What SUV has the least problems?

Reliability is arguably the most important factor when it comes to buying either a used or a new car. Even though a car can be of great value, have lots of features, or even offer class-leading qualities, but without reliability, none of these can be enjoyed properly.

SUVs have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years which makes them extremely desirable no matter the brand. So, if you combine a popular SUV with superior reliability results, you are arguably looking at a perfect car for the modern era.

Be that as it may, such an SUV still needs to stand above the crowd when it comes to many other factors as well. If you want an incredibly reliable SUV from an incredibly reliable brand, the Toyota 4Runner is the way to go because this rugged-looking SUV offers both sophistication and dependability.

The Lexus RX crossover is also an incredibly reliable SUV but is tailored more towards luxury and style. The Subaru Forester Crossover is a value-oriented SUV that still offers amazing reliability. Finally, be sure to check out the Nissan Armada or the Lexus GX if you want a reliable large SUV.

Toyota 4Runner – Technology and utility packed in a reliable platform

It comes as no surprise that a Toyota starts a “best-of” reliability list because Toyota is known for making extremely reliable SUVs for decades now. Hardly any SUV out there has gained such a large following due to its ability to demonstrate superior off-road capabilities and reliability because off-roading is not kind on modern-day SUVs.

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The strong suit of the 4Runner is definitely the engine that can easily push past a few hundreds of thousand miles with only regular maintenance. The 4Runner comes with AWD which means that it performs admirably in almost every condition. Finally, Toyota SUVs are known to hold their value when it comes time to sell the car.

Lexus RX – Style, reliability, and luxury

Both Toyota and Lexus are known for offering superiorly reliable automobiles, but the difference is that Lexus offers both luxury and reliability which is exponentially more difficult to do. Both the 4Runner and the RX are equally as reliable according to multiple online sources, but as mentioned, the RX offers a lot more than the 4Runner.

As such, if you want a more luxurious SUV, but you still don’t want to sacrifice reliability, the RX is the one to go for. On the other hand, if you are primarily drawn to utilitarian SUVs and you want them to last a long time, be sure to consider the 4Runner.

Subaru Forester – Best reliability value ratio SUV out there

Even though both the 4Runner and the RX have around 1 problem reported per 1000 vehicles, the Subaru Forester is even better because it offers an incidence rate of 0.00094 per 1000 vehicles which makes it the most reliable SUV out there by quite some margin.

Besides superior reliability, the Forester is also equally as promising when it comes to safety and affordability. However, the 4Runner and the RX best the Subaru in the cost-to-fix department because the issues reported for the Forester are considerably more severe even though they are much rarer.

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Nissan Armada – Highest predicted reliability score out of all 2021 SUVs

The Nissan Armada is also a resident in most reliability charts because it offers superior reliability across the board. Besides being one of the most reliable full-size 7-seater SUVs out there, the Armada is not exactly a luxury car.

However, the Armada does come with a relatively affordable price tag for a large SUV which makes it a great family car. Furthermore, safety is also a strong suit of the Armada and so are lots of comfort and technology features that come as standard.

Lexus GX – A reliable full-size luxury SUV

As previously mentioned, Lexus SUVs are constantly on the very top of most reliability charts out there, and the full-size GX SUV is no different. This current model is getting on a bit now, but that does not mean that the GX is not desirable.

Because it is at the end of its lifespan, it also means that all the issues have been ironed out for the later models. In addition to that, the GX comes with lots of standard kit including rear cross-traffic assist, pedestrian detection, lane keep assist, automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring, and much more.

FAQ Section

Are SUVs more reliable than sedans?

It depends on the make and model of the SUV you are interested in, but all in all, SUVs are made to be more durable when compared to most sedans out there. Furthermore, SUVs are designed to tackle more challenging terrain from the get-go which makes them more durable.

Because SUVs are constantly becoming more and more popular, automakers are shifting their priorities towards SUVs and crossovers which means that they are keen on offering superior SUVs. However, proper maintenance is essential for any type of car out there, because, without it, no car is reliable.

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Are SUVs safer than cars?

Yes, SUVs are considerably safer when compared to most cars out there because they are built to cope with more challenging environments which makes them stiffer and heavier. As such, in an event of a crash, it’s a lot safer to be in an SUV because they are heavier and taller than most cars out there.

According to a few studies, you are 50% less likely to die in a crash if you were in an SUV rather than in a normal car. Either way, it all depends on the specifics, so be sure to never skimp on safety when buying a new car.

How can I increase my car’s reliability?

In order to increase your car’s reliability, you need to maintain your car according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. You should also focus on a more chilled approach towards driving which means that you should not accelerate or decelerate aggressively.

Fix all the issues promptly the moment you notice them and always opt for original parts. You also need to perform all the regular fluid checks and replacements and always be sure to clean the car and take good care of it in general.

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