What cars have V6 engines

There are many cars these days that offer V6 engines even though the current trend in the automotive industry is downsizing and forced induction. This means that many automakers, especially European ones are focused on offering 4-cylinder engines which are as potent as many large displacement engines are.

All in all, you can still get numerous cars with a V6, and the best one out there right now is probably the new Ford F-150. If you want a large premium car that combines styling, performance, luxury, and comfort with a potent V6, be sure to check out the Porsche Panamera.

A V6 compact sedan sounds like a great match, and that’s the case with the new Genesis G70. The Lexus LC500h offers a V6 engine mated to an electric engine which means that the LC500h is a hybrid V6that looks stunning and offers superior reliability.

You can get a V6 in a minivan as well, and the best minivan out there right now is the Honda Odyssey. Finally, if SUVs are your cup of tea, the Lincoln Navigator is a full-size V6 SUV that offers a powerful, yet sophisticated V6 engine which also comes wrapped in a lovely-looking exterior and interior design.

Ford F-150 – V6 model prices – $28,904 – $42,440 /290 – 430hp

The Ford F-150 is the best-sold car in the US for quite a while now. Besides being incredibly popular, the F150 also offers a wide variety of engine choices and most of them are V6s. No matter which one of these you go for, they are likely going to satisfy all of your needs.

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Besides offering great engines, the new F150 looks better than ever and it also comes with loads of standard and additional equipment. The cabin looks and feels significantly better than the previous models because it oozes quality. Interior and cargo space are also abundant and everything is intuitive to use and within a hand’s reach.

Porsche Panamera – V6 model prices – $87,200 – $113,000/325 – 552hp

Porsche is a brand known for delivering extremely well-engineered sports cars, but even the high-executive Panamera hatchback sedan is superior to most competing cars when it comes to quality, execution, and luxury, and that’s especially the case if you opt for higher-end V6 models.

The Panamera looks and feels like a million dollars from both the inside and the outside. However, Porsche is known to charge a lot of money for additional equipment which means that the final price can easily stretch over $100k. Either way, Porsche offers the best 6-cylinder engines you can buy these days, both in the Panamera and the 911.

Genesis G70 – V6 model price – $46,200/365hp

The Genesis G70 is the very first compact sedan made by a newcomer brand Genesis. Even so, the G70 ranks highly on most compact sedan lists because it combines luxury and performance on a relatively attainable price tag considering the competition.

The V6 model costs $46,200 but it’s well worth its asking price because it offers an exciting twin-turbocharged engine which makes you drive the G70 like it’s an M3. The G70 also offers a sumptuous suspension setup, lovely sport seats, and loads of standard equipment.

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Lexus LC500h – V6 hybrid model price – $97,510/354hp

The Lexus LC500 is one of the best-looking sports cars out there. You can get it either with an extremely exciting, yet extremely inefficient naturally aspirated V8 engine with 417hp, or you can get it with a more subdued, but equally as impressive 3.5L hybrid V6.

The V6 found in the LC500h is extremely efficient, sophisticated, and quiet which makes it a lovely daily driver. However, the space on offer and the visibility are not all that great for a daily, but that’s something you expect from a focused 2-seater coupe.

Honda Odyssey – V6 model price – $31,790/280hp

The Honda Odyssey is widely regarded as the best family minivan you can get these days, but it’s not the type of car you expect to have an exciting engine. Even so, the V6 found in the Odyssey offers a healthy 280hp without being inefficient or lacking in sophistication.

Be that as it may, the main reason why one would opt for the Odyssey is the family-oriented feature list. This means that the Odyssey comes with loads of both passenger and cargo space. You can get all sorts of additional equipment with the Odyssey even including a vacuum and an intercom for the rear passengers.

Lincoln Navigator – V6 model price – $76,185/450hp

The Navigator has been out for a while, but that does not mean that its lack behind its competitors. The Navigator comes with tons of space, great seats, and loads of standard kit. The turbocharged V6 under the hood packs 450hp while still being graceful in its execution.

You’d expect an SUV this large to be abysmal when it comes to MPG results, but the V6 Navigator is leagues above any of its competitors which still sport larger V8 engines.

FAQ Section

Why do people love V6 engines?

 A V6 engine is a perfect middle ground between a large but inefficient V8 and a rather boring yet economical 4-cylinder. Many compact cars come with V6 engines as the very top echelon of their range which means that these V6 engines are better than most.

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Either way, a V6 perfectly combines excitement, power, and efficiency which make it a great all-around engine for all sorts of purposes.

What is the best V6 engine out there?

The best V6 engine of all time is the 3.2L Busso engine found in many Alfa Romeo and Lancia models from the begging of the 1980s to the mid-2000s. These engines were developed by a man called Giuseppe Busso, and it seems like these engines are the very ethos of what an Alfa Romeo engine should be.

These engines sound amazing, look amazing, and are amazingly smooth which is not something you often see with a V6.

What’s the difference between a V6 and a flat/inline 6 engine?

An inline 6 or as it is often called a straight 6 engine is larger than a comparable V6 which means that it is not as advanced as a V6 is. However, many popular cars still used inline 6 engines, and the best one out there can be found in the new BMW M3.

A flat 6 engine is a horizontally-opposed engine that is mostly associated with cars with a lower center of gravity. As such, Porsche 911 models are the most popular flat 6 engine cars you can buy these days.

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