Volkswagen Golf years to avoid

The Volkswagen Golf has always been one of the most popular cars on the planet. First introduced in the 1970s, VW has managed to sell more than 35 million units. VW has recently revealed the brand new Mk8 Golf, but it seems like the overall reception of the Golf 8 is not as good as VW hoped for.

The reason why is because the Golf 8 is not as premium-feeling as most of its predecessors and because the new car market is not as strong as it was before Covid hit. However, the previous Golf was one of the most successful Golf models which means that some Golfs are certainly better than others.

As such, you should avoid the 2006 Golf, the 2007 Golf, the 2008 Golf, and the 2012 Golf. These four seem to be the worst Golf model years until now for a variety of different reasons we are going to go in-depth in this article.

You should avoid these in order to get the most for your money as it is never a good idea to compromise on the overall usability of the vehicle. Either way, it’s impossible to besmirch the VW Golf name as it truly is one of the best and most successful cars of all time.

2006 Volkswagen Golf

The 2006 Volkswagen Golf was part of many recalls all across the globe for many essential car safety and emissions systems. The diesel engines offered in the 2006 Golf were extremely unrefined, loud, and inefficient. The biggest problem the 2006 Golf suffers from is associated with the engine and engine cooling systems.

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These are also packed with timing chains that have poorly made tensioners that tend to break after a while and destroy the entire engine. NHTSA also issued a few safety-related recalls which means that the 2006 Golf is not the safest car around either. Now, 15 years later, the 2006 Golf issues can only be worse.

2007 Volkswagen Golf

The 2007 Volkswagen Golf is known to suffer from electrical issues, more so than any other Golf that came before it. These issues typically plague the power windows, many in-car switches, dome lights, exterior lighting, and dashboard gauge issues. The 2007 model was also part of quite a few recalls around the world both for safety and mechanical issues.

The 2007 Golf is slightly better than the 2006 Golf, but both of these are nowhere near to being dependable. The 2007 Golf also has issues with the timing chain, unrefined diesel engines, lackluster quality, and issues with the brakes.

2008 Volkswagen Golf

The 2008 Volkswagen Golf typically suffers from electric issues as well, but the 2008 Golf also tends to go through batteries like crazy. Sometimes the dashboard lights stay on after turning off the car which leads to a dead battery in the morning. The 2008 Golf also suffers from being unable to start, stalling, and jerking forwards when engaging drive.

The 2008 Golf also suffers from issues related to the fuel pump, ignition coils, fuel injectors, fuel lines, and electrical issues. Many things can go wrong on a 2008 Golf, so be sure to maintain one properly if you don’t want that to happen.

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2012 Volkswagen Golf

The 2012 Volkswagen Golf is a festival of problems as it suffers from various issues associated with the engine, the brakes, the electricals, the emissions, quality issues, suspension issues, and fuel system issues. NHTSA recalled the 2012 Golf due to not being able to pass emissions testing which meant that VW had to clog the engine for that to happen.

The rear brakes are known to wear out prematurely, the throttle body is known to malfunction, the subframe develops clunks over time, and the A/C develops a rotten egg smell… The 2012 Golf has quite a few skeletons in its closet which means that avoiding it is the best course of action. Even though all four of these Golf models can be great cars, they are more troubling than other Golf models.

FAQ Section

Which Volkswagen Golf model year is best?

The VW Golf has quite a few model years that tend to offer an overall superior experience. The 2009 Golf is known to be a complete package when it comes to reliability, value, quality, and longevity. The 2018 VW Golf is likely one of, if not the best Golf model to ever come out because it offers great value, it is better built than the Golf 8 and it comes with everything you need from a 21st-century car.

Either way, these two are incredibly popular when it comes to the VW Golf 2nd hand market. The best VW Golf model out of them all is the Mk7.5 Golf as it manages to strike the perfect balance between technology, comfort, value, and ergonomics.

Is the Volkswagen Golf worth it?

If selling more than 34 million units is not enough to convince you that a VW Golf is worth it, I truly do not know what is. The Volkswagen Golf is an everyday type of car which means that it tries to offer everything you need in a car in a singular package. That is why the Golf is comfortable, technologically advanced, safe, efficient, and practical.

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The Golf tends to undercut its more premium rivals when it comes to the price which means that Volkswagen is more interested in offering value above everything else. You can buy a Volkswagen Golf in any corner of the earth for a reason. The Golf is indeed worth it, and if you are after such a car, the Golf is a no-brainer.

Which Volkswagen Golf trim is the best?

The best Volkswagen Golf trim levels/engine choices are the Golf GTD, the Golf GTI, the Golf GTE, and the Golf R. If you want a diesel VW Golf, you should go for the Golf GTD as it the best diesel Golf there is. If you want a hot hatch that is not overly serious about itself, the iconic GTI is the way to go.

If you want an environmentally friendly, but high-end Golf, the GTE is the one to go. At the top of the crop stands the Golf R, a 300hp AWD monster that can rival cars that cost five times as much.

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