Is parking in a garage better for your car?

No matter the type of car you own, it’s always better to park your car in a garage for a variety of reasons. Garage parking protects your car from adverse heat cycles and weather conditions. Moreover, it also reduces the chance of car theft.

Certain types of cars like classic cars or supercars should always be kept in a garage because the paint technology used on these cars is sometimes not able to endure heavy rain, bird poop, or tree sap. Besides the paint itself, door seals and electrical components can also be damaged due to moisture exposure.

If you can’t park your car inside of a garage, use a high-quality car cover as this can protect your exterior from many potential problems. It also keeps your car clean and looking good for whenever you need to use it.

Besides all the regular benefits garage parking offers, you are likely going to pay a lower insurance premium if you park in a garage. Garages are also often warm which keeps the mechanical components lubricated for longer.

Garage parking supports long-term vehicle performance

One of the great catalysts of wear and tear is the weather. Continuous and prolonged heat cycles in which the temperature drops to freezing levels in one part of the year, and it soars to scorching heat during the summer play a massive role in long-term mechanical and electrical performance.

Brakes for example are prone to premature rusting if they spend the majority of their time outside. Cold weather, ice, and moisture are capable of creating small rust spots in a really short amount of time, especially so if you often driving on roads that are covered with salt.

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Besides brakes, extreme weather can also drastically lower the performance of your car battery. If the weather is way too hot, the battery fluids can partially evaporate which effectively shortens the lifespan of the battery. Cold weather can also damage your battery cells, and even freeze them at times.

Tires are a vital component when it comes to safety and performance as they are the ones that translate all of the power to the ground. Extended sun exposure can cause premature dry rotting which essentially starts breaking the tire sidewall. This can be a huge safety issue if not addressed appropriately.

Garage-parking keeps your paint and bodywork scratch and damage-free

Besides a bunch of mechanical and performance issues contributed towards extreme weather conditions, such conditions can also damage your car’s paint and bodywork. It’s not only about the exterior as the interior itself should also be protected from the sun, especially so if it’s a dark-colored leather interior.

One of the biggest issues all cars tend to experience after a while is rusting. No matter how good the factory protection is, after a few decades of continuous use, you are bound to come across a rust spot somewhere on the car, and most of it is due to oxidation caused by moisture exposure.

Besides moisture exposure, bird poop, insect and bud residue, tree sap are also prone to damage your car’s paint if not addressed in the earlier stages. Hail is also capable of causing serious damage to your car, so much so that it sometimes can even crack your windshield.

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As far as the interior is concerned, prolonged sun exposure can heat the interior of the car drastically, and if you don’t garage park your car or cover the dashboard, steering wheel, and other vulnerable parts, you are bound to end up with a toast interior.

Garage parking keeps your car safe

Paintwork quality, lack of rust, performance, and a pristine-looking interior is not something you’d bother with if someone steals your car. If the car is garage parked, it’s much less likely for your car to be either vandalized or stolen.

Besides stealing the car itself, many people have experienced broken windows and missing cell phones, laptops, and whatnot. Whatever you keep inside your car, try to keep it out of sight at all times. But even such scenarios are much less likely to happen in a garage.

Probably the safest way to park your car is to park it in a garage equipped with surveillance, alarms, barriers, and security personnel. But such levels of safety are only associated with extremely expensive car collections or dealerships.

FAQ Section

How to keep your car safe while parked outside?

First and foremost, always lock your doors. Try to find a sizeable parking spot that is not too isolated or poorly lit. Always make sure your doors, windows, trunk, and sunroof are completely sealed up, and hide any valuable items to keep them out of sight.

Another good idea is to invest in an anti-theft device from a reputable manufacturer or any other kind of high-quality alarm system. Try to park your car in an area covered with security cameras and don’t you ever leave your car running.

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Is an outdoor car cover worth it?

In short, yes it is. Outdoor car covers are made to keep your car safe from paint damage, sun exposure damage, and they keep your car clean and out of sight. If your parking space is located under a tree, it’s always a good idea to cover the car up and clean the cover itself from time to time.

If you are not planning to use your car for a while, be sure to cover your car up with a decent quality car cover. Car covers can also protect your car from theft, scratches, and hail if they are specifically designed to do so.

Which types of cars should never be street parked?

Some cars are better of garage parked at all costs. Highly valuable, collectible sports, classic, and luxury cars are not made to be street parked. These cars can sometimes use matte paint for example, and these types of paints require a special cleaning method.

Not everyone is a car enthusiast, and the sad part of it is that some people tend to enjoy vandalizing other people’s possessions. So if you own a brightly colored, loud, and ‘’obnoxious’’ supercar, you are likely going to come across people who want to damage your car, and it’s a lot easier to do so if your car is street parked.

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