Where to buy used electric cars

Electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular which means that there are many electric cars out and about. This also means that the used EV market is also growing in size rapidly, and knowing where to buy EVs is the first step towards buying your very first EV.

Besides EVs, other alternatively fueled vehicles such as hybrids and plug-in hybrids are also becoming more and more popular, all of which push the average used car owner towards a more sustainable future.

The world is currently under a lot of stress because fuel prices are higher than ever, so it might as well be the perfect time to consider an EV. Before you buy an EV, you need to make sure that you are ready to make the transition. If you are not 100% positive, you can always buy a plug-in hybrid to test out the waters.

You can find used EVs for sale on sites such as eBay Motors, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, CarGurus, AutoTrader, Edmunds, NewCar, CarsDirect and so on. Buying an EV is a different experience when compared to buying a regular used car, so be sure to factor in all the specifics about EV ownership.

Transitioning towards EVs

As previously mentioned, the move towards EVs is full of novelties, so you must be well aware of what you are getting yourself into. EVs are compromised for many different usage scenarios such as long-distance driving and performance/handling driving, so if that’s something that interests you, buying an EV is not the best course of action

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The most important thing to consider is the ability to charge the car up. So, if you don’t have reliable access to a wall charger at your residence, buying an EV is a challenging prospect. You might have to rely on the country charging network which only makes sense if you own a Tesla because you can use Tesla’s supercharger network.

Long-distance driving is not a strong suit for modern-day EVs because the battery range tends to drop fast while traveling at a decent pace continuously. However, if you have reliable access to a charger and you mostly drive your car around town, an EV might suit you well.

Places to look for used EVs

As stated previously, you can scout for used EVs on sites such as eBay Motors, Craigslist, AutoTrader, NewCar, Facebook Marketplace, and all the other online car-selling websites. Furthermore, you can also look for used EVs in your local community, or through classified newspaper ads and local dealership lots.

Many dealerships are starting to specialize in selling EVs exclusively, so this is a place where you might have the best deals possible. Buying used EVs is challenging for many different reasons, especially because the battery is not at 100% health.

Certified-preowned dealers are a great way to look for used EVs because they tend to offer all sorts of warranties. Furthermore, they are not all that likely to sell you an EV that is prone to issues or has multiple different undisclosed issues.

Specifics of buying used EVs

The main thing you ought to concentrate on is battery health. As EVs accumulate miles, the battery infrastructure is constantly being charged and depleted. All batteries are made to only last a set amount of charge cycles, so you should do your homework and find out how healthy your battery might be.

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Even though many manufacturers are giving away generous new-EV warranties, initial Tesla models are soon to be 10 years old which means that they will be out of extended warranty soon. If the car you are interested in needs a new battery, it means that the costs might be astronomical.

Modern-day EVs are usually equipped with extensive safety and convenience features, so be sure to test all of these out before you buy the car. Buying a used EV is similar to buying any other used EV because you need to do a pre-purchase inspection.

However, the inspection should be carried out by someone who knows a thing or two about electric cars. Most electric cars are used in town, so be sure to check out all the drivetrain and suspension components for pothole damages.

FAQ Section

What are the best used EVs on the market right now?

The best used EV on the market right now is the Tesla Model 3 because it offers a nice balance between costs and amenities. With a Tesla, you can take advantage of Tesla’s advanced supercharger network which is a gamechanger when compared to all the other EV companies as of right now.

Besides the Model 3, the Porsche Taycan and the Audi e-Tron GT are the two most luxurious and best-looking EVs on the market right now, but they are still really expensive. However, if you buy any of these, the price retention is so good that you are not in a position to lose all that much money if you don’t accumulate way too many miles.

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Are plug-in hybrids better than EVs?

If you are not all that ready to transition towards EVs entirely, it’s a good idea to opt for a plug-in hybrid beforehand. This will enable you to test out the waters, and see how it feels to own an alternatively fueled car with the combustion engine watching over you if you forget the charge the car up.

That being said, if you are well versed in EV ownership, buying an EV makes more sense than buying a plug-in hybrid. If you truly do maximize the electric side of a plug-in hybrid, then it’s rather obvious why you should transition towards an EV entirely.

What are the drawbacks of EVs?

Even though EVs are becoming increasingly popular, there aren’t as many EV options out there. All of this means that the technology is still relatively expensive for most people. Besides availability, EVs are often compromised when it comes to seating practicality because they need to fit huge batteries somewhere.

This raises the floor of the car and leaves you with less space for you to stretch out inside the car. Furthermore, they are not all that good for long-distance driving and the range itself is nowhere near a larger diesel/gas counterpart.

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