to the next charging station or supercharger network. 

Nonetheless, as stated above, you shouldn’t jump-start a Tesla using another EV or Tesla. You risk damaging the Tesla battery for good, which is very costly to replace. Alternatively, you can also use a Lithium-ion starter to jumpstart your Tesla. 

How to jumpstart a Tesla

  • Step 1: Start by preparing a 12V jump starter 
  • Step 2: Next, pop out the tow eye cover by pressing on the uppermost right of the cover till it pushes inside, thereafter, pull the cover in your direction. This is the location of the tow hook. 
  • Step 3: Depending on your Tesla make and model, you will notice two wires connected to the eye tow cover, or they will be inside the hole and you will be forced to pull them out carefully. 
  • Step 4: Take the 12V jump starter’s red positive cable and connect it to the Tesla’s red positive cable. Do the same for the black cable. 
  • Step 5: Employ power with your jump starter to pop the frunk of the Tesla open
  • Step 6: After opening the frunk, disconnect the black and later on the red cables. 
  • Step 7: Next, link the wires back to the tow eye cover and place the tow cover by placing the wires into the opening. Afterward, align the cover into position, starting with the bottom left corner, and push it into position. 
  • Step 8: Remove the large plastic panel covering the battery. You will see a black cabin intake panel that you can easily remove by pulling upwards. 
  • Step 9: Connect the red cable to the red terminal on the battery and the black negative to the black negative terminal. 
  • Step 10: Switch on the external supply and wait about 10 minutes for the car to power up its computers. After some time, you will see the Tesla touchscreen turn on. 
  • Step 11: Give it some time to charge, then disconnect it starting with the black cable and later the red one. 
  • Step 12: Install the black panels you had removed earlier by popping them back into position. Always ensure the panels are properly aligned before pushing in as they can break quickly. 
  • Step 13: Finally, drive to the nearest charging station and charge your Tesla. When the 400v battery is fully charged, it will start charging the 12V battery. 
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Why can’t a Tesla engine be used to jumpstart a combustion engine?

A Tesla engine cannot be used to jumpstart another Tesla or a combustion engine because it lacks the power required to jumpstart another car. Also, Tesla or electric car batteries have low voltage, which may end up damaging the car if you use it to jumpstart another car. 

What other alternatives can I use to jumpstart my Tesla apart from another regular car engine?

If your Tesla battery dies in the middlemen of nowhere, you can still jumpstart your car even when there is no car in the vicinity. However, for this to happen, you will need to have a lithium-ion jump starter at hand. This jump starter comes with cables for jumpstarting cars. 

So, whether you own a Tesla or a traditional ICE car, you can use the lithium-ion jump starter to start your dead battery. Just ensure to connect it properly and start the car. This is an excellent alternative as you don’t need another car to jump-start your car. 

What happens when Tesla runs out of power?

Before Tesla batteries die completely, the car will start by suggesting the nearest charging stations or Supercharger networks. On top of that, it will also let you know when your car will run out of range and make an abrupt stop if you don’t recharge the battery. 

Next, Tesla will start by slowing down to about 15 mph. It will also notify the driver that it will not be able to drive soon before it comes to a stop and parks itself by the roadside. When this happens, you will be forced to call Tesla roadside assistance if you’re within range. But if not, you will have to call for a tow truck. 

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It is important to avoid running your Tesla battery below 20%. This not only damages the battery but also affects its longevity. So, if you intend to travel far or have many errands to run with your car, it is vital to ensure that you have enough juice in your car to last your trip(s). 

How much does it cost to replace a Tesla battery?

In 2019, Elon Musk claimed that replacing the battery modules will cost about $5,000 to $7,000. Note that this is the cost of the battery modules and not the complete battery pack. So, depending on the battery fitted on your car, a single battery pack may contain up to 16 models, which is quite costly. 

Does Tesla come with a 12V battery?

Yes, Tesla comes with a 12V battery. Unlike Tesla’s main traction battery, which is the 400V battery, the 12V battery runs auxiliary systems on the Tesla. Some of these features include airbags, headlights, open doors, ABS braking system, wiper motors, fans, AC, heater, washer fluid pumps, and much more. 

The work of the main traction battery is to drive the motor. So, the 12V battery powers crucial electronics and auxiliary features. The 12V battery is very important as the main traction battery normally shuts down in case of an accident. As a result, the 12V battery is the one that deploys the airbag and hazard lights. 

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If you have been wondering whether you can jumpstart a Tesla or not, there is no need to worry anymore. A Tesla can be jumpstarted by an ICE car but not a fellow Tesla or electric car. On top of that, it also is jumpstarted by a lithium-ion jump starter, which is easy to keep and use. 

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Jumpstarting your Tesla using another Tesla or electric vehicle can cause damage to the engine. This is because Teslas and other EVs have low-voltage batteries that lack the needed power to jumpstart another car. 

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