Is Volkswagen E-Golf a good car?

Volkswagen E-Golf

The 2012-2020 Mk7 and Mk7.5 Volkswagen E-Golf models represent a mixture of VW Golf practicality with a completely electric platform. Nowadays VW has its ID. range of EVs which means that the E-Golf is more or less redundant as the ID.3/ID.4 models are more or less in line with what the E-Golf was a few years ago.

This means that the VW Mk8 Golf is not available as a fully-electric model, but rather only as a hybrid. VW discontinued the electric Golf probably for good, but is Volkswagen E-Golf a good car? The E-Golf is indeed a really good car, but it can’t match the likes of the VW ID.3 and VW ID.4. This means that the E-Golf is a great used VW electric car, but nothing more than that.

The VW E-Golf comes with two different battery size options, and both are relatively small compared to what the ID. cars offer. The design of the E-Golf is predominantly classic VW Golf design, but some specific touches do separate it from the rest of the lineup.

The chassis and suspension tuning of the E-Golf is focused on comfort and ease of use while the practicality is slightly worse when compared to the Golf. Value-wise, the E-Golf is decent, but a regular VW Golf is the better option if you are not hard struck on the EV platform.

VW E-Golf – The powertrain

The Mk7 E-Golf comes with a smaller 26.5kWh battery that enables the E-Golf to do around 100-120 miles on a single charge. This battery is mated to a 116hp motor which is more or less in line with what the entry-level diesel and gasoline engines offer. The Mk7 can be charged in about 8 hours through a wall outlet, or 30mins through a 40kW fast charger.

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The Mk7.5 E-Golf comes with a slightly larger 35,8kWh battery that gives it around 120-150 miles of range on a single charge. The Mk7.5 also offers 136hp which brings it closer to the mid-level gasoline and diesel engine models. Regular charging takes 5-6 hours while a fast charger (40kW) can replenish the battery in about 40 minutes.

Both of these are exclusively front-wheel-drive cars which means that the E-Golf drives similarly to the regular Golf models. Granted, the E-Golf is not as capable as regular gas and diesel models are what it comes to range, but when it comes to emissions, the E-Golf is the best Golf to ever exist.

VW E-Golf – Design and chassis

As far as outright design is concerned, the E-Golf is almost identical to the regular Golf. The only differences are slight design touches such as the fog lights, the wheel design, and the badges. In the interior the E-Golf gets a slightly revised dashboard with special electric gauges and the car’s software is also redesigned to house all the necessary information.

As far as the driving experience is concerned, the E-Golf is almost 500 pounds heavier than the regular diesel Golf and that is noticeable while driving. The E-Golf is not as nimble on its feet, especially the older model which is also deemed underpowered by many. If you want a more dynamic Golf with electric propulsion, you should check out the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE.

 VW E-Golf – Reliability and common issues

The E-Golf seems to be a decently reliable car for two reasons. The first one is that the Mk7 and Mk7.5 Golf models are fairly reliable to begin with. The second reason is that the E-Golf is an EV which means that it does not come with a fuel tank, a transmission, an exhaust system, a fuel pump, and many other faulty components.

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The most common E-Golf issues are software-related, but some are also electrical such as the infotainment system, or electrically operated windows. Automatic braking seems to be one of the most troubling issues while issues with the charge port locks and loss of power are also worth mentioning.

VW E-Golf – Value and practicality

The VW E-Golf is no longer in production which means that you can only buy one as a used car. It’s worth mentioning that the E-Golf does hold a slight premium over a regular gas/diesel model and that the market demand for the E-Golf is not as significant.

Practicality-wise, the E-Golf does come with slightly smaller cargo space because of the batteries, and VW does not recommend you to tow anything with the E-Golf. Otherwise, they are identical.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the VW E-Golf?

The Volkswagen E-Golf is a good car, but it has nothing against the VW ID. lineup because ID. cars are newer, better equipped, more desirable, and perform a lot better in all areas. They are packed with more powerful batteries which give them more range and can be charged faster and easier.

As such, if you like the VW Golf platform and you are not willing to spend ID. money, the E-Golf is a good stepping stone towards buying more serious EVs down the line. The E-Golf was not designed on a dedicated EV platform which means that it is not as sophisticated as some EVs are, but that does not mean that you should not consider one.

Why did VW discontinue the E-Golf?

Volkswagen stopped making the E-Golf because there is no need for it. Before VW initialized the ID. range, the E-Golf was the best VW electric car because it is a Golf and because it was the only EV in its family tree.

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Nowadays, VW offers a few ID. models and many of which are yet to be released, it makes no sense to invest in two cars that share the same purpose. Therefore, the E-Golf had to go and VW focused its effort on hybridizing the Golf instead of electrifying it completely.

Which VW E-Golf is the best?

The Volkswagen Mk7.5 is the better E-Golf model in every aspect. The Mk7.5 is likely the best VW Golf of all times anyway as it even beats the brand new Mk8 Golf in various aspects. The Mk7.5 offers the highest levels of build quality inside and out, and it retains its value the best.

No matter how you look at it, the Mk7.5 takes it, but the Mk7 is also a fairly good car, but not as good.

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