What is the best second-hand convertible car?

Driving a convertible whenever the weather enables you to do so is on occasion which makes even the dullest journeys enjoyable. Even though convertibles do come with many sacrifices when compared to their sedan/coupe counterparts, there are many aspects of convertible car driving that do negate that.

For once, convertibles are often criticized for being more expensive, heavier, and less practical. Be that as it may, many convertibles in recent years are as attainable as their hardtop counterparts, especially when it comes to the second-hand market.

Furthermore, they are not as unpractical nor heavy as they used to be. Many modern-era convertibles are so good that they sometimes feel like regular hardtop cars while driving with the roof up. As such, there is no better convertible car value option out there than the Mazda MX-5.

The German executive trio, the BMW 4-series, Audi A5, and the Mercedes Benz C-Class are also worthwhile considerations. If you want a more luxurious, and more exciting version of the MX-5, go for the Porsche Boxster. However, if you want a 4-seater luxury soft-top, go for the E-Class convertible.

Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 might not be your cup of tea because it’s a 2-seater, relatively unpractical convertible, but everything else about the MX-5 is almost impossible to dislike. First of all, you can get a used MX-5 for dirt cheap, so much so that it sometimes feels wrong that a car this much fun costs this little money.

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Drivability is as you might expect, excellent. Moreover, reliability is equally as good which is relatively hard to do while building a cheap performance car. Be sure to follow up on all of your regular maintenance and service schedules, and you should be in a position to enjoy this little fun car for years to come.

BMW 4-Series, Audi A5, Mercedes C-Class

These three compact convertible sedans are so closely matched that they deserve to be valued on an equal level. The BMW 4-series is the athletic one of the trio, is the most fun to drive, but the interior feels a little bit too old-fashioned. The Mercedes is the most comfortable one, but it lacks athleticism the most.

The Audi A5 sits somewhere in the middle as it’s not as athletic as the BMW, nor as comfy as the C-Class, but it does offer more refinement than the BMW, and a more athletic, more composed driving manner compared to the C-Class. Between these three, I’d take the A5 or the C-Class over the 4-series any day of the week.

Porsche Boxster

If you love the MX-5, but you want more performance, more luxury, and more of literally everything, be sure to check out the Porsche Boxster. Porsche is a brand widely regarded as one of if not the very best sports car maker in the history of the automobile, and the Boxster/Cayman platform is valued by many as the best Porsche sports car.

Of course, a 911 is always going to be a 911, but being compared to something like a 911 is a benefit by itself. It’s best to avoid the 986 Boxster 2.5, especially if equipped with the Tiptronic gearbox as this is likely one of the worst Porsches ever to be built, but the rest of the model range is worth considering.

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Mercedes E-Class

If you like what the Mercedes Benz C-Class offers, but you want more of everything, the E-Class Convertible is the natural upgrade. Thanks to a longer body, the E-Class is significantly more spacious on the inside while also being more comfortable and better equipped, but it does however also come with a heftier price tag.

Be that as it may, there are multiple different generations of the E-Class to choose from, and opting for the newer models also brings a huge upgrade in technology. The E-Class is one of the most logical 4-seater convertibles to buy if you are not interested in spending huge sums of money on a convertible.

FAQ Section

What makes a good convertible car?

A good convertible car does not require you to compromise a lot if you want to opt for a convertible version, more precisely, one that does not cost more but offers you less. As such, a good convertible should never rob you out of cargo room entirely because this is a huge compromise to make.

The price is obviously an important factor as well, it’s not hard to build a great convertible if the convertible version of the car you are interested in costs 50% more than the hardtop version. Furthermore, a good convertible should also be as structurally sound as a hardtop version, especially so if it’s a sports car.

What is the best convertible hatchback on the market?

If you want a convertible, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you don’t want a compact sports car like the Miata, its best to opt for a convertible hatchback, and the best ones out there are the Mini Cooper Convertible, Audi A3 convertible or the Mk6 Golf convertible.

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The best Mini to go for is the past 2014 generation of the Mini convertible because it comes with the best engine options and is the best Mini Cooper value proposition. The Mk6 Golf convertible is fairly cheap these days, but still not old enough. The Audi is a better, more refined version of the Golf with a correspondingly steeper price tag.

Should I buy a convertible?

When buying a car, it’s always best to balance out your needs and wants as this is crucial when it comes to approaching your new car purchase. If a convertible makes sense with all the rest you do daily, then it’s fairly understandable to opt for one. However, if it’s not, it’s best not to take that step before you are ready.

If you want to buy a convertible for enjoyment purposes only because you already own a different car, or you might be retiring, you should buy it and enjoy it. After all, cars are there to make us happy, we car enthusiasts know that, and we should drive interesting cars.

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