Which car has the best park assist?

Park assist systems are made to make your car parking process a lot easier, but if you are an experienced driver, chances are that you won’t be using such systems all that often. Even though, it’s always good to know that there is a capable system watching your back.

Such systems are most beneficial for people who lack the necessary experience and expertise, and especially the ones that don’t feel confident while parallel parking on a busy street. Park assist is a useful feature, but there are different sophistication levels these systems provide.

Some systems can only guide you with audible or written instructions, others can take over the wheel, while the most advanced ones are capable of doing everything without the need for human intervention. Whatever the system may be, make sure to keep a sentient eye over the system at all times.

Currently, the W223 Mercedes Benz S-Class is equipped with the most advanced park assist system, the Tesla Model S comes a close second. Besides these, the Audi A8 also offers an advanced park assist system and so do the Ford Expedition, BMW 5-Series, and even the Ford F150, and many more cars.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Throughout the years, the highest level of car parking convenience was a well-thought-after and time-efficient valet service. You would just drive to the front door of a hotel, and a professional valet employer would do the rest. Nowadays, the most convenient way to park your car is to invest in the new Mercedes Benz S-Class.

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A system called Automated Valet Parking enables you to leave the car at a designated spot, walk away from it, and the car will find the nearest parking spot and park itself. When you arrive at the garage door entrance, all you have to do is press a few buttons and the car will come back where you left it.

Tesla Model S

As of right now, Tesla is one of the most interesting companies on the planet for a variety of reasons. First of all, the Tesla Company literally started a revolution in the car industry by pushing the electric engine. Besides the engine itself, Tesla also pioneered futuristic technology such as the Smart Summon Mode.

The Smart Summon mode is mostly aimed at tight space parking scenarios where you don’t have enough space to get in or out of the car. The system itself is capable of parallel or perpendicular parking, but the added feature here is the ability to not be inside the car while it enters or exits the parking spot.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is Audi’s flagship luxury sedan, and as such, the Audi A8 is somewhat of a technology festival. Even though the A8 is due for a thorough refresh this year or the next, it still comes equipped with Audis AI Park Assist Package which should make the entire parking process a lot easier.

The system takes advantage of a 360-degree 3D camera with lots of ultrasonic sensors which can park the car in many different ways. The car will do everything, all you have to do is let it. Besides this, the A8 can also be controlled with a cellphone outside the car if you want to approach or exit a tight parking spot.

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BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5-Series is one of the most iconic four-door executive sedans of all time, and it certainly is one of the best BMW models ever to be introduced. As such, the 5-Series always carries lots of impressive technology solutions, and the park assist systems are extremely interesting thanks to a special key.

The 5-Series can do all the regular parking stuff without any human intervention. This means that the 5-Series is able to control the steering, the gas and brake pedal, and the gears themselves. The most impressive feature the 5-Series has is the special remote control key with a dedicated touch screen.

Ford Expedition/Ford F150

The Ford Expedition and the new Ford F150 both use derivatives of the same park assist systems. These systems can park the car without any human intervention. They are also capable of exiting the parking spot without any intervention while benefiting from a special 360-degree side-sensing technology.

This means that even these huge SUVs/Pickups can parallel park for you. It certainly does make more sense to utilize such technology in a huge car rather than in a subcompact hatchback. As such, Ford has made sure that the system is reliable and always ready to assist.

FAQ Section


Are parking assistance systems worth it?

The necessity of a park assist system is highly dependant on the driver and the car in question. If you are an experienced, confident driver who knows how to park a car no matter the situation, park assist is nothing but a mere gimmick to you, especially so if you driving a rather compact car.

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On the other hand, if you are driving a huge car, or you just lack the experience or/and confidence when it comes to parallel parking, these systems definitely do come in handy. No matter the case if you need it or not, an extra pair of eyes always proves useful.

Which cars benefit the most from a park assist system?

If you glance at the list of the best park assist systems mentioned above, there is a reoccurring theme with all the cars mentioned. They are large and sometimes challenging to see out of. These types of cars are the ones that benefit the most from park assist systems.

Should I buy a car with park assist technology?

In most cases, no. There is no need to buy a car solely based on this system. If you believe you won’t benefit from it, then why waste the money. Manufacturers realize this, so they tend to bundle up the not-so-popular options with the most popular ones so they can make a decent profit.

If you lack the necessary confidence to park in any way or form, you should practice it, as it is an essential aspect of car ownership. People should never completely rely on these systems, and they should always be readily available to take over the control.

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