What happens when your Tesla breaks?

What happens when your Tesla breaks?

Tesla produces some of the coolest luxury cars on the market. The cars have a sleek look, high-tech features, and perform exceptionally well. But what happens when your Tesla breaks down?

When your Tesla breaks down, you can ask for roadside assistance. All you have to do is to open the Tesla app and select roadside assistance at the bottom of your home. Then, you can proceed to select the problems your car is undergoing. You can also include your location and the state of your car.

Tesla’s roadside assistance is very helpful, especially if your car is in a bad state or in a dangerous location.

What are the services offered in Tesla roadside assistance?

  • Breakdowns – If the car is rendered undrivable, you will be given breakdown services. However, the transportation service offered only covers up to 500 miles to the nearest service center. Therefore, if you are more than 500 miles from a Tesla service center, this service won’t be applicable.
  • Lockouts – If your car cannot be unlocked ordinarily because of car, app, or fob failure, a roadside expert can unlock your car by creating a small opening between the door and car frame to manually open the door.
  • Flat tire – In case you’ve got a flat tire or damage to the wheel that makes the car unsafe for driving, you can get flat tire services for up to 50 miles. So, if you’re more than 50 miles away from a Tesla service center, this won’t apply as well.
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In some areas, Tesla’s trained roadside providers may have a limited number of loaner wheels that they can quickly use to replace a damaged tire. So, if you’re lucky, you may have your flat tire repaired right on the spot.

  • Depleted battery – If you forget to charge your car’s battery and it depletes on the way, you may have to incur the transportation costs to a Tesla supercharging station. Also, if your car runs out of charge because it has been unplugged for an extended period of time, you will have to pay for transportation costs.

Note that out-of-range services are not a financially covered service by Tesla. Get in touch with roadside assistance support to learn more or plan transportation of your car if you’re faced with any of the above scenarios.

Is Tesla’s roadside assistance free of charge?

Roadside assistance is a complimentary service provided under Tesla’s warranty. However, if you’re not covered under their warranty anymore and don’t have an extended service agreement, then you will have to pay for roadside assistance.

If you want to know whether you qualify for Tesla’s roadside assistance, check the terms and conditions in your warranty document or service agreement.

Can roadside assistance come to my house?

This is one of the greatest advantages of roadside assistance. Instead of visiting a Tesla service center, you can get in touch with their roadside assistance and have them come to your house. So, if the issue your car is facing is covered within the warranty, they will sort it out.

However, if your car needs special attention, then they will transport it to a nearby service center. This is because some serious Tesla problems demand specialized tools to rectify the problem.

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Which Tesla model is the most reliable?

If you’re looking for the most reliable Tesla model on the market, go for the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. According to consumer reports, Tesla Model S is the most unreliable Tesla and ranks among the bottom-most unreliable Tesla models. It’s followed closely by Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model S is considered unreliable because of the various issues it has had. The car’s air suspension, touchscreen controls, and main computers have problems. The Tesla Model Y has had issues reported with its body paint and hardware.

Do I need to take my car to a Tesla service center?

In your car’s best interest and to protect your warranty, you should only take your car to a Tesla service center. If you decide to take your car to a non-Tesla service center for maintenance or repair work, the coverage under your warranty may be affected if your car later develops a problem.

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Fortunately, when you need to take your car in for service, it’s easy to make an appointment through the Tesla app.

However, since Tesla offers remote diagnostics, simple over-the-air software updates, and support from mobile service technicians, Tesla owners won’t need to go to service centers very often.

Will it void my warranty if I don’t get my Tesla serviced?

Yes and no. Your Extended Service Agreement can be affected if you don’t get the Tesla service as recommended. However, your New Vehicle Limited Warranty or Used Vehicle Limited Warranty will still be valid.

Does Tesla break down easily?

Tesla does break down easily, and it has one of the worst reliability ratings on the market. Actually, this car brand comes in second from the bottom in terms of reliability. It is estimated that most Tesla models have 250 problems per 100 cars, which is the second from the bottom among luxury cars.

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However, it’s worth noting that most of these Tesla issues are not linked to the drivetrain but built quality. Therefore, it’s still cheaper to maintain a Tesla even with its myriad of quality problems than dealing with the more complex issues that come with maintaining an ICE vehicle.

Why is Tesla so expensive to insure?

This is because of the factors many insurance companies consider before insuring cars. These include the price of the car and maintenance costs. Being a luxury car brand, Tesla has a high initial cost and expensive parts. Most insurance companies classify it as a luxury car and match it with high insurance premiums.

Simple and easy roadside assistance

Unlike many car brands on the market, Tesla never makes you feel as if you’re stranded even if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. This luxury car brand boasts of roadside assistance service that can offer you different options in the event of a break down.

All you have to do is open their app and access the roadside services. It’s as easy as selecting the roadside assistance, choosing the problem, adding any details such as location, and selecting “Request help.” This puts Tesla in a world of its own. 

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