Can you sleep in an electric car?

In essence, electric cars are like large house electrical appliances which means that they don’t emit any CO or CO2 while turned on. The only thing they do emit is heat which is not a problem if you want to sleep in your electric car.

All in all, you can sleep in an electrical car with/without the A/C running. The A/C is likely going to drop your battery percentage by 1 or 2% every hour so be sure to take that into consideration if you decide to camp in your electric car.

In this article, we will show you the best one how one can camp inside an EV with a simple guide by listing all the pros and cons of sleeping inside the car. Sleeping inside a traditional combustion engine car is more of a challenge because ICE cars make more noise while also emitting harmful exhaust particles.

Some people prefer camping on top of a car which means investing in a high-quality roof-mounted tent. Either way, it’s best not to sleep inside a car if you are tall and you have problems sleeping in anything besides a bed. If you are completely fine with sleeping inside a car, be sure to read this article to find out how to do it the right way.

Benefits of sleeping inside an electric car

If you are someone who loves to camp because you are away from the city and you enjoy being close to nature, sleeping inside an EV ensures that you are safe from all the outside elements while also being near your favorite camping spots.

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You have access to all of the car’s features and given the fact that some EVs like Tesla offer features such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO, and Hulu you will be able to enjoy a similar experience you otherwise would in a plush hotel room.

Tesla offers their customers the ability to purchase the “Camp Mode” which means that they thought about people wanting to sleep in a Tesla. Features such as these make it easy to do so without worrying about your safety or the battery charge.

Sleeping inside an EV is cheaper than sleeping inside a hotel while also enjoying heated seats and high-quality A/C. If the car in question has lots of interior space you can lower your seats down and make the car feel like a high-end camper. Finally, if you opt for a large panoramic sunroof you will be able to stargaze at the sky.

Drawbacks of sleeping inside an electric car

Sleeping inside a car is not the safest way to camp, especially if you are not parked in a secured area. The battery percentage is going to suffer from all the features constantly in use which means that you might even end up being stranded if you are away from a charger.

Some EVs offer lots of interior space but that’s not nearly enough for a comfortable night’s stay. A bed is a bed and there is no getting around the fact that sleeping inside a bed is the most comfortable way to sleep.

Cars are simply not designed for you to sleep in them no matter if they are EVs or ICE cars. You are not able to park your car wherever you want which means that you might even get fined for a price that could easily get you a comfortable hotel room.

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If you love camping, it’s better to haul a trailer because a trailer is more comfortable, more spacious, safer, and packed with all sorts of conveniences such as toilettes, a fridge, and all the other necessary household appliances.

Sleeping inside an internal combustion engine car

Sleeping inside an ICE car offers an entirely different set of pros and cons primarily because a traditional gas/diesel engine produces harmful particles. Furthermore, sleeping inside an ICE car also means that you will have to keep the engine running if you want to use A/C and all the other in-car features.

If you leave your A/C on without turning on the engine chances are that you are going to deplete your battery. An idling engine is bound to increase the engine’s wear and tear significantly while also making it possible for you to even poison yourself with harmful exhaust gasses.

As such, you should never sleep with an idling car inside a garage as this is likely going to kill you if the gasses make their way into the cabin.

FAQ Section

Why do people like sleeping inside a car?

People like sleeping inside the car because it is both cheap and convenient. If you are on a long journey it’s a lot easier to park your car in a safe area and enjoy yourself with a short nap than it is to go ahead and try to find a hotel room in a place you’ve never been before.

Many people tend to take a nap while they are charging their EVs which makes perfect sense when you think about it. You and your car are both taking a rest at the same time and both of you will be completely replenished the moment you want to continue with your journey.

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Is it better to camp on top of the car?

Many people are fond of the idea of buying a roof-mounted tent and sleeping on top of the car. This is really popular with the Overlanding culture as well. A roof-mounted tent can be set up in a matter of minutes to offer you enough space to stretch out.

Furthermore, if you are camping in the wild being a few feet above ground is definitely a good idea.

Should I invest in a camper trailer?

If you love camping but don’t want to sacrifice household appliances and a real bed you should indeed invest in buying a camper trailer as these can be easily transported at your own convenience. Most tourist-friendly places have parks designed for camper trailers which means that you can enjoy a comfortable stay wherever you go.

If you equip your car with a few additional features such as added rear-view mirrors and high-quality hitches your trailer hauling experience will be a lot easier.

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