Is Volkswagen ID.3 a good car?

Volkswagen ID.3

Back in 2019, VW introduced the ID.3 and the first deliveries started in 2020. The ID.3 is the very first ID. range model which means that it introduced VW to the world of electric cars on a mass scale. Since 2019, VW has revealed a few more IDs. models, but they are likely to expand the range fivefold before 2030. However, is Volkswagen ID.3 a good car, or is it just a respectable first attempt at making an EV?

The truth is that the ID.3 is a good car because it balances value, ergonomics, and technology very well. There are some issues with the ID.3, especially those associated with the software side of things, but most of these are already being fixed for upcoming ID.3 models. The ID.3 looks exciting, futuristic, and fairly attractive in flesh.

The interior is good-looking, but not as plush as the VW Golf, especially one in higher trim options. Practicality is great because the ID.3 utilizes the MEB platform which is specifically designed with an EV powertrain in mind which means that the ID.3 does not suffer from all the drawbacks you INHERENTLY get with ICE car chassis being used for an EV.

Value-wise, the ID.3 is decent for an electric car but is fairly expensive in general. This is the case with EVs as they are still relatively expensive. The second-hand market is not there yet but is likely going to be in a few years.

VW ID.3 – The powertrain

The Volkswagen ID.3 is a full-on electric car which means that it is being powered by a large battery housed underneath the passenger compartment. The ID.3 comes in three different battery-size variants, an entry-level 45kWh version, a 58kWh standard run-of-the-mil version, and a top-spec 77kWh variant.

The 45kWh version offers 150hp and is able to do around 218 miles on a full charge. The 145hp 58kWh version can do about 262 miles while the 204hp 58kWh variant can do 264 miles. The top of the tree 77kWh ID.3 offers 205hp and can do 344 miles on a full charge. Fasting charging the ID.3 up to 80% takes between 30 and 40 minutes while slow charging can take up to 8 hours.

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The ID.3 is a RWD in every form which means that it is surprisingly dynamic and non-VW-like. All in all, the ID.3 offers a powertrain that is both competitive and reliable. This means that the ID.3 is in-line with the rest of the luxury EV brands, especially Audi which also offers an EV on the same chassis.

VW ID.3 – Design and chassis

The Volkswagen ID.3 looks exciting and futuristic. Pictures can’t really do it any justice because of all ID. models look way better in the flesh. The ID. range introduces a brand-new look for VW and it seems like the majority of people like it. It may not be a head-turner as some EVs are, but it is more than good enough.

When you step inside, you are greeted with the lackluster build quality and material choices because VW focused mainly on technology and design. Most hard press buttons are now replaced with touch-sensitive pads which do hamper ergonomics. The chassis and suspension tuning makes the ID.3 drive extremely flat.

It does not mean that the ID.3 is a sports car, but is remarkably dynamic for a hatchback. It is comfortable and effortless, but you do notice the weight while braking.

VW ID.3 – Reliability and common problems

The VW ID.3 is also a relatively reliable car as most EVs are. EVs don’t use nearly as many components as combustion engine cars do which means that they are inherently more reliable. Either way, the ID.3 does suffer from issues associated with the infotainment screen, the active assistance systems, the roof structure, and the PE conductor.

The good news is that most of these are software-related and are likely going to be ironed out for upcoming ID.3 models.

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VW ID.3 – Value and practicality

The Volkswagen ID.3 starts at around $33,000 which is indeed more than the VW Golf was. Either way, the ID.3 2nd hand market is still slim but is likely going to be a lot more saturated in the coming years. All in all, the ID.3 is a decent value option in the EV segment.

Practicality-wise, the ID.3 is great as it manages to fit in quite a lot of stuff in the cargo area while the passenger space is more than enough. The ID.3 utilizes the MEB platform which is made specifically for EVs which is indeed a good thing because you don’t get a massive center tunnel.

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FAQ Section

Can I buy a VW ID.3 in the USA?

No, you can not. VW is not bringing the ID.3 to the US, at least not for now. The US market is not all that fond of compact cars which is why the ID.3 is specifically being targeted for Europe and Asia. VW reckons that the ID.3 is not the type of car to succeed in the US, and that is why they don’t offer one.

However, the ID. the range is going to introduce many larger cars in the future. VW says that a 3-row large family SUV is also on the way. A smaller crossover/SUV is going to arrive shortly while an ID. sedan should also see the light of day in the coming years.

Should I buy the VW ID.3?

The VW ID.3 is made for people who enjoy the VW brand but don’t want to spend all that much money on some more expensive models. If you pair that with wanting to buy an EV, the ID.3 is the perfect way to go. There is quite a bit of interest for the ID.3 which means that you should be able to sell it if you don’t like it.

The ID.3 seems to retain value relatively well these days which is also mostly down to the popularity of the entire ID. range.

Is the VW ID.3 better than the VW ID.4?

The VW ID.4 is strikingly similar to the ID.3 with the only significant differences being the driving position and the design. The ID.4 is a bit higher up which does give it a slight SUV-like driving position. There is more space and offer in both the cargo area and in the passenger area as well.

Some people also prefer the way the ID.4 looks as it looks better proportioned. However, the differences between the two are slim, and one is not better than the other.

Is the VW ID 3 the same size as a Golf?

The ID 3 is approximately the same length as the Volkswagen Golf, and about the same size as the Golf back. Although there is enough space for taller passengers, it doesn’t leave much room for their heads or legs.

Is the VW ID.3 comfortable?

ID 3 is a practical family vehicle. The ID 3 has five doors. The ID 3 allows for easy entry and exit, and you will immediately feel the additional space than a Golf once inside. The minimalist interior and comfortable seats are welcomed design features. Visibility is excellent thanks to large windows and the front screen.

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Are ID3 seats heated?

It has nice heated seats. Life models come with a larger 58kWh battery which increases the claimed range to 263 miles. This trim level doesn’t come with fancy alloy wheels, but it does include satellite navigation, heated front seats, and a complete suite of active safety features.

How do you drive a VW ID3? Video: Getting Started With Your Volkswagen ID3

Is the VW ID3 front wheel drive?

No it is actually a rear-wheel drive. The ID. 3. is rear-wheel driven, as the motor is at back. However, it still drives more like an ordinary family hatchback than a sportscar.

Is the Volkswagen ID 3 electric?

Electric vehicle: The Volkswagen ID3 electric car with a great range and it offers plenty of interior space. Although it’s more luxurious than a Golf, some buttons and switches can be frustrating to use.

Who makes the electric motors for VW?

Currently, the main manufacturer of electric drives is Kassel, Germany. This factory produces the APP 310 motor that powers existing and future MEB models across Europe and North America.

Volkswagen ID 3 or Hyundai Kona Electric?

Video: VW Id.3 vs Hyundai Kona Facelift – Comparison and Acceleration

Is the VW ID 3 coming to the US?

VW confirmed that the ID. The US will not receive the ID 3. The VW MEB tech will likely still make it to the US in some future electric vehicle, but American Volkswagen enthusiasts will have to be content with the ID. For the moment, it is 4.

Is Tesla going to make a hatchback?

Yes, in 2023. The Tesla hatchback will be the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the automaker. Tesla will not offer ultra-premium cars at a price that exceeds a year’s salary. Instead, it will be entering the low-cost EV market by offering a car starting at $25,000.

Does Volkswagen have adaptive cruise control?

Our adaptive cruise control system works in conjunction with the radar-controlled Front Assist Traffic Monitoring System. This keeps you safe from the vehicle in front, making it easier to drive in slow or stop and go traffic.

Does ID3 have heated steering wheel?

Yes, the steering wheel on the ID. 3 comes with heating elements. These help keep your hands warm during cold weather driving.

Does Volkswagen ID 3 have Apple CarPlay?

Yes, the ID. 3 includes Apple CarPlay. It also has Android Auto. You’ll find all the same functionality you’re used to with these platforms, including voice commands, phone calls, text messages, music playback, and more.

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