What is the most reliable convertible sports car?

There are many different convertible car segments out there. The most popular ones are hatchback convertibles, 2-seater convertibles, and sedan convertibles. Besides these, for some reason unbeknownst to men, Land Rover offers a Range Rover Evoque Convertible that looks hideous from even its most graceful angle.

Be that as it may, all convertibles are there to make the entire process of driving more fun and more interesting, and what better car segment to mix it with than the sports car segment as sports cars are the most dynamically pleasing cars on the market for many people, myself included.

Whatever that car may be, it has to be reliable, otherwise, it makes no sense to buy it, and the most reliable convertible sports car is the BMW 2-series. Besides the 2-series, the Mazda MX-5 has always been a reliable compact convertible sports car, no matter the generation or the model year.

The Porsche 911 convertible has also graced the majority of reliability lists for quite a while now and it’s the same story with its smaller cousin, the Porsche Boxster. If you like the BMW 2-series, but you want something bigger and sportier, the BMW M4 convertible is also one of the most reliable convertible sports cars out there.

BMW 2-series

It may come as a surprise for many that a BMW is reigning supreme as the most reliable convertible sports car, but according to a study carried out by WhatCar, the 2-series manages to crown BMW as an unlikely underdog winner. However, the 2-series is not only reliable but is also actually a really fun car to drive.

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The M2 is often regarded as the best M-car of the current BMW lineup, so it only further reiterates that the 2-series platform is a true sports car platform. A shorter wheelbase paired with a lovely-looking exterior design makes the 2-series feel like an occasion, even if you don’t opt for the range-topping M2 model.

Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 is a fan favorite when it comes to compact sports cars for decades now. There are countless YouTube videos out there where proud owners praise the MX-5 platform for being extremely reliable, cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, and great to drive. Even though the hardtop version is more dynamic, the convertible is still dynamic enough.

No matter which generation of the MX-5 you go for, you will not be disappointed when it comes to reliability. Even though the 2-series had fewer issues than the MX-5 in the aforementioned study, I for one would be surprised if the long-term reliability of the 2-series manages to keep it that way.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has first been introduced back in the 60s, and ever since then, Porsche has managed to improve on the platform which ultimately led to a superiorly reliable model line. The classic rear-engine mounted, RWD flat-six engine set-up has stayed unchanged for the most part, all of which benefits long-term reliability.

No matter which model you go for, you are likely going to be satisfied with either of them, but if you want speed and luxury, go for the Turbo convertible. If you want the sportiest convertible pick of the bunch, try to get a hold of a Porsche Speedster, if not, go for the GTS Targa.

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The newest G82 BMW M4 is too young to be properly judged when it comes to reliability, but the last-gen M4 convertible is not. As such, the last-gen M4 convertible is also a good-looking one, something that can’t be said about the new one, at least not confidently.

Thanks to almost 500hp, the M4 is extremely fun to drive, but the older manual versions are a bit unsettled. Thankfully, all of this was later solved with the Competition and CS versions. The M4 convertible offers enough space for 4 adults which is not something that can be said about all the other cars on this list.

FAQ Section

What is the point of convertible sports cars?

Many car enthusiasts believe that convertible sports cars are pointless because they are not nearly as dynamic as their hardtop counterparts. That is primarily because convertible sports cars are heavy, and are not as structurally sound which becomes an issue the moment you start putting the car through its paces.

Be that as it may, a sports car does not have to be an all-out performance car, and rarely any modern-day sports car convertible is. If you want track-focused cars, you should buy a sporty convertible. However, if you want the best of both worlds, a convertible sports car can be an extremely enjoyable experience.

Are hardtop convertibles better than soft tops?

Soft tops are usually a better option, but it depends on the execution. Most hardtop convertibles are extremely heavy, complicated, and unpractical, but they are stiffer and better isolated than most soft tops. On the other hand, soft-top convertibles are lighter, the top mechanism takes way less space, but they are not as safe nor refined as some hardtops are.

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Current trends in the automotive industry are dictating soft tops as being better in almost every regard, and brands like Bentley and Rolls Royce do manage to design soft-top cars which are extremely quiet. With enough chassis bracing added, a soft-top car can still be as stiff, if not stiffer than a hardtop convertible.


How to maximize my car’s reliability potential?

A car’s reliability rating is not set in stone which means that it can change, and it usually does change on an individual level. In order to maximize the reliability potential, you have to follow strict service and maintenance plans and schedules because, without them, no car is ever going to be reliable enough.

Another thing to keep in mind is the mileage as hardly any car out there can be reliable enough after crossing 100k, 200k, 300k, or even 500k+ miles on the odometer. Take care of your car, no matter how old or rugged it is, clean it often and do all the necessary work that needs doing on time and according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

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