The best gifts for Porsche lovers

The best gifts for Porsche lovers

Porsche is one of the greatest luxury brand names the car world, as well as in the entire product design world. Judging by recent reports, the Porsche brand is worth upwards of $30 billion, which means that almost anything with a Porsche crest is a highly desirable item.

Your spouse, family member or friend may be a Porsche owner, or perhaps they just value the brand and hope to one day be able to afford a Porsche. You can always make them smile by giving them a genuine Porsche accessory.

You can find a bunch of genuine Porsche gifts and accessories through many online shops and licensed Porsche and Porsche Design retailers. One of the nicest Porsche gifts available is a genuine Porsche wristwatch, which can set you back $500 up to $8500.

There are many other cool Porsche gifts such as genuine Porsche sunglasses, Porsche mugs and cups, specific key fobs, Porsche heritage apparel, classic clocks, Porsche badges, Porsche cuff links, Porsche bottle openers, or even Porsche Design Bluetooth speakers.

Porsche Design

Porsche Design is a product design company owned by Porsche Auto Group. Porsche Design has been founded for licensing purposes, so if you want to manufacture Porsche-branded accessories and gifts, these are the guys that can offer you a license for a considerable cost.

Porsche Design product options

Porsche Design offers many high-quality Porsche gift options. Their products are fairly impressive when it comes to finish and product quality. Products include timepieces, luggage and eyewear, as well as fashion and sports apparel. The prices are fairly inflated, which is to be expected for such a high-end brand. A pair of nice sunglasses will set you back between $250 and $1000.

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Porsche Design also offers electronics like laptops, TVs and speakers. These are also considerably more expensive than the models which they are based on. You can purchase many other Porsche Design items, including pens, lighters, fragrances, and even kitchen knives.

Even though the prices of these Porsche accessories are fairly eye-watering, Porsche Design does offer numerous discounted options as well, so you should check out the Porsche Design web shop for sales if you are interested.

More affordable Porsche gifts

If the aforementioned gifts are a bit too expensive for you, which is understandable, you can always browse through licensed Porsche products through various different online websites for a more affordable, but equally as thoughtful, option.

Some specific gifts such as Porsche Thermo mugs are incredibly popular and useful, and they also even fit the cup holders in most Porsche models. These mugs are made of high-quality stainless-steel materials with an embossed Porsche crest.  They run about $50-$60 on Amazon.

Another fun option is a $270 Porsche-branded desk clock that is designed to look like the dash clock on a Sports Chrono Package equipped 911. The Sport Chrono Package is highly acclaimed as one of the very essential Porsche options, and a true 911 enthusiast is sure to appreciate such a gift.

Other options include Porsche Crest cuff-links for $100 or embossed high-quality Porsche key chains that usually retail for about $40-60. If you want to get a gift for a junior Porsche enthusiast, the best option is surely the LEGO Porsche 911 RSR set, but it does cost upwards of $200.

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Porsche Design gifts vs Porsche licensed gifts vs Porsche unlicensed gifts

There is quite a bit of difference between these three types of Porsche gifts. Porsche Design gifts are considerably more expensive, but they offer the highest possible luxury quality items which are sure to impress even the most lux of Porsche enthusiasts.

Porsche Licensed gifts on the other hand are a downgrade compared to Porsche Design, but that does not mean that these items are not high quality. In most cases, Porsche Design will not issue a license if a quality standard is not satisfied. This means that licensed Porsche gifts might be the perfect middle ground between quality and price.

The cheapest and most unreliable Porsche gifts are offered by a ton of shady online websites. Even though the prices of these types of gifts do seem like a steal, the probability of these gifts actually being presentable when they eventually reach you is questionable at best.

The best Porsche gifts are Porsche Design products, the best value Porsche-related gifts are Porsche licensed products, and the worst and most avoidable Porsche-related gifts are all the unlicensed Porsche accessories.

Choosing a gift for a Porsche fan

Are Porsche Design products worth the asking price?

If you look at it from a non-branded point of view, Porsche Design products are not worth the asking price. But that’s the case with pretty much every other luxury brand out there. While Gucci and Hermes do offer incredibly plush products, they are usually not worth it, if it weren’t for the brand name.

But the thing is, people do value brands. They want to be a part of something exclusive, something special, and they’re willing to pay for it. A regular H&M shirt will do for most people, but a Porsche Design shirt will certainly make a statement.

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What is the best gift for a Porsche owner or a soon-to-be Porsche owner?

A Porsche 911 owner probably does not care about coffee mugs, and that’s fairly understandable. It’s not that these types of gifts are not going to satisfy a Porsche 911 GT3 RS owner, but they do have a premium appetite after all.

A great gift for such an owner is a track day where they can take their beloved 911 and actually take advantage of its incredible speed and features. If you want to gift a soon-to-be Porsche owner, a $350- $1100 Porsche Experience driving session with a professional driver is one of the best gifts one could hope for.

What is the best Porsche gift possible?

Well, quite obviously it would probably be a Porsche vehicle. But, if you are not that much in love with the person you are giving a gift to, a Porsche Chronograph/Timepiece is likely going to be the best option.

It’s worth mentioning that you might be able to buy a used Boxster for the same price as a Porsche Chronograph watch.

Another option is an upgrade to their Porsche. There are a few updated genuine Porsche infotainment systems that offer Apple Carplay and Android Auto that are made for older Porsche 911 models. This is a great gift because these systems bring modern-day functionality into fairly old cars.

The best gifts for Porsche lovers

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