What is Tesla Summon mode?

Tesla is one of the car brands with the coolest and most advanced technologies. And one of the most notable Tesla technologies is the fully self-driving system that makes the car to be almost autonomous. But what is Tesla summon mode? 

Tesla Summon Mode is a feature that provides convenience and safety to Tesla drivers as they park and retrieve their cars. For instance, if you parked your car in a cramped space or your private garage, you can command the car to come to you without struggling to access it.  

Tesla introduced summon technology in September 2016. This technology is part of the autopilot version 7.1 software update. At first, this technology was only available to Tesla Model S and X, but later on, it was also introduced to Tesla Model 3. Besides, it comes as a standard on Tesla Model Y. 

How do I activate Tesla summon mode?

Activating Tesla summon mode is quite easy. The first step is to ensure that Tesla is in the park and turned off. Next, hold down on the middle button on the key fob for around three seconds until the hazard lights are switched on and change from blinking to steady. 

When the hazard lights are steady, release the middle button. Your Tesla has activated summon mode. Note that the front trunk and trunk buttons act as directional controls. So, the front trunk buttons are for moving forward, while the trunk buttons are for moving backward or reverse. 

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If you want to cancel summon mode, just press down on the center button again. All of these procedures can be conducted through the Tesla app as well. Besides, Summon works together with HomeLink to allow the system to operate. It can operate the garage door, opening and closing after entering and exiting. 

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What does it mean to summon a Tesla?

To summon a Tesla is to command it to come to you or to get out of a constructed area. The Tesla summon mode adds convenience and safety to users as they don’t have to struggle to access their car in constricted places. 

Do all Teslas summon?

No. Tesla introduced summon in September 2016. Therefore, all Teslas made before this period don’t have this feature. However, people who own Tesla that were made before September 2016 can still download the software and summon their car. So, they can still enjoy the summon mode even if their cars were manufactured earlier. 

What’s the difference between Tesla’s summon and smart summon? 

Tesla summon is a feature that allows you to command your Tesla from a parking space to pick you up. On the contrary, smart summon is the improved version of Summon Mode as it enables the car to drive to you or a destination that you select. 

Even though these two features look similar, Smart Summon is the advanced version of Summon Mode. Apart from coming to you, it can also drop you off and parks the car for you. So, it’s just more than summoning. 

Besides, summon was updated to smart summon in September 2019. This is after Tesla updated its autopilot software to version 10.0. However, the most recent smart summon feature is only available to Tesla cars with Autopilot FSD software. 

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What are the Tesla active safety features?

Any Tesla made after 2014 comes with active safety features. These features are important when using an autopilot or self-driving system on a Tesla. Besides, these features are made possible by Tesla’s autopilot hardware and software system, and they include:

  • Automatic emergency braking 
  • Lane departure avoidance
  • Emergency lane departure avoidance 
  • Forward collision warning 
  • Side collision warning 
  • Blind-spot monitoring 
  • Obstacle aware accelerating

These safety features are very crucial and help to keep the driver and passengers safe at all times. However, the driver should be fully attentive on the road, despite having the safety features that this car offers.  

Do all Teslas summon?

After being discovered in 2016, the Tesla summon function was initially introduced on the Tesla Model S and X. But later on, it was also introduced on Tesla Model 3. Today, this function can be found on all Tesla models with the Tesla Model Y included. 

How much does the Tesla smart summon function cost? 

Tesla introduced the smart summon function in late 2016. This means that Tesla models made before this period don’t have Smart Summon function. However, if your Tesla has enhanced autopilot and fully self-driving technology, you can still install the smart summon feature. 

If you want to add Tesla smart summon feature on your Tesla, you will have to part with at least $6,000. And if you don’t have the enhanced autopilot function, you will have to install it first, which may cost you even more. 

Is Tesla FSD free?

FSD in full means “full self-driving.” This feature does not make Tesla fully autonomous, but it delivers some add-ons features that make driving the car to be easy and fun. In short, FSD offers lots of driver-assistance features that make driving Tesla to be fun. 

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Nonetheless, the self-driving features that FSD offers are not for free as Tesla charges a monthly fee. Tesla owners that have their cars fitted with the basic autopilot system are required to pay a monthly fee of at least $199, while those with enhanced autopilot functions have to pay at least $99 per month. 

Do you need autopilot for Summon? 

Yes, you need the right autopilot for Summon. Even though autopilot 1 is fitted with the right hardware to support basic summon, it cannot support the Smart Summon feature. For smart summon, you will need autopilot 2 hardware on your car. So, if your Tesla has enhanced autopilot and full self-driving feature, smart summon should work. 

Bottom line 

In summary, Tesla Summon Mode is a feature that provides Tesla drivers with convenience and safety as they park or retrieve their car from a parking space or garage. Regardless, the driver has to be on the lookout as this system is not 100% effective. 

However, not all Tesla comes with Summon Mode as it’s only available on Tesla models made after 2016. If your car has autopilot and was manufactured before 2016, you can still install the summon feature on your car. 

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