What’s the best sports car for fat people?

Sports cars are made to go fast, which means that they are somewhat compromised when it comes to drivability, comfort, technology, and practicality. Sports cars are also lightweight in order to be more agile and to offer a better power to weight ratio.

As such, sports cars are not necessarily made for fat people, but there are a few options out there that do offer more space while still retaining a sporty edge. A great example of such a car is the Audi A8, a V10 powered supercar with 600hp, but one large enough for overweight drivers.

Furthermore, the BMW M3 and the Audi RS4 are also great for overweight drivers because they offer regular sedan/estate practicality while also offering more power and more agility. If you want the staple sports car of the modern era, the Porsche 911 is the way to go.

Moreover, the BMW M8 is a great sports car grand tourer with lots of space for everyone no matter their shape or size. However, the Dodge Challenger is probably the best sports car for fat people as it offers the widest seats in the entire car industry.

Audi R8

Since the introduction of the Audi R8, Audi has managed to sell more than a few hundred or even sometimes a few thousand R8 models each year. Hardly any other supercar out there can do what the Audi R8 can because it offers such a split personality.

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600hp comes from a naturally aspirated V10 engine capable of 200mph+ top speeds while still having comfortable multiple-way adjustable seats with heating functions, a premium surround sound, great build materials, and ample space for both passengers.


As far as sport sedans go, no other is as iconic as the BMW M3. A 6TH gen M3 was recently released and it’s already shaping up to be a smash hit even though it offers rather strange design decisions. Nevertheless, the new M3 is hands down the best sports sedan on the market right now.

Such a statement needs further context, and the moment you lay your eyes on the new M3 you’ll see that there is lots of performance and space onboard. With more than 500hp, an option to go rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, automatic or manual, there is a perfectly optioned M3 for everyone.

Audi RS4

True Audi RS enthusiasts realize that Audi makes some of the best daily driver sports cars money can buy. This is primarily because Audi RS cars tend to be a bit subdued if driven normally, but after you press a button or two, suddenly you realize you are driving a true sports car.

A true sports estate to be exact. The Audi RS4 offers 450hp, an industry-leading AWD system, and a fast-shifting gearbox. Practicality is impressive because the RS4 retains the Audi A4 estate car platform.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is arguably the greatest sports car of all time thanks to its rich history, amazing engineering, and above-average reliability and build quality. There have been so many 911s until now that only the greatest Porsche enthusiast can name them. However, you should mostly be interested in either the 991 or the 992 generation.

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Almost every 991 and 992 generation 911 is spacious enough for obese people, only the GT 911 variants might be a bit too compromised. Performance is impressive throughout the range, and you should not worry about anything breaking down any time soon.


The BMW M8 is designed for people that want comfort, performance, and luxury. However, having all three of these is difficult because they are so different. Luxury and comfort require additional weight and soft suspension, while performance requires lightweight cars with stiff suspensions.

Be that as it may, the BMW M8 truly is a comfortable and luxurious grand tourer sports car. Interior space in the M8 is as large as you’d ever want, furthermore, everything is finished to the highest standards of BMW craftsmanship.

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is the perfect sports car for fat people because it offers huge seats, vast interior space, and an overall big and heavy car. Engine choices are also vast, and you can choose between engines with 200-300hp, or you can go all out and get yourself a Dodge Demon with 840hp.

Even though the Challenger is not really all that luxurious, thanks to huge seats, the Challenger is a fairly comfortable car. Reliability is also fairly decent and so are the 2nd hand market prices. Be sure to check out the Dodge Challenger if you are overweight because it might as well be the perfect car for you.

FAQ Section

Should obese people even drive fast cars?

There are no issues with obese people driving fast cars, but there are some issues if they drive fast cars in which they cant fit properly. For you to be safe in case of an accident, you have to be a fair distance away from the airbags.

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Furthermore, many obese people don’t even use their seatbelts all that often which is exponentially more dangerous the heavier the person is.

Which sports cars are not made for obese people?

Italians supercar manufacturers, especially Lamborghini are known for building cars that are hard to get in and out of and cars that offer limited amounts of foot space and headspace.

Cars like the Lamborghini Aventador for example are made neither for tall nor fat individuals and driving the Aventador as such can be a safety hazard. McLaren is also a manufacturer known for building cars that are way too small for fat or tall people.

Are sports cars good for long-distance cruising?

A few decades ago, sports cars were far from being good at anything besides being sporty. However, in today’s day and age, many sports cars like the ones listed here can do whatever you want them to. For example, the Audi RS4 is no different from an Audi A4 Avant on a highway.

However, when you exit the highway and come across some beautiful winding road, you put the car in sport mode, and you realize why the RS4 exists.

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