Porsche vs. Ferrari Reliability – Which is better?

Both Porsche and Ferrari are in the business of making exciting, exclusive, and fast luxury and exotic cars. However, they go about it in entirely different fashions. Porsche is calculated. It’s conservative, yet expressive. And most importantly, it’s more approachable, like an Omega timepiece.

Ferrari, on the other hand, is a legend. It’s attention-seeking and exclusive, just like a Rolex timepiece. The chances of spotting a Ferrari on a daily basis are quite rare, except for in a couple of supercar-infested cities like Monaco. Porsches, however, are way more common and it’s less of an occasion to spot one.

Porsche is more reliable than Ferrari. Porsche is having a lot of focus on making realible cars. So in that aspect Porsche is better.

Such qualities do play a major role when it comes to reliability. Most Porsches are made to be driven day in and day out. You can rely on a steady German Porsche to be reliable, no matter the conditions or the mileage.

Ferraris, on the other hand, are Italian. Like their countrymen, they’re way more temperamental. You never know what can happen to a Ferrari. Without a shadow of a doubt, Porsches are indeed way more reliable, but Ferraris have a few tricks that even out the playing field a bit.

Porsche prioritizes reliability

According to many car reliability indexes over the last couple of years, Porsche is up there with the best. This was not the case a decade or two ago when Porsche struggled to make reliable cars that corresponded to the price tag usually associated with a Porsche.

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But in the last couple of years, Porsche has managed to roll up the sleeves and reach a number 2 position on the J.D. Power reliability index charts, beaten only by Lexus. According to Porsche insiders, the reason why Porsches are so reliable is the fact that the Porsche staff makes reliability an important priority.

Another reason why Porsches are so reliable is the fact that lots of Porsche owners maintain their cars as intended. Proper maintenance plays a major role when it comes to long-term reliability, and Porsche customers know that, even though Porsche maintenance costs are sometimes astronomical.

The most reliable Porsche model is the Porsche 911, thanks to decades of trial and error and an incredibly knowledgeable and persistently loyal customer base. The least reliable Porsche model is the Boxster, but the levels of dependability are still above the industry average.

Ferrari is more fun than reliable

Ferrari reliability simply is not on par with Porsche because Porsche has VAG, and Ferrari has Ferrari. That being said, Ferraris are bought with emotion and driven with emotion, and in such circumstances, the levels of reliability and usability are somewhat blurred.

And they should be if you are driving a mid-engined Rosa Corsa Ferrari supercar. That being said, Ferraris should also be driven regularly in order to work properly, but that’s rarely the case because the values associated with Ferrari are highly dependent on the levels of use and accumulated miles.

This means that lots of Ferraris are only taken out for special occasions, which can be detrimental for some mechanical and electrical aspects of a Ferrari. For example, all Ferrari models should be left plugged into a trickle charger, otherwise, the battery will run out fast.

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If this happens, several different components can fail which can result in exorbitant repair costs. Ferraris are made to deliver excitement and performance, while Porsches are a bit more “regular” in most cases. This plays a huge role in reliability and maintenance costs.

Porsche maintenance costs are expensive, Ferrari’s are sky high

In general, both Ferrari and Porsche are some of the most expensive brands when it comes to maintenance. But between the two, Ferraris cost way more to buy and to maintain. Even though Porsches are also expensive to maintain, they are nowhere near Ferraris.

A Ferrari is the ultimate status symbol, especially if you consider the maintenance costs. But what Ferrari does right is that with any new Ferrari you buy, you get a free 7-year service and maintenance plan included in the price, and you can extend this plan for up to 15 years.

The plan extension usually costs $4-5k, and the 8-cylinder models will cost less compared to a 12-cylinder car, especially a mid-engine V12 supercar. Porche does not offer such a long maintenance package, but the maintenance costs are not as high.

That being said, buying a Ferrari that’s not covered with such a package is a possible financial suicide, especially if you own some of the more limited-edition classic Ferrari models. Porsche spare parts are readily available in most cases, which is not the case with a Ferrari.

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What’s the core difference between Ferrari and Porsche?

Ferraris are more exclusive, more luxurious, more desirable, and more expensive. Porsches are more practical, more reliable, cheaper to buy, yet still luxurious.

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Every Ferrari out there is classed as a supercar, while Porsche makes a couple of models which are easily mistaken for an Audi or a BMW. Ferrari does not do that, and that’s one of the reasons why the Ferrari brand name is one of the most valuable ones on the planet.

Is Ferrari faster than Porsche?

Contrary to popular belief, Porsches are faster 0-60mph, but Ferraris do take the cake when it comes to top speed. A Porsche 911 Turbo S does 0-60mph in less than 2.5 seconds, and hardly any Ferrari out there could ever match that.

But Ferraris are better at the top end with many models easily stretching over 210mph, if you have the space to do so of course.

What are the most valuable Porsche and Ferrari models ever made?

For a while, the most expensive Ferrari ever sold was a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO race car that was sold for an astronomical 52 million dollars in 2013. A different 250 GTO managed to sell for an eye-watering 70.2 million dollars in 2018.

There have been quite a few multi-million-dollar Porsches sold throughout the years, but the 1970 Le Mans Porsche 917K holds the record at a measly 14 million dollars, which is absolute peanuts when compared to a 250 GTO.

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